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  1. We are starting a major forum upgrade. We have been working on it for several weeks.the upgrade process will begin today (Tues 26th Feb 2019) in the afternoon In the morning we will be preventing any new registrations. In the afternoon at about 14:30 we will be resetting the forum to "read only". This will prevent any new posting. The idea will be to freeze the data at that point in time. We will then take a copy of the forum and begin the conversion to the new platform. We expect that the conversion process will take at least two days. During that time the forum
  2. Since our recent upgrade last month we are still having lots of problems with our mobile view. It will be very helpful if people could keep us updated here as to the problems that they are having. Thanks
  3. If you discover issues caused by the recent upgrade then please post them here.
  4. If you've not upgraded to Windows 10, and are thinking of doing so, then you'll have to get your rear in gear as Microsoft have announced that they're ending the free upgrade on 29th July. Previously there had been speculation that Microsoft might extend the 12 month free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and 8 users. If you upgrade after that, it'll cost you upwards of £80 (there's no official UK pricing as yet) to get Windows 10. If you're buying a new device, it'll come installed on the machine as standard. The good news is that Microsoft will finally turn off that annoying 'Ge
  5. To cut a long story short I believe BT or one of their employees is responsible of untrue or misleading actions possibly fraud to my father of nearly 80. Basically my dad removed caller Id from his phone to reduce the cost. He has the true-caller BT phones so straight away they stopped working correctly. I explained that it was because he had removed caller ID. While I was visiting him he asked me to put it back on for him so he phoned them went through security and I then took the phone. I explained my Dad had accidentally removed caller ID and his call blocking had stopped working and c
  6. Microsoft have been getting flak for a new sneaky upgrade http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/microsoft-criticised-over-deceitful-windows-10-upgrade-a7047466.html
  7. I had been with Orange for approx 4 years (2 X Contracts) converted to EE, then another T Mobile Contract taken out fom2 years, ending in September 2015. I had requested a contract/phone upgrade towards end of contract, but was declined as EE claimed I owed them for a Sim a only contract I had taken out for my son - for which the contract had ended, approx August 2014? This had been owing to the SIM becoming faulty and several requests made for a replacement had taken considerable time to arrive. Furthermore, the sim only contract, was a £9.99 per month tariff/deal; for which they stated as
  8. I am currently running windows 8.1 on my laptop, however a pop up window keeps appearing saying that my pc is scheduled to upgrade to windows 10 on Saturday 12th March. Despite the fact that I clicked cancel to cancel the upgrade, another window opened advising me to "upgrade now" or "upgrade later", and does not appear to have cancelled the upgrade. What do I do ??
  9. When Talktalk were hacked last year, they offered customers a free upgrade as compensation. They were able to add one of the following to their existing services with the group: TV content including movies, kids entertainment and sports; A mobile SIM with a monthly allowance of free texts, data and calls; Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls; A broadband health check by experienced engineers Turns out that far from free, Talktalk have been charging some customers TalkTalk customers should check their bill closely if they accepted a free upgrade, and make sure th
  10. Following the hack of their website, Talktalk are offering a free upgrade for all their customers. The type of upgrade offered would depend on the kind of package customers already had. For example, customers with TV packages might be offered a sports channel that they did not already have. Customers will be able to choose their free upgrades between 1st December and 31st December In addition, a new bundle of online and telephone security features to improve your protection from s cammers, malware and cold callers will be offered free of charge. http://www.talktalk.co.uk
  11. I appreciate any help and advice I can get on my case as I feel I have hit a brick wall with Vodafone. I will try and keep the summary below brief. In short I sought to upgrade my old 12m contract to a new 12m contract and upgrade my old iPhone 6 to a new iPhone 6s Plus. I placed a pre-order, only to receive a 6s and not a 6s Plus which was delivered around 5 weeks ago now. Phone was returned promptly as possible. Vodafone charged me for the upgrade via direct debit and have yet to refund me for the returned handset. Furthermore they have not rolled back my tariff as I was advised to ask
  12. So I upgraded about a week ago as my upgrade date was 1st August and the plan ended 15th October. The first upgrade advisor said I had to pay an upgrade fee of £210 because ; I didn't necessarily mind as I thought I must have got my dates mixed up and new my current phone would have paid that off. The advisor discounted this down to £168.67 so I wasn't too annoyed with that. The more I thought about it though, I felt I shouldn't have paid anything so I got back on to the chat and was told ; Obviously I thought that was quite a nice offer so I agreed to continu
  13. I have a spare old Dell Vostro 200 (Mid 2007) that i need to update on the cheap. (Nephew) Itunes states the current manufactured installed Graphics card it is not powerful enough for video playback. Currently installed is a PCI Express x16 Graphics card The memory has been upgraded to 2 Gig from 1 Gig I have been told the ASUS AMD 6450 Graphics Card will do the job It has to be a low profile Graphics Card Can anyone give any help as to compatibility. I have been looking at this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ASUS-AMD-6450-Graphics-Card-/391176520116?pt=LH_DefaultDom
  14. Will it be worth it? http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-10-faq?ocid=win10_auxapp_LearnMore_win10faq
  15. Hello folks. I'm due an upgrade in September with Vodafone. Two days ago I went to Carphone Warehouse, just to look at possible handsets and tariffs. I was not expecting to walk away with a new handset or a new contract. The guy showed me a handset I was after and offered me a good tariff. He told me that to keep my existing number would cost me £3 extra each month, or if I cancelled my current contract and number and took out a new Vodafone contract on a new number, the line rental would be cheaper per month. I agreed to an early upgrade and a new contract/new number
  16. Hello CAG! You know, there are times when we all have to deal with 'not so good' customer service but in the end matters end up being resolved with some persistence. However with Vodafone customer support I've never felt soo helpless. I have followed their process to the letter, and thus so far it has got me nowhere. I need a Vodafone rep to action on this and get it sorted. Background: June 2012 - I sign up to Vodafone as a new customer, 24 month contract (Iphone 4). June 2014 - Contract ends, I do not change anything. October 2014 - I decide to DOWN
  17. As my contract was ended i decided to " upgrade". Talkmobile have process where they send you text code - IF you are eligible for " upgrade" - i was ! However, i got a bit suspicious and checked and those "upgrades" are just the normal prices offered to any customer - so it is NOT an upgrade Does this breach any law ? (i know i will be told -no!)
  18. Hi My OH got an upgrade with Orange a few years ago (Mar 2008 to be exact) Orange had been taking DD for both old and new contracts since March 2008 until June 2013) My OH got a 'gesture of goodwill' refund from Orange for the last 6 months overpayments (~£200) At the time I thought this was a refund of all overpayments, however now it's come to light this was only the tip of the iceberg! From trawling through statements the actual overpayment was just over £2k. Yes, I know she should have checked statements regularly, but excusing that, it does not give Orange the rig
  19. I have written a complaint on Virgin Media's forum re my recent treatment and service. I originally phoned over my Wi-Fi not working but it's opened a whole can of worms. I don't know whether I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill but I would like to think not. Please take a look and let me know whether it's me that being ridiculous or not.
  20. Hi, I have been with Orange for more than 10 years and every upgrade we always have a bit of a haggle, as annoying as that is I have accepted it. This time they have really annoyed me and now they have not responded to my complaint - after 8 days! here's the story: I have upgraded from an iPhone 4s to a 5s. When negotiating the deal with the chap (whose name and extension have gone in my complaint) I told him I don't pay for phones and what could he do. He set out a deal which was acceptable (not as good as the deal I had agreed with the person I spoke to the day before of whi
  21. Hi, just looking for a bit of advice. My mobile contact is due up first week in February, so contacted orange last night to see what deals they had. I was offered an upgrade deal which I accepted however speaking to friends I could get a better deal elsewhere therefore phoned them this morning to say was going to be cancelling the upgrade and was giving them their 30 days notice to move elsewhere. I was told no problem if I declined delivery of the handset (which is likely to be tomorrow) once they have received it and logged back into their inventory I would then be able to give my 30
  22. According to this section of the site https://www.gov.uk/become-lorry-bus-driver/licence-validity-and-renewals Drivers over 45 will continue to renew their entitlement as they do now. When you renew your licence at the end of a 5-year period, you’ll need to provide a medical examination report. therefore, a 47 year old that has had the C/C1 class entitlement installed automatically on their paper licence when they passed their test in the mid 80s, will now need to upgrade in the same manner as before, which is - do nothing. However, will/does this situation change if t
  23. I have been an Orange Pay Monthly Customer, since June 2009. Prior to my initial contract reaching its end, I had the option of taking out a new contract with Orange - 3 months earlier than official end date. Seemed a good incentive to get customers to renew their Contract with them. Nice bit of Marketing! So on the 20 August 2011, I entered into a new 24 month contract/plan with Orange, selected my new shiny phone - negotiated call plan /minutes bundle etc. Signed on the dotted ...........and headed home! I had been reluctant to renew on a 24 month contract, as it is a long time
  24. Hi All, Some advice needed please... I recently flew to NYC with American Airlines and decided to upgrade my economy seat, for £31.60, on the basis that this particular seat had a 'premium charge' against it. The great thing, or so I thought, was that the seat next to me which to be occupied by my wife, didn't have any upgrade cost associated, so overall this was perceived a good deal; one of us would have extra leg room, upgraded entertainment, great view etc. In fact, the seat was directly over the middle of the wing (row 21), had a full row of seats in front, no percieved be
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