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Found 5 results

  1. Hello CAG! You know, there are times when we all have to deal with 'not so good' customer service but in the end matters end up being resolved with some persistence. However with Vodafone customer support I've never felt soo helpless. I have followed their process to the letter, and thus so far it has got me nowhere. I need a Vodafone rep to action on this and get it sorted. Background: June 2012 - I sign up to Vodafone as a new customer, 24 month contract (Iphone 4). June 2014 - Contract ends, I do not change anything. October 2014 - I decide to DOWNGRADE to a sim 30 day contract plan (£11.ono) as this suits my needs and I don't want to upgrade. My plan is changed as requested, no long term contract. - See Attachment #1 [ATTACH=CONFIG]55754[/ATTACH] Everything WAS GOOD - until... Mid January 2015 a fraudulent upgrade order is placed on my account. I have a 'full-fat' version of my issue in a thread with attachments over at the Vodafone eForum... which sadly has got me NOWHERE. ## I'll need to PM the rep the forum link as I can't post the link on here ## Monday 12th Jan 2015 Text message received on my mobile thanking me for the upgrade. What upgrade? I try to login into the online portal to make sure all is well. I can't login, I'm able to reset my account, seems someone changed the username (email address), added an extra character. Price plan still shows 1mth Sim only, £11.50 ... so I think nothing of it, perhaps a glitch. Wednesday 14th Jan 2015 - 10pm DPD email received confirming that my Vodafone package is to sent out tomorrow. What the hell? - even worse... it has my name on the package and an address based in Birmingham... I do NOT have any connection with that address, nor do I live in Birmingham! I try logging into the online portal, once again my username has been changed. I managed to get access back, and now my bill has bumped up to £48.50!!... from what I can see it's a two year contract on an iphone 6! What the fraudster didn't know, was that I received the DPD delivery email, therefore I was able to change the delivery day to one FULL week later so that he/she would not get it tomorrow. Once delivery had been changed, I spoke to Vodafone web support, called lost/stolen dept on the phone and even filled in a online 'Fraud Claim' form on their site to cover all bases! Thursday 15th Jan 2015 - 8.30am Call the Vodafone Lost/Stolen dept for an update, they confirm DPD has got the package and is returning it back to Vodaphone... SUCCESS! - See Attachment #2 They also mentioned the fraudulent order was placed via the web portal. Finally I am told the non-contact Fraud team will need 7-10 days to investigate before my account is returned back to normal. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55755[/ATTACH] Thursday 15th January 2015 - 7:00pm I receive an automated email from Vodafone in the evening confirming my new 'fraudulent' plan - I know at this point I need to wait 7-10 days for the fraud team to do their thing and put everything back to normal. I can no longer login to my online account as it was confirmed by customer services online access has been deleted for security purposes. I agree with this move, though it means for the time being I have no easy way of checking my tarrif/bill. Email Confirmation of new fraudulent plan - See Attachment 3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55753[/ATTACH] Sunday 18th January 2015 I call Vodafone support to catch up on 'RETURN' status of the package from DPD. Note that from the moment "return to consignor" was requested the DPD tracking page no longer updates (I guess it has a new consignment number). It's apparently on it's way through returns so I'm told. The billing team confirm my account is still set to bill £48.50 on the new plan(contract), and that it can't be changed until the Fraud team are done investigating. As a precaution the advisor did tell me to cancel my direct debit which I have done. The fraudsters try to trick me into releasing my account details (since they no longer have web access to my account). They send me this bogus email, hoping I'd click on the link and submit my information. They sent it twice an hour later, I guess they are pretty pi$$ed they didn't get their iphone6: - See Attachment 4 [ATTACH=CONFIG]55752[/ATTACH] Wednesday 21st January 2015 - 11:30am I use the Vodafone support chat to find out more about what is going on. The agent confirms the handset has arrived back at the warehouse. My account is still set to the new contract (£48.50)....! I've also reached the point at which I want to leave Vodafone once this mess has been fixed. See Attachment 5: [ATTACH=CONFIG]55751[/ATTACH] Sunday 25th January 2014 - 4:44pm Vodafone Forum Staff send me a special form link to escalate my issue ... a.k.a golden ticket. A WRT Reference is supplied: #9227428 I am then given the following response: Thanks for your email here. I understand that you wish to cancel the upgrade which has been done on your account without your consent. I can see that a fraud case is already raised on your account and the team is investigating on this matter. As the dedicated team is checking on this we can't comment on this issue at this point of time. As soon as the investigation is complete the team will let you know. Any corrective measures, (if required) will be taken by the team and your account will be made up to date. It may take up to 4 - 5 more working days for the team to complete the investigation. You can get back to us after this timeframe for any update if you don't get any update by this time. Your patience and cooperation in this matter will be appreciated. Kind regards, ###### Customer Service Agent (eForum) Wrapping it up 5 days on since that last update, did I get a call or any correspondence from the Vodafone team? .... No. Has my plan reverted back to what it was (sim 30day) .... No. Do they have their phone back? ... Yes. Vodafone, you can't deny I have tried everything to make sure this matter is resolved and that I am not billed incorrectly. Were the phone truly stolen (delivered to fraudster) I could understand the need for a longer investigation, but the handset is back with you yet my account is still set on a 2 year contract for £48.50 p/m. Vodafone reps, I need help with the following please: Some form of direct communication with you. I'm done with talking to web chat support, general telephone support, and eForum - I keep going around in circles. A REAL update from the fraud team. I know customers cannot contact them directly, but internal staff can - I don't want to hear another generic "they need x days" statement... they have the handset! Revert my account to what it was, sim 30 day, and provide me with a PAC code - I'm moving on, a PAC code once activated should properly terminate my account. Thanks for reading! Dal
  2. Over the past year I have been trying to get my Credit back on track. I have applied for my statutory credit reports and all of a sudden I have two entries from BT!? This is what I have - Communications Supplier from Bt Consumer (I) / XXXXXX7122 Terms 0 @ £ 0 (Monthly) Status Defaulted Current Balance £ 75 Start Balance £ 0 Credit Limit £ 0 Default / Delinquent Balance £ 75 Start Date 13/11/2009 Date Updated 22/09/2010 Date Last Delinquent Date Satisfied Default Date 28/07/2010 Secondly - this is for my most recent encounter with them which I cancelled and switched over to sky on. I have set up a standing order to pay £10 a month and this has been reduced to £154 now, although I phoned them today and they said within the next month it will be defaulted and transferred to a DCA and unless I pay in full they will start to reject my monthly payments. Communications Supplier from Bt Consumer (I) / XXXXXX5643 Terms 0 @ £ 0 (Monthly) Status Query Outstanding Current Balance £ 174 Start Balance £ 0 Credit Limit £ 0 Default / Delinquent Balance £ 0 Start Date 10/11/2011 Date Updated 12/12/2013 Date Last Delinquent Date Satisfied These are on my equifax report, but not on my Experian reports? And they also wern't there about 9 months ago. Are BT legally just allowed to default my without notifying me? Can they also default me if I am currently paying them a set amount? Any help would be appreciated chaps. Thanks Tony.
  3. Hi I have now sent two letters to bank of scotland claiming and explaining my current financial hardship, requesting that they refund bank charges that have been applied to my account since 2005. The first letter was sent feb and the second in may but i have had no reply. What can i do?
  4. So I had a DRO and Halifax sent me a letter stating that my account was settled. 2 weeks later it was sold on to Capquest. I have send them, multiple times, all my DRO info and still they are doing nothing! Do I just continue to send it them?
  5. on checking my bank account last night i found that working tax credit had paid two amounts of money into my account to the value of £5,327.00, this was paid in on the 3rd july. i have not made any claim for tax credit , my son is 23 and my daughter is 19 and doing part time work .i am employed full time with a decent wage , i have no letters to say where or why this is paid into my account. i would like some advise as to what to do , by the way the money is very helpful BUT CAN I SPEND IT.?
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