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Found 13 results

  1. Microsoft have been getting flak for a new sneaky upgrade http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/microsoft-criticised-over-deceitful-windows-10-upgrade-a7047466.html
  2. Hi all, just got a letter from the above (my mortgage company) saying that they have spotted a wording difference between my Mortgage Offer Letter and the Mortgage Conditions. Basically, they say that the Mortgage Conditions state that any changes to the Barclays Bank Base Rate will be implemented one month later. But in the Mortgage Offer Letter it states 14 days. Because of this, they are to credit my bank account with almost £28.00. Now heres the bit Im not sure about - "In future we intend to continue to operate your account in line with your Mortgage Conditions, and in consideration of this we are also crediting an additional £25 into your bank account. If you have any concerns blah blah blah......." Being of a highly suspicious nature, and damn certain that money-lenders do not GIVE anything away, I just wondered if any of you smell a rat here?
  3. I'm a newby with renting in London through estate agents, and didn't realize how careful I should be... After agreeing on a 2 year rent period/1 year break clause over the phone with various people I signed for the Assured Shorthold tenancy with Foxtons. The flat was not ready on the agreed date, so they had to create a new contract, which I haven’t signed. Now I notice there was never a mention of any break clause in the contract, and after being warned of Foxtons want to read all very carefully now (I know, should have been earlier). Also the landlord's details (address) has been changed on the new contract. Normal? I want to see the original contract as void now, since the terms were not met, but Foxtons says it can only be voided by signing the new contract with new date, or if both parties sign deed of surrender. I most definitely don't want to be tied to a flat for 2 years, so what will happen if I don't sign this new contract without a break clause? Am I somehow tied to the old contract with a wrong move in date? Thanks!
  4. Homeowners are having to pay 'sneaky' and 'unclear' mortgage fees, according to the consumer organisation Which? It said borrowers face more than 40 different fees and charges, making it hard to calculate actual costs over the lifetime of a mortgage. Average arrangement fees have almost doubled in five years, from £878 in 2009 to £1,588 in 2014, its research found. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29878570 Which?'s latest research on the mortgage market uncovers the complex and unclear mortgage fees and charges people are facing. They found more than 40 fees and charges across the market, including set up fees, arrears fees and final repayment fees. Some providers use different names for the same or similar fees – for example a booking fee can also be called a reservation or application fee. Mortgage fees examples http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/insurance-bank-card-fees/chancellor-autumn-statement-mortgage-fees#?intcmp=HP.hero.small.2.a.wcucampaign.feeschargesmortgageupdate.nov03 Which? is calling on George Osborne to use his Autumn Statement to Stop Sneaky Fees and Charges on mortgages and make it easier for people to find the best deal. You can help by signing our petition here: http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/insurance-bank-card-fees/
  5. i see now loads of chairtys have pulled out of the voluntary work scheme so now i went into my local jobcenter and they have leafleats about various jobs if your intrested in any of these roles quote the refernce number to your adviser then theres like a list of about 4 differnt types of jobs lol i wonder if anyone took this up that then i bet your told its 30 hours lol
  6. General question, all these debt help companies in the media saying how they will clear your debts, if you don' t have a mortgage what is in it for them.. Or do they cherry pick the best cases? Must make a profit somehow
  7. Dear all, I have just recieved a claim from Northampton County Court from Bryan Carter solicitors. The claimant is Pheonix Recoveries. It is relating to a £9k loan which I took out from Lloyds TSB. I had an arrangement to pay Bryan Carter 100 pounds per month but due to financial issues I couldnt keep up with the payments. 1 Day after recieving the claim form I recieved a letter from Bryan Carter saying that they have now issued litigation proceedings. I havent contacted Bryan Carter yet or filled anything in on the claim form. I am just looking for some advice as I dont want a CCj going on my file! Is there anything I can do to prevent the case going to court? ANy advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Matt
  8. I have a Santander Bank account 123. I have no overdraft on this account (they refused me) but that's ok as its a little account I have and not my main one. I have text alerts to say my statement is ready however I went into m account tonight on line (paperless statements) to find that I had a charge of £45 taken out. I called them to be told that in Jan 2014 I spent £26 in a shop on my debit card and that took me £22 over into an unauthorised overdraft. They took the charge today and this has caused me to go overdrawn again (I wouldn't have been if they hadn't applied the charge) . I have picked this up today and will cover the amount overdrawn tomorrow however I am totally miffed off that a transaction put through by a shop and authorised by them has cost me £45. They said its my responsibility to check however where was my text asking me if I knew the account had gone into unauthorised O D mode. I am not able to have Good will Gesture as they told me I had one 2th FEb 2 yrs ago Am I wrong to be miffed at this sneaky charge. I want to take it further. I will be closing the account after the next DDs come out end of the month not that this will impact them but I will feel better Views please and advice or pointers. They have logged a complaint but made it clear I will NOT get them back
  9. I am writing this to try and seek some advice for my friend as she has asked for my help and since you guys have been such a massive help to me in the past - you are my first port of call for advice. Today she received a call while she was at work - she works 200 miles from her home address and her husband was also at work. the call was from a bailiff stating that they were outside her property for a repayment of an unpaid debt (starting at £250) - in her sons name. She has not spoken with her son for 3 years and he hasn't lived with her for the same, in fact, he lives some 400 miles away. The bailiff said that they were at her front door with a police officer and a locksmith and they had a distress warrant to gain entry to her property to remove goods to the value of over £2000. The only way she could stop this from happening is to pay the debt in full over the phone. She was so worried about people going into her house and taking her things that she just gave them her debit card details for them to take the payment (bad move I know but she must have been very threatened to have done that). I have since advised her to call police to confirm if they have log at her address - she called police who confirm police have NOT attended her address. She is now left feeling like she has been conned and lied to by this bailiff who has scared her into making a rather large payment for fear of them entering her house. I am totally out of my depth with this. What can she do in relation to this? Her bank, NatWest cant stop the payment as she gave my card details over the phone but she feels like she has been mislead in the way in which she has been forced to make the payment. Is there any way of firstly getting her money back? and secondly, stopping all the mail for her son coming to her address (she keeps returning mail - 'no longer at this address' but it makes no difference') and stop these companies using her address? Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
  10. Morning Guys, Just a word of warning. The above have just got sneakier! Our phone rang this morning and looking at the display, it was a local number ie my local STD code so I picked up to find it was Red Castle who are most certainly not based where I live. It appears that they are now using phone technology that gives the appearance that the call is local which means you are more likely to pick up and answer the call. On adding the number to my Choose to Refuse it came up 0141 562 2804 which is BCW. Beware of any local numbers that you don't recognise. Don't pick up, Google it and then block it if necessary. Bel
  11. Hello. I have worked with the NHS for 9months. Sometime during October 2012 I began working alongside a colleague (NC), we were discussing some workplace issues they were having regards their team leader. In particular, this colleague didn't get on with their team leader and proceeded to tell me how they would have preferred to be offered my job (we were hired during the same recruitment drive). At the time I said that if they were really unhappy with their base of employment I would be willing to swap as I got on well with all staff. They said they would think about it. Around the same time this colleague became aware of my sexuality, and remains one of only two members of staff who I have disclosed this information to. Around the same time I began having trouble with my own team leader (an admitted control freak) who, due to my line manager not communicating my absences or holidays, requested that I begin signing a register each time I started and ended a shift. No other member of staff has, or was requested, to do this. During some of my absences NC and my team leader arranged for them to cover my shifts, this continued long after I had returned to work. During a week long holiday in December 2012, I discovered that my team leader and NC had arranged between themselves for NC to begin working at my base during one of my shifts on a regular basis, thus making me surplus to requirement. In November 2012 during a break I updated my status on facebook with an insensitive remark. The remark did not identify any confidential data, nor did it reference any person whom I worked with. Although insensitive, the comment was bland and would not have raised much concern from any of my friends or family who were able to view it. As I am wary of security settings on Facebook, my employer remains visible only to myself. I had only one work colleague added, but my posts were visible to the general public. (You can probably guess where this is going!) This colleague has reported the comment made, citing that it could bring the Trust into disrepute. Less than 24 hours later I was brought before my line manager and read the riot act, I was immediately remorseful and apologised profusely. Agreeing with all requests that I remove the post and make a formal apology. I attended an investigatory interview in December 2012, during which I felt that I should mention to the investigating officer that the person who had reported me had also made such remarks in the passed as for me to question their intention. I was told to "park it" and told that raising this would "not make things easy for me". This was not noted in the minutes provided after the meeting. In response to this I told the investigating officer that I felt it was relevant, as I felt it was part of a wider act of victimisation. This was misconstrued in the meeting notes as me saying that I felt that the insensitive remark was relevant. Something I did not say, and have asked to be redacted. During this interview I remained regretful and apologetic, demonstrating that I understood the seriousness of the matter and did not wish to dispute that what I had written was insensitive. During the interview I was told that the likely outcome would be a sanction, and that if I agreed to Fast Track this then there would be no need for a hearing. I agreed to the Fast Track. This was denied, and my Union Rep was notified in December 2012 as to why. I was not told this until January 2012 when I received new paperwork pertaining to a disciplinary hearing in March 2013. The main reason for the disciplinary is stated as "bringing the Trust into disrepute", however if my employer was only visible to myself, and only the work colleague who reported me knew exactly where I work I am unsure how this can be the case. I do not wish to take my Union rep along to the hearing as they are utterly useless. I am at a loss as to what to do though. I have already begun searching for a new job as this process has affected my mental health adversely. I have had to increase my anti-depressant medication, been attending staff support for counselling, and have become very anxious, stressed and depressed. I don't know if anybody will read all this, or be able to suggest something but I just needed to "offload" as I cannot trust anybody at work at the moment.
  12. hello all were to start today my wife received a warrant of execution from northampton ccbc. it states that my wife has failed to keep to terms of a ccj which she had no idea was taken against her from wescot for the sum of £1600.00 she registered with all 3 credit reference agencies to see what this is all about on all 3 we carnt find any registered defaults against her for the past 6yrs but we did notice a ccj placed in april this yr. i have read up on these forums about filing a n244 which i have downloaded can someone plz advise me what to do next
  13. Drivers refunded after traffic wardens issued fines for cars parked on snow-covered double yellow lines Read more: - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/drivers-refunded-after-traffic-wardens-issued-fines-for-cars-parked-on-snow-covered-double-yellow-lines.html
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