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Found 25 results

  1. Hi All I came back from work yesterday to find that there are double yellow lines outside my council house and around the corner. I assume the council put them there (they look like they've been painted by someone after a heavy liquid lunch) the lines are 55mm wide the the cap between them varies from 30mm to 70mm. As I'm near the end of the terrace, the lines start outside my house, go up the road and around the bend, going up that road. My questions are:- 1) Should the council advertise that the lines are being put there prior to painting 2) Should there be parking restriction signs to accompany these lines 3) Should these lines confirm to a standard for the to be legal 4) Should there be plans lodged somewhere to state the how far these lines come down the straight bit of road after the bend As always, thanks in advance EOS-5D
  2. Hello, Would appreciate if someone could help me. I received a PCN for parking in a restricted road in prescribed hours, the road I regularly park down, and is not a restricted zone. However, I noticed after checking my car that I was parked on double yellow lines that were covered in leaves on the ground. The car behind me was not on double yellows and I believe only the front of my car was on the double yellows. These are the pictures of my car. Is it worth appealing? If so what do I say? Thank you!
  3. On 11/05/2018 at 12:36 I was amazed to spot a gap in the red and yellow lines on the hospital perimeter road close to the Willow Annexe which I was visiting for pre surgery assessment. Since I have very troublesome arthritic knees and ankles only having a 200 yd walk was like a gift from the gods. The gap in the lines was twice the size my car would need and I assumed that whoever had been parked there must have just moved. I parked up and went off to my appointment. When I came back, to my astonishment there was a ticket on the windscreen. I took some photos to prove I was not on red or yellow lines, got in the car, opened the plastic envelope and found that the accusation was, in fact, "Causing Obstruction". he perimeter road in that area is wide enough for two buses at least to pass each other, I wasn't obstructing the road, and I certainly wasn't obstructing the footpath. Any advice as to whether they can make this stick would be appreciated. I have not yet contacted Liberty Printers who issued the Parking Charge, which says £80 or £40 if paid within 14 days.
  4. Hi, What are the regulations for enforcing double yellow lines on private land? clearly they will not have a Traffic Order in place, but can they simply have yellow lines and then red signs up stating "no parking" to make it enforceable. ta
  5. just got notice to keeper from UKPC, ticket issued on 31/12/2016 ntc dated 02/02/2017. Not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space. I parked in a bay with 2 wheels on the white line not outside but on it, this white line is approx 3 feet wide as its an end bay and the tyres were at least 1 foot away from the white line outside edge. i had to park like this as I could not let my passengers out of the vehicle because the vehicle next to me was very close to the white line so I had restricted access. Whats should be the next move against these muppets.
  6. Hi, in my area the council have just painted double lines on one side of my road. The road is fairly narrow, but there was room for people to park close to the wall and other cars could still get past. However, they've now put double yellow lines down the side where people used to park. It dawned on me that I could simply park on the other side of the road, would I be correct in assuming this? Or do the lines apply to both sides? I've been looking everywhere to try to find out this regulation but can't find any info at all. So if any of you know the answer that'd be great. I can provide photos if that'd help? Thanks.
  7. Hi there. Finished work today and found that when I walked back to my car I had been given a ticket. The place I had parked on had double yellows but I am wondering if there are any grounds for an appeal. The lines were only added about a week or two ago, it isnt like a proper street and looks more of a car park, before these lines it was used as a car park essentially. This is the location on google maps. 52.4119603,-1.5061521 I am posting the information on the ticket as well and am wondering if anything seems incorrect to anyone on here as this is my first ticket ever.
  8. I am asking on behalf of a friend. He has got a NTD for parking on double yellow lines of a road. The road is public accessible so I would assume it is a public highway. He happened to see the employee putting tickets on all cars up the road and apparently he even said it is a public road and he shouldn't park there. He has also got a letter from the council to say he is allowed to park there. It's a new build estate, and as of today, Google street view doesn't show the road. The company on the ticket is "UK Parking Management Ltd" and is defiantly not a council issued ticket. I would assume it is not a private road as I have been there myself, and it is not sign posted anywhere, other than the double yellow lines. I am awaiting images from my friend who is sending me a copy of the ticket, and the letter he received from the council about parking there. I have advised them not to pay anything, and not to contact the company until the NTK arrives in the post. I would like to know peoples initial thoughts on this. Thanks
  9. Hi, Decided to post here as after googling ANPR it seems a lot of people here have relevant experience. Went out Sunday morning to find a ticket on my car. I live on a private road (with what I believe are ANPR signs at regular intervals). The ticket says I was parked on double yellow lines in the early hours. I checked their website and the photo they have as evidence doesn't show my wheel over the line (of course there may be more photos?) - I didn't read the ticket until after I'd driven off but I believe my wheel was actually passed the end of the lines. There are no bay markings. I would like advice as to my next course of action. Should I write to them and ask them to prove it first and send me proof that they work on behalf of the land owner? Ticket (all details correct) and 'evidence photo' attached but censored in case they are watching. Many thanks for looking! EDIT: Forgot to mention, my car is leased so cannot risk a Notice to Owner.
  10. Hello, A friend of mine has approached with their PCN they have received from NCP for not correctly parking within the lines of the space. This is new to me. In my mind how can they make any claim for this, espcially having suffered no loss. Also the car park is poorly maintained and the white lines are in fact just very small T bar at the start of the bay. Can they claim for not parking correctly in a bay? surely this is something to be appealed like all other pcn I cant upload a copy of the PCN at moment, but it is a standard one stating £50 or £100. The car park is the NCP at Haywards Heath Harlands Road. The ticket has a code F2 written on it for the contravention with date and time. The PCN number is REDACTED and the vehicle reg is REDACTED you can log onto their website to see the photos www.ncp.co.uk/pcn
  11. Evening all. I've had an issue with a debt for Capital One and have now had a response to a SAR. On the basis of this I would like to complain with a view to getting charges and/or PPI returned and I'm looking for advice on the best arguments to use. Within the SAR the records show the following: The account was in 'good order' until October 2008, at which point I became unemployed. Although I believe there are calls not listed as an absolute minimum they show that in December 2008 and February 2009 I indicated my employment status and a need to claim under the PPI - no action was taken. They continued to charge PPI until defaulting the account in July 2009. They added charges (including PPI) of at least £294.00 - on a debt that stood at £198.16 at the time payments stopped. In addition they ignored a letter sent at the beginning of September 2009 offering a standard split payment with other creditors, including a full budget, requesting they suspend charges and interest. Instead they sold the debt in October 2009 to Cabot. Now I am obviously looking at the PPI and the best way to make that claim but I also feel they failed to take account of a customer who was in clear financial difficulty, as even their own records show had been made clear to them. Are there regulatory/legal grounds on which I can pursue a claim against them for this?
  12. Hi I have received a PCN contravention code 01 for parking on double yellow lines as shown in the diagram below, are these lines enforceable i.e. do I appeal or pay? any help appreciated [ATTACH=CONFIG]56692[/ATTACH]
  13. We own a small business that has ISDN lines installed for a number of years - our account is a business account. We use ISDN for clarity because standard PSTN line quality is extremely poor where we are and we often struggle to hear people on the other end. Our ISDN lines are essential for us. 36 days ago our ISDN lines went down. We've had several dates given to us when work will take place only for the work not to happen. We've been given excuse after excuse, promised things will "be escalated", but nothing makes any difference. We've been "looked after" by their so-called "Distressed Customer Team" for 3 weeks now but they are generally ineffective as they have no real power to make things happen. An email to the Chairman of BT on day 21 asking him to please help get our lines back up was just as useless as it elicited a response but no repair so far. We're told there is a major issue with the fibre between our local exchange and that in a larger town where the ISDN service is ultimately supplied from. We're several miles on the other side of our local exchange from the mail fibre line, yet 1 mile down the road from us - still on "this side" of the exchange - another company with ISDN supplied by BT have lines that are still working. Since our lines went down we haven't had a single order, but last year our turnover increased by over £350,000. Almost all our orders come on the back of customer recommendations, and incoming telephone enquiries from these recommendations are usually converted to customers. Our telephone lines being down are affecting us badly, and on a day-by-day growth comparison it has lost us over £34K of potential additional turnover this year so far. Redirecting our lines to standard telephone lines won't work because of quality issues, and redirecting to mobiles won't work due to poor reception where we are (we're in the countryside). We're pretty much at the end of our rope with this problem. We have no idea where to turn to, or what we can do to fix or problem. We hear lots of platitudes and "we agree this isn't acceptable" but no actual action. Is anyone aware of anything we can do to accelerate the repair, or any action we can take against BT for their appalling service and the affect it is having on our small business?
  14. I received a letter today dated 10/03/14 for a parking offence on zigzag lines in January 13th 2014 for me either attend a course or get 3 points and pay £100. Is there a time scale for when I should've received this by since the police officer said to me if I don't hear anything within 14 days then I won't have to worry about anything? I've never had any offences before! Please advise?
  15. Hi All, I have received a parking charge from Defence Systems for "Stopping in a No Stopping Area" at One Stop Shopping Centre in Perry Barr, Birmingham. I parked in front of incredibly faded double red lines, alongside other vehicles for about 30 seconds back in April and a PCN was issued on 19th August. There is a sign that states "Red Route, No Stopping at Any Time". My main questions are: Can a private company charge me for stopping on a red route? (I was under the impression that would be a council thing) Does the fact that the red lines are incredibly faded count for anything? Any thing I can do with the fact that it took them 4 months to send me a letter? If anybody needs more detail please ask. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  16. I recently was issued with a parking ticket (pcn council) for parking in a street, which had no visible yellow lines. The area was outside a building sight and any traces of a yellow line, had been cleaned right off, by all the building machinery and materials going in and out of site. Since then however, I have revisited the spot and there is now a plastic temporary sign, tied around a lamppost beside the road where I had parked. To warn people not to park there. How can I best go about appealing this matter? Many thanks Nadia Phillips
  17. Hi all, I have a PCN for parking on double yellow lines which are broken. Thats the reason I parked there as as far as I knew this meant they were inactive and certainly advice I've seen on here in the past supported that. When did that change and what is the regulation that says they do have to be continuous and barred at each end? The council recently repainted all DYL's around the town that were broken or worn and painted in all the gaps that had been left where repairs had been made to the road. Some of these were only 1-2 feet! The lines where I parked were not re-painted and are in a service road under a shopping centre which does not have a street name. Does this make a differance? I asked the council what they meant by 'Parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours' and was asked if I had parked in a residents only parking bay. Only after my 'Informal appeal' are they refering to DYL's. I have questioned whether the council have jurisdiction over an un-named service road, they say they do. They say it was obvious there were DYL's but not being joined it was obvious to me they were inactive. The road quoted on the ticket is the shopping centre above the service road. Lastly I read on another thread that the ticket should say 'Date of issue' as if it doesn't then it is contrary to RTA 1991 section 66(3). My ticket says 'Date of contravention, time of contravention.' Thanks for any advice you can give me.
  18. Hi I would like advice please. Received a PCN in November in Coventry, first one ever in 25 years of driving, never intended to park illegally, road is in city centre where they have been doing a lot of roadworks, no yellow lines or kerb markings of any kind down quite a stretch of the road after resurfacing, it's a fairly quiet side road with some university offices, student accommodation and a sports centre and some shops. So I parked there for an hour while I was at a lecture (I am a student). Came back to find a PCN, contravention (02) for parking or loading in a restricted street... which I didn't know was an offence if there were no double yellow lines or kerb markings..? There was a sign further down 'No Loading' but attached underneath two sheets of A4 paper with lots of small print, ok I didn't read it, who would. I honestly just went on the lack of lines would mean it was fine! Anyway my appeal was refused as they (the council) said 'There is no requirement for road markings on this road. There was a sign two metres away indicating the restriction in force' (that is the sign I mentioned with 2 pages of small print stuck underneath). I am genuinely considerate driving or when parking. Never had a fine/ticket in 25 years. Is there a requirement for road markings and/or kerb markings to back this sign up? Would I have grounds to appeal further as the signage was not clear (i.e. with the 2 pages of small print attached).?? Any help appreciated as I have now had a letter from a Baliff company about it. I have several photos I took of the whole scene including that of the sign. I would put them up here if there was a way to do it, is there? Thanks a lot.
  19. [ATTACH=CONFIG]43416[/ATTACH] Does anyone know if a 100mm line can change to a 50mm line and still be legal? The 50mm lines although too wide apart do close up to be 50mm apart.
  20. Hi, despite personal financial problems I am looking to employ a legal professional for my ET hearing. There are still a number of issues that the respondent has not resolved (missing documents etc) which still need chasing up. Once I have a solicitor can I still continue to chase up the respondent about these pre-hearing issues (at relatively little expense to me) or can the respondent insist on only dealing with my appointed legal representative (at considerable expense to me)?
  21. Drivers refunded after traffic wardens issued fines for cars parked on snow-covered double yellow lines Read more: - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/drivers-refunded-after-traffic-wardens-issued-fines-for-cars-parked-on-snow-covered-double-yellow-lines.html
  22. Hi I parked on double yellow lines on a cul de sac 70% of the yellow lines are missing i know its doubles yellows but because its broken are they still valid
  23. A friend of mine has asked me to do them a letter to the parking services wigan council. I personaly think she got no chance of getting off but wanted to see what you all thought. parked on double yellow lines for a few mins while helping a friend to move house, unloaded her car with a computer desk and went into the house to put item in and came out to find a parking ticket from a warden. . couldnt of been more than 2 mins in house. . . house move was due to domestic violence and was a rush job to do within 48 hours, also was told from a neighbour that the double yellow lines can be removed (i dont understand this bit ) .....
  24. [ATTACH=CONFIG]35687[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]35686[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]35685[/ATTACH] I have a PCN from parking partially on the non obvious double yellow lines shown above. The lines look as if they have been partially tarmaced over, therefore everyone in the street assumes that part no longer applies. I wouldn't and have never parked on the obvious yellow lines which are there due to a junction. I'd appreciate opinion on whether I have a case (the council rejected the initial challenge, even with photographs), and also information on what regs to quote to support my case. Many thanks for your help. Lisa
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