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  1. Thank you - I assume to get case reheard, would require me writing to the Court to request this? I'd: explaining the situation / series of events etc? I would then go for option 1a - as I do think 6 points somewhat excessive? I shall dig out the letter tomorrow and write to relevant Court ....... Thanks again. Nadia
  2. Hi everyone Whilst I have used CAG on numerous occassions in the past, with amazing help and advice received - has been quite some time since active on this site. I posted a urgent dilemma I have, in the motoring section /speeding offences, the other day and it has been met with absolutely no viewing or advice? Have I done something wrong? I really don't know why this would be? Anybody reading this, who may be able to put me right - I would really appreciate it. My situation grows more urgent as the days pass and I am unable to take any action ( if any resolution to be found?) but wo
  3. My son (age 19) is detained under S3 of the Mental Health Act in a hospital in Nottingham. He has been there since November 2015; visiting is a nightmare, as it is a good 200miles there and 200 miles back - taking me anything from 3 and a half to five hours, each way. It seems no sooner I arrive to see my son, it's time to start the journey home again - having only about 45 mins to an hour for visiting. Anyway, my son has his COA meeting on 12 October and I believe that his Consultant Psychiatrist, will be recommending my son be transferred to 'locked rehab' facilities, closer to
  4. Hi there, Hope somebody can help? About a month ago/6 weeks? I was shocked to open a letter of intended prosecution, in relation to an alleged 'speeding offence' where I was caught on camera, doing 38 in a 30 zone. I was also surprised, that the paperwork, indicated that this had been the third notification, that had been sent to me and they wanted me to identify myself as the driver and plea by post - giving a time scale of 14 days or so, to respond. Failing to do so would result on the matter proceeding in Court anyway etc I gathered my thoughts and set about completing the
  5. I had been with Orange for approx 4 years (2 X Contracts) converted to EE, then another T Mobile Contract taken out fom2 years, ending in September 2015. I had requested a contract/phone upgrade towards end of contract, but was declined as EE claimed I owed them for a Sim a only contract I had taken out for my son - for which the contract had ended, approx August 2014? This had been owing to the SIM becoming faulty and several requests made for a replacement had taken considerable time to arrive. Furthermore, the sim only contract, was a £9.99 per month tariff/deal; for which they stated as
  6. Just a point to. One; I had sent an email recently to Olaf Swantee - his reply read "thank you for your email, but I am unable to assist you - as I no longer work for EE. Sorry .......... Nadia Phillips
  7. My son's DLA recently due for renewal. He is 17 and I am his appointee. He has Autism, ADHD, I get no support or respite and his very challenging behaviour and other difficulties, mean I am kept occupied pretty much 24/7. Owing to this, I had not completed his DLA forms (DLA renewal) had been returned later than required, as they are a nightmare to complete, so time consuming and I had not been able to prioritise them - whilst dealing with various issues and daily care for my son. Disability & Carers Services, have written to me, stating my son's claim being treated as a New Claim as
  8. I have been under an enormous amount of pressure and had failed to submit my son's DLA claiming again forms on time. My Son has ASD/ADHD&Conduct Disorder - age 17. (I am appointee) & owing to lack of support and intervention, no education, involved with the Criminal Justice System & having very challenging behaviour - which I struggle to deal with and many meetings with |Social Services, YOT and CAMHS to challenge the lack of support etc, this had meant my claiming late. First claim pack submitted, lost?? So submitted another, marked clearly DUPLICATE, second claim set etc and
  9. I dont know if I have posted on correct forum, but seems appropriate category for my initial question(s) - in relation to these, modern, compact, 'legal high' shops - that are cropping up in many High Street's, which has young people (ages 12-17 predominantly) flocking to them, like bee's to honey! The common denominator being = high and the fact that it is preceded by, legal seems to be an added bonus! However, young people may be confusing the word 'legal' with 'safe' - which is certainly not the case! These 'legal' concoctions, sold using a legal loophole of packages being stamped wi
  10. Estellyn - your probably right, at the end of the day " to err is human . . . ." Etc. Without being the sceptic, I am probably portraying myself as - things are just not going well with this claim! I would like to just update you on the situation and would be so very very grateful, for some help and advice. Everything seems to be going round in circles and since my original post , regarding this matter - things have not progressed well, if at all? The "dla claim" remains at the DWPs / disability division and has still not been given 'final stamp of approval' for sending to the appeal t
  11. Thanks for your response 45002 - your right, my son has had problems with DLA previously, however I cant swear same or very similar situation, as this one. I should have thought a site such as Community Action Group, was full of people from various walks in life, with or without vast experience with disability allowance, with legal knowledge or without - would be far more likely to have encountered problems with their own DLA claims and considerations, making them even more appropriate for sharing their own experiences and giving advice information to people such as myself. For one thing, m
  12. Ok - firstly I apologise for delay in revisiting query, as it would appear queries above raised promptly. To respond to above, on revising the details/letters I can confirm the following:- Firstly, the young man in question is aged 24 years. Original decision, to award 0 mobility and 0 care - was dated 24 October 2013. However, letter states that these awards are from and including 01/11/2013? The letter covers 4 sides of A4 paper and the last paragraph, advises of the right to appeal and makes reference to GL24, as being a means of finding out more about, how to appeal - i
  13. I am assisting a young man with his claim for Disability Living Allowance. He has (adult adhd, depression & anxiety). He has been in receipt of DLA since child. His last award ended October 2013 and I helped him submit renewal/claim form. He got a quick response/decision initially, which had been to award 0 on both components. He asked for reconsideration and received new decision, which was an award of LRC & LRM. He still wasnt entirely happy with decision and managed to get assistance from a support worker, who compiled a fairly comprehensive letter, giving reasons wh
  14. Thanks to everyone who have given advice, it all helps immensely. I now have a pretty good overview of the overall situation and how it might be dealt with Thanks again all Nadia
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