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Found 16 results

  1. Has anyone with bad credit managed to finance a vehicle 'sensibly'? Cars don't last forever sadly and ours is soon going to need a lot of work (including a new gearbox) to get it through an MOT and keep it on the road. Without a vehicle, self-employed hubby can't work, so we're really worried about what to do because we don't have savings to pay for this. Not quite the typical post on here, but hoping someone might have been in this situation.
  2. In May 2015, I started a thread on this forum regarding a debtor (Mr OR) who had followed advice from the internet and had issued an injunction against a local authority after his vehicle had been clamped by a bailiff. The debtor considered that his vehicle should have been exempt as it was subject to finance. Unfortunately, his injunction failed as the Judge ruled that there could be a ‘beneficial’ interest in the vehicle. Mr OR was ordered to pay the local authorities costs of £3,200. This was in addition to his own costs (the fee for the injunction alone was £395). A link to
  3. The following is from the BBC News today: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4057088/Car-clampings-double-tax-discs-axed.html
  4. I'm assuming there is a precedent to this. I have a debt to the Council for back Council Tax which I have been paying back as and when I can afford it. Today Bristow and Sutor sent an enforcement agent (who told them he was a bailiff) while I was out and luckily they did not let him in. Nothing, apart from a few items such as my bed and an old stereo which is worth pretty much nothing, on these premises belongs to me as I am just a lodger here and the room is furnished by the landlords. I have never denied that I owe something but the amount is in dispute I have told
  5. http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Aldi-customers-told-register-vehicles-store-face/story-27985958-detail/story.html I don't see how this really helps with the congested car park as anybody is still allowed to park there without using Aldi...
  6. This week yet another person has been found guilty in court of cutting off a vehicle clamp and unfortunately this case is yet another one where the 'ownership' of the vehicle is highly questionable. In brief, the individual attempted to justify his action on the basis that he claimed to be the 'owner' of the vehicle that had been clamped. He stated that he had not received any documentation in relation to the contravention. On this point he would have been telling the truth given that all statutory notices are by law sent to the 'registered keeper' (this is the person whose name appear
  7. Hi. Query regards driving other cars. I am insured to drive a Citroen c3. My policy states that i am allowed to drive other cars with the owners permission. Now how does this work when pulled over by the law if i am driving another car that has tax and mot but not showing any insurance.As the driver(me) is insured to drive it. If the car is sorn as not insured. Would the owner get notification of no insurance?
  8. a friend has recently had a PCN for walking off site by UKCPS, windscreen ticket issued. Not sure which is the best way to proceed with this one, The car park was a free one so there is no loss on the part of the operator, there's no cctv or anpr cameras, I presume they must have someone with a camera taking photos of the driver and passengers leaving site. at this point I'm thinking do they need a picture of the driver driving the vehicle and then leaving the site ? Can anyone in the car leave the site ? or is it just the driver that is not allowed t
  9. I know enforcement officers can query the DVLA for a number plate to find the registered keeper of a vehicle, but can they do the reverse - run a query at the DVLA for name and address to find out if the enforcement target has any vehicles registered to them? Also, I transferred my car to one of my sons BEFORE the CCJ was given against me. Can an enforcement officer clamp and/or tow the car registered to my son? Thanks.
  10. How is failure to comply with the above mentioned sign penalised outside London. I know in London it's by a PCN issued by a local authority but what about outside London. Is it a motoring offence dealt with through penalty points and a FPN issued by the police?
  11. Looking for some advice here-made the grave mistake of buying from this dive at the end of march this year. I had been looking for a diesel for my 100-mile a day work commute when I was tipped off about an 05 plate Vectra SRI at said garage for £2000. I had not seen the advert online but went to look at it. The shabby condition of the vehicle just sitting on the street should have been the first hint to walk away but I made the mistake of giving them a chance. Salesman came up offered £300 trade in on my then 51-plate Astra and a THREE month warranty. We barely got a look
  12. I am a newbie so apologies if I make any glaring omissions. I have spent the best part of this sunny afternoon trawling through other threads and my issue seems to fall into a grey area. I hope to learn from your expertise as to whether I should go to the adjudicator. I took a number of items to the Oxfam charity shop in King Street, Hammersmith, which has a loading bay right outside the shop. I remained in the car while my husband unloaded the boot with heavy and bulky items including about 30+ books. We were there for less than a minute. The bay is marked 'loading only' and there i
  13. Hi I am hoping someone will be able to help me. My partner and I paid £5250 for a Nissan Navara pickup 54 plate just after Christmas. The vehicle is great for us as my partner is a gas engineer and he would be able to use the vehicle for work, and we would be able to fit our growing family in as we have dogs and a baby on the way (due April). It was the ideal replacement for his van, as I only have a small car on finance. We paid the money by bacs as the dealership requested, the same day - and as I'd negotiated a full service we went to pick it up a week later.
  14. Has anyone else apart from Myself and BrianM had any problems with Leeds Leisure vehicles? I bought a Toyota campervan from them in Nov 2012 and it didnt even get me home when the gearbox went. Even though they assured me they would take care of the bill there has been no payment and it is becoming increasingly obvious they have no intention of paying.
  15. sorry to here about all you camper buyers. i to must have mug written across my forehead. i purchased a toyota granvia from leeds leisure vehicles on 23rd sept 2013, went to collect it & they could,nt start it . was told it was the starter motor, waited 3 hrs then to be told it was the alternator, they got it started so drove it home. next morning it failed to start, called out breakdown( green flag) who informed me it it was the starter motor. i paid £ 303.00. & forwarded my warranty ( fat chance of getting money back) . started van on friday morning to set off to london from yorkshi
  16. Drivers refunded after traffic wardens issued fines for cars parked on snow-covered double yellow lines Read more: - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/drivers-refunded-after-traffic-wardens-issued-fines-for-cars-parked-on-snow-covered-double-yellow-lines.html
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