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  1. hello yes registered as self employed last year but not on CIS. as yet Just need information regards the deductions.
  2. Hello Thank you As i have not registered yet for this how do i claim this back? is it calculated when i submit my tax return self assessment on-line? thank you
  3. hello have been self employed recently and have had my invoices deducted by 30% by the construction company thats paying me. How do i claim this back? Need the help please new to this so be gental with me ....
  4. Is there a complants head office for this place as i carnt seem to find one.www.cartaxenforcement.co. uk to make a claim to.?
  5. Is there a complants head office for this place as i carnt seem to find one.www.cartaxenforcement.co. uk to make a claim to.?
  6. When i noticed that the car was clamped i went online to cheak the tax and it was showing as untaxed that was at 2pm. The tax was purchased at 9.10am so the system had not yet been updated. I was on the phone to them when they did a check and it was showing taxed with them, but still showing as untaxed online. So the system had not updated as yet. Yet was still asked thats £100 please.!!! I so should have removed it myself me thinks.
  7. it was taxed at the post office. so have a receipt. I had phoned them and said that the car was taxed. But the reply was. Thats £100 for the release of the clamp please. I have looked for an address for this company www.cartaxenforcement.co.uk but only find an inpound address for car collection. no head office to make a complaint to. As regards taking the clamp off myself. Who takes up the action DVLA or the company subcontrcting for them. ??
  8. Hi I had been told to do a Transfer of equity to avoid the profit of sale to go to creditors, was going to look into this myself some time ago when i was the the same spot.
  9. Hi Looking for information here. We purchased a little Citroen the other day Collected it after it had been taxed at 9.10am. My wife then used it for work transport and parked it on a side road. When arriving back to her car at 2pm there was a clamp and sticker on it saying no tax. i rang the number given on the leaflet and was told car was not taxed. Yet we had purchased in the morning. The lady said the car was clamped at 10.05 in the morning. Surely DVLA would know that tax would be on it? So i paid the fine to release the clamp. £100. H
  10. Thank you for your advice folks. Just an up date. After wording an apologize mitigating circumstance plea. The fine received was low. Other court charges were the problem. Who makes them up? Thanks again.
  11. Hi Thank you for your reply however my original question seems to have gone array! I was asking how i can word my mitigating circumstances to the court. So as to lessen the impact so to speak? I have never been to court before so any wording phrases would be most helpful. Thanks folks.
  12. hi certificate of motor insurance the policyholder may also drive,with the permission of the owner,any other separately insured private motor car not belonging to or on hire to him/her
  13. Policy states.. drive other vehicles as long as that vehicle has its own insurance. Thank you for your reply folks. I know am at fault just wanted help with wording my mitigating circumstances to present at court.
  14. hi thank you for your reply. I am pleading guilty my question is for help in wording for my mitigating circumstances. Have never delt with courts before so was looking for advice as to what to put down.
  15. Hi Folks 1st time up in court regards no insurance on driveing a car. Small print has Cort me out. Have fully comp insurance allowing me to drive any car.... Providing that car has insurance allso!! So have court appearance soon. Would like some advice as to wording my mitigating circumstances so as not to get hit hard with fine i know i will get 6 points. Also as question 2... The prosicution has set there cost at £85. They have worded it as applying for costs. Can this be disputed as to high?? Please advise as i have never attended court before. Thank you
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