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  1. I have a balance from last years council tax which I had been paying Bristow and Sutor on an arrangement but I have missed a few weeks. I have paid about half the debt. Had a call saying full balance due, I explained I cant but no joy really. I called the council and their balance differs by about £200 so I assume its fees. I offered to pay council direct and they said they will accept payment but B&S own the debt. Council cant agree an arrangement. What can I do to stop B&S coming out to the property and do I have to pay their fees? I fully intend to pay what
  2. Hi all, Today I received a letter from Bristow and Sutor stating a sundry debt overpayment of housing benefit due to Bristol City Council of £198.12. The letter goes on to say I must pay this debt within 7 days to prevent further recovery action, concluding with 'Failure to respond to this letter as directed will result in the continuation of recovery proceedings, which may result in one of our doorstep collection agents or a doorstep collection agent from Credit Security Limited visiting your property and / or action being taken to obtain a County Court Judgement against you which
  3. Hi all, I'm new here but have long known about this forum and it's expertise. I've found myself in a bit of a rubbish situation so hoping someone can offer some advice beyond the basics that I've googled. Brief history- I am disabled, live alone, not working due to illness (mental health issues too). Yesterday I was in bed poorly when someone knocked at the door. It was an enforcement agent from Bristow and Sutor. Apparently I had a parking fine issued by South Gloucestershire council last summer. Looking at the date, number plate and location of the fine (which
  4. Bristow and Sutor are calling our home regularly. It's a recorded message for my son who does not live at this address nor has he ever lived here. The problem is that my husband is poorly in bed and the phone ringing disturbs him. We normally get very few calls. When they ring they give the case number three times but unfortunately I suffer with Arthritis in my fingers and I am not quick enough to write it down. There is no regular time for these calls otherwise I would arrange for someone to be here to get the case number. I have tried to get a web chat with the company but keep being told to
  5. Hi I made a EAC2 complaint against a Bristow & Sutor bailiff who was abusive and racist during my telephone conversation with him after he had visited my home while I was out. I recorded most of the conversation. I have received the Bailiffs response, which is a load of rubbish as he has not addressed the complaint. The court has given me until 20th May whether I wish to continue with the complaint. Whats thrown me is the following part of the letter from court. 'I strongly recommend that you seek legal advice before you proceed, as the law surrounding Bailiff's power is e
  6. Hello I have received an email from Bristow and Sutor that looks like spam but it caught my attention purely because it is addressed to myself and my ex. After looking up the company online I am certain it will be due to council tax arrears from 2012. At the time we we’re living together, sharing with another couple. We called the local council, we wrote to the council and I even sent a bankers draft in the post with a letter explaining that we would like to start payments etc and we received an acknowledgement. But after months of trying to pay we got nowhere, even the landlord trie
  7. I'm assuming there is a precedent to this. I have a debt to the Council for back Council Tax which I have been paying back as and when I can afford it. Today Bristow and Sutor sent an enforcement agent (who told them he was a bailiff) while I was out and luckily they did not let him in. Nothing, apart from a few items such as my bed and an old stereo which is worth pretty much nothing, on these premises belongs to me as I am just a lodger here and the room is furnished by the landlords. I have never denied that I owe something but the amount is in dispute I have told
  8. Hello All I'm currently at work and so I have no real time to look through the sticky threads on here. I owe Council tax to the sum of £1200. I am currently applying for a DRO and have received the barcoded application, but I know that it will still take some time to be considered etc. I have sent Bristow and Sutor my budget, prepared by CAB and also a copy of the DRO application. It was calculated that I could afford £10 per week and so I have been paying this by Standing Order to Bristow and Sutor. They keep refusing my offer I literally cannot afford any more at this tim
  9. Hi We had a visit from an enforcement agent regarding council tax, we had a payment plan in place and missed two payments that we had arranged to pay 10 days ago but due to a death in the family we missed that date. We called their office today to bring the payment upto date but were told that we have to deal with the agent directly. The letter posted through the door has noted my car details and claiming that my goods are bound etc.. We have been told contact the agent ASAP. The debt is approx £2000
  10. Hi everyone, I just wondered if someone can give me some advice for a friend of my wife's. She's in terrible financial trouble due to an abusive ex-partner who left her in a lot of debt. She's currently being chased by Bristow & Sutor for Council Tax arrears totalling £2,200. So far, the bailiff that has been visiting her has refused to accept any offers of payment whatsoever and has demanded the balance in full. He was always very aggressive and threatened to force entry and remove all of her furniture on multiple occasions, which we all know he can't do. I have written to
  11. Hi all, hope you can help me out. I am being chased from B&S for council tax for 3 property's (during myself and partners we where moved out due to landlords either selling property's or finding it troublesome, antisocial behaviour or violence, however we are now with the local housing trust as we have a child. Now during those 3 years we have occurred some council tax, some was billed for the entire year, some only for the months we where there. Even before B&S started chasing me, I went to the council and explained the situation, they told me t
  12. Hi! I was living in a two-bedroomed property in the Willenhall area of Walsall that was totally unfit for human habitation - there was no electricity or gas as the previous installations had been thieved and trashed and eventually I had to move out in May last year as I had had enough, and as well as that I was constantly being called into my manager's office with complaints about personal cleanliness, etc., because I could no longer care for myself properly. (I no longer work for the firm concerned in that.) I sent a letter to Walsall Council advising them I had moved
  13. Hello, I am in need of desperate help! When I returned home yesterday, I had a letter in my postbox from Bristow Sutor from one of the enforcement agents. From what I can see, I have had a PCN and an outstanding council tax bill from my previous home. The letter is notification that my goods now belong to the agent, and I'm not allowed to remove anything etc etc etc. One of the highlighted parts is that I will be liable for any fees for getting a locksmith to basically come and break into my house. Herein lies the problem. I live in a fully furnished rental prope
  14. Hello - can anyone help please? I owed £2219 for unpaid Council Tax that the council passed to Bristow and Suitor. Reasons I owed so much is I am the only one working as my husband isn't working having lost his job due to being sick and doesn't receive ESA. Im trying to get some help to appeal this but this all takes time. I made an arrangement with BS to pay £374 on 18/01/16 followed by 5 monthly payments of £369 (total £2219) On 17/1/2016 (January installment) I paid £1000 and £369 on 1/2/2016 (which would be the February payment so before the 18th of the month
  15. I would like to ask for any advice about enforcement agent, Bristow & Sutor (B&S). 3 months back B&S enforcement agent was in my rented house for the first time and tried to get into by locked door but I was alone at home as my partner was in Medical Centre at this time and I didn't opened. EA also been in my neighbour to get- I suspect - information about us because she let him in (we have non-friendly "relation" with neighbour). I didn't opened because of fear, I thought that was crime, I haven't had idea that was agent from Council, he left letter with his mobile
  16. Hi I have an old debt from a previous address - I'm not really querying the debt but there are some interesting and challenging and frustrating issues around it. I contacted my LA in the summer to clear off all my outstanding council tax debts. I had come into some money and wanted to end the saga. I asked them to give me a figure for all the outstanding debts. They gave me one amount which I paid. Subsequently my wife - same address - received a set of letters asking for payment of another amount. Now, I was amiss to not challenge this at the time but I genuinely thou
  17. Hi All, I am looking for some advice if possible please and the best way to make a complaint. I had an enforcement officer visit my home today, parking a white Peugot Bipper van in front of my car in my driveway and claimed that I have had a parking ticket and he has a Warrant of execution to take my vehicle. He produced the Execution document and also a document containing details about the account and the case history. He told me that if I did not pay immediately he would tow my car. £82 Parking ticket £75 Compliance stage Fee £235 Enforcement Stage Fee £392 tota
  18. hi all im new here and looking for a bit of advice with bristow and sutor bailiffs. the story so far is a few years ago i got into some trouble with council tax and got chased by the bailiffs for it. I ended up getting threatened so much by them on the door and on the phone that i asked my mum to help me pay off the bailiffs and i would give her the money monthly, which she was kind enough to do. Im now in trouble again as i was made redundant last year and had my third child all in a matter of a few weeks so my head was all over the place as you can imagine, i had
  19. The Council have forwarded 3 Liability Orders to Bristow and Sutor totalling £1200.00 who have written to me by post and asked me to pay £156.00 per week, this was unaffordable. I went online and said that I would pay £22.00 per week direct to the council to clear the debt, the online form only allowed me to write 250 characters, I did manage to note in there that I would NOT allow the baliffs access into the property. I have sent a letter to the council asking if they will take the debt back and allow me to pay them direct - yet to hear back from them Bristow and Suto
  20. Hi Everyone, I am hoping for some advice please. I received a letter from Bristow and Sutor on the 18th dec titled Enforcement Process commenced and also a Notice of enforcement enclosed. The debt is for 3 different council taxes from different years £66.57-2012 £193.33-2013 and £926.62-2014 The 2012 and 2013 was from when I was not working and claiming ESA and is for the payment shortfall from what was paid by benefits. The 2014 payment is because i stopped claiming benefits. Each payment has now increased by £75.00 each because of being passed to B&S. I did
  21. Hello I had an outstanding parking fine from a local council.The Bristow and sutor visited my old address(where my mother still lives)and despite being told I no longer lived there threatened to call back and remove goods. They left a contact number and I refused to give them my new address,this was simply due to their attitude,i told them I am in receipt of dla and esa yet they demanded full payment or they would return to my mothers and remove goods without further notice. I eventually asked to speak to a manager who wanted £20 weekly..i made a couple of payment but it was imposs
  22. This looks like a great forum, I hope someone can help. I got myself into some financial difficulty a few years ago and some council tax debt was referred to Bristow & Sutor. A Bailiff visited me in 2012 and he issued a "notice of seizure of goods" that i signed. He also took inventory of several items in my living room. TV, computer, couch, mirror etc. We made an agreement on 22/03/2012 that I would repay a £740 debt at £10 a fortnight over just less than 3 years. I have honoured the repayment agreement since, never missing a payment until..... I came home from work
  23. I'll state at the outset that I've been in dispute with the council over council tax on a semi derelict house, I've lost the argument of course. I naively thought the new regs would have brought in a new era of honesty and transparency in bailiff enforcement. I find that Bristow and Sutor notices still only show the total debt they think you owe, a single figure. I've no idea what years they're enforcing for, how much or what their fees are. It's obviously a cunning ruse to "encourage" you to take part in their [problem]. In no other financial area can businesses demand payment without show
  24. Yesterday morning my Mrs had a visit from a enforcement agent demanding payment of a council tax debt. They have included a enforcement stage fee of £235.. no van turned up just an old man who is demanding she pays £99 pound a week and giving her till Monday to make a first payment. She is classed as a single parent and paying £100 a week will stop her from putting food on the table. Luckily she didnt let them in and he has handed her a notification of enforcement visit given her til 6 pm monday to make payment. what she can do is pay about 35 a week to clear the debt n
  25. Hi, I have made a bit of a mistake. I have an agreement with BS to pay £5pw I was supposed to pay £5 20/08/14. I broke down out of area so couldn't pay until I got home which was 02:30 (am) 21/08/14) I have emailed then to apologise that my payment is 2 hours late will they now say that the agreement is broken? Even though it doesn't make a difference to them because its out of office hours either way? If I have broken my agreement what happens next? I hate it all of this for a parking ticket and I feel like these people have control of my life. I wont sleep no worrying about this pa
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