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  1. I wasn't aware you could do that having paid cash. If that's the case I'll open a dispute if nothing more than to just disrupt him and his dealings, as you say.
  2. Unfortunately I paid cash on collection, so eBay/Paypal won't help me.
  3. Hi guys, This is a long read, I know, but I believe that not only have I purchased a car with a fraudulent MOT, I have also uncovered a rather large fraud involving a very well known scrap collection company. I bought a 52 plate (2002) Ford Mondeo on eBay on 10th July. The car was advertised as having 12 months MOT and it was stated that the car passed with zero advisories on the 6th July and that it had been 'fastidiously maintained'. I checked it's MOT online and it showed that it had indeed passed with no advisories. This obviously gave me the confidence to bid on the vehicle with
  4. Completely agree. I did mention that we had received a lot of support and advice from CAG so hopefully that might steer a few more people in need to this place.
  5. She said she plans to and I'll link to it here (if that is allowed) when it is published
  6. I'm really sorry for the delay in responding, I've only just seen this question when I logged on this morning. I sent the details of this case to a friend of a friend who is a journalist. She sent B&S a very lengthy and detailed email asking a lot of questions and basically tore them apart for their behaviour. She told them she'd be doing a story about this and within 2 days of her sending her email, my friend has today received a letter from B&S informing her that they will now be passing the account back to the council as they have no intention of dealing with the media. A
  7. Thank you very much BA, you have removed a weight from our shoulders so to speak. It was the fear of them adding another £235 to the remaining 3 accounts that we were most concerned about and had no idea they wasn't allowed to do this. Hearing this is fantastic news and we can all relax a little now. Also, you have no need to apologise, maybe with all the stress and sense of urgency I just wasn't describing what had happened clearly enough and wasn't getting the important points across. I'd very much welcome any assistance that you feel you could offer, As I have previously admitted
  8. Hi BA, thanks for the reply. Our email was read and responded to in some detail. B&S broke down each paragraph and responded fully. They have given my friend until the 7th to accept their proposed payment plan of £750 per month before taking what they say will be further action against her. Coughdrop, it is a difficult one. Trying to balance holding off and waiting for it to be passed back against possible enforcement fees on the three remaining accounts currently without any is a hard decision to make.
  9. Thank you very much for your kind words and thoughts. It is really good to speak to like-minded people who have been where we are now and come out the other side, so to speak. I'm really glad you managed to get something sorted with your own situation. BA has been very helpful, as has everybody else. I just wish I'd found this place sooner and maybe gotten this sorted earlier. I know I keep saying this but I really do appreciate yours and everyone else's help and advise.
  10. The letter was sent via email on 28th May and the local authority was copied in on the email. B&S responded today (31st May).
  11. Completely agree with you. She's more than happy to pay any fees that she owes and isn't trying to dodge paying whatsoever. If anything, she's going out of her way to try to pay it.
  12. BA - I would very much welcome any suggestion of a letter in reply to the bailiffs. Thank you very much for your kind offer
  13. Thank you all very much for the replies and advice. I'm going to try to answer them as best as possible. 1) Firstly, in regards the fees, there are a total of 4 liability orders - One has a compliance fee and an enforcement fee added to it and the other three only have compliance fees. If my friend does sit and wait it out to be returned to the council, doesn't that leave them scope to add enforcement fees to the other three accounts? 2) BA's letter was sent, adapted to suit my friend's circumstances obviously, but it was the above letter that the bailiff responded to. 3
  14. Would it be possible to pay the bailiff their fees and make a separate arrangement with the council for the arrears?
  15. Please don't close this thread! Thanks to everyone that has replied, I appreciate the advice offered. We wrote to B&S and made an offer of £50 per month. They have responded by email saying the very least they would be prepared to accept is £750 per month!! They said failure to agree to this will lead to enforcement action. We have asked the council to take the debt back on multiple occasions and they have refused, so that isn't an option. I don't know what else to do now. Anybody any ideas? We will be making our first £50 payment tomorrow, regardless of their ref
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