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  1. My home was repossessed a couple of years ago now, due to health reasons i gave up the fight as i also ended losing my business and owing money left right and centre. My mortgage was a self cert through a mortgage broker (mortgage express) for about 125k with BM which was around 2008. I had a bad credit history and at the time was working in IT freelance no accounts, no hmrc, i was never actually asked how much i even earned. i remember looking at my application and the mortgage broker put down that i earned 40k a year but i was never asked to prove this. Now i have nothing, im in hiding no fixed address, mortgage company will be after a shortfall soon i reckon After doing some reading after hearing about the wonga case where they have written off debts to people as they where not checked out before loans etc where taken out. i believe i wasn't fit or in a good financial state to take a mortgage out. Do you guy think i have a case for a misold mortgage? or shall i just suffer things and go bankrupt before the bank starts chasing for shortfalls etc? Should i start by asking for a SAR and then seek legal advice when i get it all? I also took out a Loan with spml which since having the house repossessed they cant find me although i know they will catch up with me one way or another. Also do i look at misold loans as these guys didnt even ask for proof of my income either. What do you guys think?
  2. no one in the house who is disabled i can do i & E what the best approach for either the council or bristow and sutor
  3. yes she recieves single person discount yes she recieve notice of court and yes to the notice
  4. The Liability order is for £834 Council tax is not a joint one as she is living with her 3 kids She recieves working tax credit and housing benefit. Car she has out side is only scrap value lucky if the 200 quid in it
  5. Yesterday morning my Mrs had a visit from a enforcement agent demanding payment of a council tax debt. They have included a enforcement stage fee of £235.. no van turned up just an old man who is demanding she pays £99 pound a week and giving her till Monday to make a first payment. She is classed as a single parent and paying £100 a week will stop her from putting food on the table. Luckily she didnt let them in and he has handed her a notification of enforcement visit given her til 6 pm monday to make payment. what she can do is pay about 35 a week to clear the debt not sure how to tackle this so your help needed where to start please.. hope you got enough informatiion
  6. ok managed to get the council to agree a new repayment scheme even though B & S are not willing to talk to her of which is now 20 per week. we have treid to get the council to take the debt back on rather then have it with B & S any idea on how to do this
  7. Hi, Im here on behalf of a friend who needs some help. Bailiffs turn up today to remove her car or sieze her car s they call it. She owes about £400 previous years council tax and 800 for this years. She has been making payments of 10 per week to the bailiff but did not realize that that plan was only in effect for 11 weeks she has been paying this since Jan 12th paying back 360 in total. Bailiffs added 230 pound for their call today which is outrageous. I have told her to go to the council tomorrow, she is a single mother and offer to make a payment each week along along with proof that she has been trying to clear the arrears. Just need advise on where to go next? Thanks in advance T thanks
  8. I have never enjoyed making a phone call so much in all my life. I called the field agent up after her being quite rude to me yesterday. I told i would be making a payment bery soon and she wasnt interested in that she jsut wanted to come into my home. Anyhow i let her make an appointment for monday, found out from you guys on here what rights i had. Then called her to say i ahd to cancell the appointment cause i cant attend she started telling me that she had to get in the house to value it. i told her she would have to get a court order to do that and she laughed and said ok i will then put the phone down on me. I love it when i win a conversation. I then phoned up my mortgage lender sorted the arrears out and an agreement i have to say BM are very helpful, you get into trouble as long as you can make an arrangemtn and try and stick to it they are pretty good..although i ahve broken agrangements before and not made contact with them and then contacted them and also sorted everything out with out letting things get out of hand. Have to say well done to BM
  9. I thought as much. Many thanks. I will enjoy calilng them up and tell her to get lost
  10. HI, My mortgage has fallen into arrears, however i ahve been bad and not been in touch with my mortgage company how ever in a stage now where in the next couple of month i will clear everything off. However this field agent called me on behalf of BM stating that she need to come into my home and do my a full budget statement. i have agreed to meet her on monday, but im not deciding against the idea might just tell her to clear off. Im going to pay a lump some off in the next day or so.. i just looking for a little advice before i do any of it. I got suspect if i got through with this that the bank will have information on me to take me to court etc and try and reposes so i dont want to give them the opertunity. Any advice will be gratfeull Thanks
  11. I have a similar problem with these cowboys. Im under a 30 day deffered reposesion order as long as i keep payment up... but i need to change the date from the 1st to the 7th and they blatenly refuse.
  12. He goes the full story...... I took out the contract with Vodaphone was £35 a month after the initial 12 months i reduced the contract to £20 a month. My bills never went much over the limit, if they did they was only a couple of quid over and that was it. I always had the amount in my account to cover the bil until one day wher ei get a phone call saying that i owe £150 for my last months bill after suffering the shock i asked for an itemised bill as i had not made many calls i was then told i had made a few calls abroad.. which i know for a fact that i did not do this. Voda sent me the itemised bill and i returned the bill to then and a letter saying that these calls where not made abroad. They did not respond. I got another demand for payment. I then tried calling customer services on 2 occasions to cancel my contract. I was on hold for over an hour just to talk to some one. I have a witness to this as i was with my now ex girlfriend at the time, we was both sitting there and was quite disgust that no one could answer the phone in a an hour. I gave up trying to contact yourselves though phone and decided to write a letter, which i still have a copy of somewhere. Explaining that i have written on a previous occasion and that i tried getting in touch with them in regards to the matter of getting this bill sorted out and i wish to cancel my contract due to the lack of customer service. Once again i heard nothing, so i took out a new contract with a new company received another demand vodaphone cut me off. Didn't respond to my letters. I still been receiving final demands but refused to deal with them. I thought sod it ill let it go to court and ill produce everything i have and let a court decide it. However the last couple of months i have been getting harassed by their Solicitors Phone calls, text, letters. told them im in a duspute with vodaphone and you know what they are like they not interested unless they get paid. I thought i would have a look on here regarding another matter i had and come across the VODAPHONE WEB team. I thought i would email them first of all through the link they give on here. i kept it short and said i basically have a problem with your bailiff can some one get in touch with me. this was about 3-4 weeks ago and i heard absolutely nothing. So i thought sod it..i will post on here and see if i can get a response. Now let see if we can get to the bottom of this shame we have to make things PUBLIC on CAG before it gets dealt with though
  13. Thanks. I look forward to getting this resolved Can you get in touch with your Balif to get them to stop contacting while we sort this out
  14. received this number form an automated response 3342978
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