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  1. Oh, and the fella I emailed originally was Paul Smith, their compliance director, he passed it to someone else.
  2. Ok, so what I can gather, they're wrong in putting a default on the account in May 2015, when the actual date of default would have been much much earlier than that? And they should have sent a default notice? I'm not sure where to go with this now though. I had looked through a number of threads before posting...
  3. Hello, I got a copy of my credit report from Noddle, and say a default for a company called MyJar. I had no idea who they were, and the address registered I moved away from 2 years ago, so I was a bit confused. I wrote to the managing director, and he said that a colleague would be in touch. No one was in touch, so yesterday, I emailed back to ask that as they had not provided the information, could they remove the information from my credit file. Naturally, I got a reply within the hour. Oh they emailed on 30th December, have I checked my junk file? Anyway, the em
  4. The V5c had the correct address on it as I changed it when I changed my driving license.
  5. Thank you for replying! My main worry is the fact they are threatening to get someone round to break the locks. But if they're not legally allowed, then that's less of a worry. I contacted B&S about the council tax either at the end of last year, or the beginning of this to offer £10 per week, but they said it wasn't enough, and instead wanted something like £30. I've sent the agent another text asking if I should contact the office, and again he's tried to call (I'm not planning on talking to anyone over the phone!), but I've also emailed the office and copied in the counc
  6. Hello, I am in need of desperate help! When I returned home yesterday, I had a letter in my postbox from Bristow Sutor from one of the enforcement agents. From what I can see, I have had a PCN and an outstanding council tax bill from my previous home. The letter is notification that my goods now belong to the agent, and I'm not allowed to remove anything etc etc etc. One of the highlighted parts is that I will be liable for any fees for getting a locksmith to basically come and break into my house. Herein lies the problem. I live in a fully furnished rental prope
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