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  1. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your advice. I agree it is weird and unbelievable to say the least that I haven't seen any letters - mind you I think my reluctance is due to the fact that as I said above I can't rule out that a pile of post got shoved aside with junk mail at some point when I felt too ill to think straight - I would never knowingly ignore something like this but I may have done so without realising, something which sadly, I am very good at doing when my physical and mental health issues are at their worst. This has definitely got me doubting myself! I think I shall call the council first thing in the morning, and see what they say. I wish I had done so on Friday when I had the visit but I was in too much of a panic to think straight. I have not heard back from the hire company but I can call them too in the morning. Thanks again.
  2. Possibly, although as I said above I’m sure I would have put it on display, but I can’t be sure. Im not necessarily disputing the debt; I’m just trying to find a way of dealing with the bailiff and understand my rights in this situation.
  3. I was living at this address, and my driving licence has my current address on it. I remember signing paperwork that mentioned an administration charge but I don’t recall one leaving my account (I would need to double check that though). I have had multiple issues with post at this address, so it’s entirely possible that at some stage letters were sent and delivered elsewhere - I’m always getting post for other house numbers (it’s a very long road and I try to redeliver these letters to the correct address but I’m assuming not everyone does!). I have complained to Royal Mail but nothing has happened. I’ve missed hospital appointments and gas bills etc but it makes me wonder what I’ve missed that I’m not aware of. I was also facing being evicted by my landlord due to having pets and at the time the stress of that caused me a great deal of anxiety and worsened my health issues- and my cognitive ability suffers a lot when this happens. I’ve searched through old paperwork to see if I missed a letter, or if my career put post away somewhere and I never saw it (which also happened a lot, one of many reasons I no longer have carers!) but can’t find anything yet. this is an aside and doesn’t exempt me from fines, I realise! My main concern though is that this guy is not very pleasant and I do not have the £423 to pay him on Monday. How can I deal with him? Even if I can get somewhere by contacting the hire company etc etc I can’t see that the bailiff will be happy with this as a response. He terrified my upstairs neighbour yesterday and I don’t want to worry them either, and I also know that my health will seriously suffer if I’m worrying about a knock at the door at any moment. Essentially, I’m not so much looking to get out of the debt (although if I could this would be great of course), more find a way of paying it that doesn’t involve losing my tv etc... Errr, no. Not at all. Not sure of the relevance, but I was on the M25 and the changing speed limits caught me out (60 to 50, etc etc). I had slowed down but wasn’t sure if I had slowed down in time. I returned to driving last year after a long period of not driving and was regaining my confidence on the motorway, hence I remember this incident - it was my first time on the M25 since they introduced the variable speed limits and it was a tough journey! I’ve never had any fines or points on my licence ever before.
  4. I am going to do this, I’m just not sure what it will change, if anything? I definitely remember signing something saying I was responsible for any fines whilst I had the car (I remember this because I thought I’d gotten caught speeding but I hadn’t been- or at least not that I know of!!) so either way it would be down to me to resolve?
  5. Hi all, I'm new here but have long known about this forum and it's expertise. I've found myself in a bit of a rubbish situation so hoping someone can offer some advice beyond the basics that I've googled. Brief history- I am disabled, live alone, not working due to illness (mental health issues too). Yesterday I was in bed poorly when someone knocked at the door. It was an enforcement agent from Bristow and Sutor. Apparently I had a parking fine issued by South Gloucestershire council last summer. Looking at the date, number plate and location of the fine (which I had to ask him to show me) I had a hire car for a short period of time (whilst waiting for motability car) and parked on a restricted parking zone. I am certain I would have displayed my blue badge but I can't prove that now? I knew nothing about this charge until the bailiff arrived yesterday! He said they sent a letter on 24/01/18 but I haven't received one. Apparently that would have given me more options and the £235 wouldn't have been added on at that stage The amount owed is £423.00, including an enforcement charge of £235. I can't see a breakdown of costs other than that. The piece of paper he gave me says 'Notification of Enforcement Visit' and 'warrant of control'. He wrote on it that I have to call him before 4pm on Monday to make full payment or discuss this with him. Apparently I can't call B&S direct now. Now, despite not having a notice about this fine before, the date and time and location points to it being me (I looked back, and I definitely had the car then and it's a street I often park on), so I'm willing to accept that I owe the money but my questions/points are... 1. I do not have anything like the £423 to pay them. I could spare about £75 out of my housing benefit when it lands on Monday and worry about the rent later, but the full amount is out of the question. I'm struggling to eat and pay bills as it is (rent higher than housing benefit will cover, my husband left me last year so I'm on a single benefits income etc etc etc) 2. I have a blue badge and my car is a motability car, so not mine- they can't take that, is that correct? 3. I did not let him into my property (in my dazed and shocked state I somehow remembered that) but if he visits again I'm sure he'll knock at my landlord's door next door and there is a possibility he will likely let him in. He's not a great guy, but also not very clued up and would probably freak out at the sight of a bailiff and feel it's his responsibility 4. Do I count as vulnerable due to my health issues, and what does this mean? What consideration do they have to give me? 5. At this point, if I call and offer £100 and then a weekly payment arrangement, are they obliged to accept or negotiate this, should I pay the £100 anyway first thing Monday? 6. If I do make a payment arrangement, does this mean I have to let them into my property and let them take an inventory? I guess I just want to know the best course of action to resolve it as quickly as possible and without losing my stuff or opening my home up to a stranger, I panic at strange people coming to my house at the best of times. I'm feeling very ashamed at having gotten myself into this mess in the first place and my anxiety levels have shot through the roof but I'm trying to keep calm and figure out what to do. Any advice would be much appreciated- I think I've given plenty of detail here but can provide more if needed. The terrible irony is that had I got this fine last year, I had some savings due to my divorce and would have easily been able to pay it Thanks for reading!
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