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  1. Yes I got a lashing on MSE, not really sure why, and then some of my replies removed by admin, I only wanted to know if this is a common issue before I contact BG, I did get onto a chat with an agent and was promised an email by end of day, still not heard anything, I will ring them tomorrow when I have some time off. I have received no bills, I have email statements, which I didn't really bother with because I thought it was all rolling along, the meter was read in October so the balance would be accurate - MSE people seems to think I am trying to
  2. I set up DD with British Gas I think back in early 2019, I have a specific bank account just for all of my direct debits, I transfer money in each month and let it roll on, I don't really examine it so I didn't realise that British gas have not taken any direct debits, I have a larger balance with them than when I set it up, I have had no letters from them but I did find hundreds of emails from them in my spam folder, all the same, basically saying there is a technical error on their side, they couldn't take the DD but all sorted now and they will retry, these a
  3. I was late starting my PPi claims, I honestly thought I never had any. I have now received letters from 3 companies (MBNA, Halifax, Citi) saying I had and they have sent me questionairres to complete and return. Is it advisable to complete these? are there any tips for maximizing my chances of a successful claim? will not returning them delay my claim or go against me? Is there any way of calculating what the possible refund could be? if I knew the card balance and how old the account was? for example if I had a £3500 credit card balance with MBNA 20 years ago? Thank yo
  4. I have a CCJ on my file which was paid in full a couple of years ago but not showing as satisfied, Who is responsible for updating the record? I know the record will stay there for 6 years, less than 3 years left but am I right in thinking because it shows as owing it will affect my rating?
  5. My wife has received a Parking Charge Notice for a hotel car park, she was meeting a friend in the car park, her friend went into the hotel to use the toilet but that was it. The notice states 38 minutes onsite and has photos of the car. She cant remember seeing any signs on entry but I will check later as its quite local. She never actually left her car, the keys stayed in the ignition and the door remained open, so technically was the car actually "parked" The fee is £100 reduced to £60 if paid by tomorrow. Can anything be done about this?
  6. Sorry for the late response, been at work. How much was the debt when you agreed a payment arrangement with Bristow & Sutor? approx £1200 I am assuming that your repayment agreement is weekly based? Yes How many weekly payments have you missed? 4 Has a visit ever been made to your premises? Yes, once, no mention of fee, just set up a new arrangement, took less than 3 minutes. All conducted on the street. When I spoke to B&S the chap said the arrangement had been cancelled, but I logged in and it was still there just showing arrears, so I made a payment, If the
  7. I have a balance from last years council tax which I had been paying Bristow and Sutor on an arrangement but I have missed a few weeks. I have paid about half the debt. Had a call saying full balance due, I explained I cant but no joy really. I called the council and their balance differs by about £200 so I assume its fees. I offered to pay council direct and they said they will accept payment but B&S own the debt. Council cant agree an arrangement. What can I do to stop B&S coming out to the property and do I have to pay their fees? I fully intend to pay what
  8. Thanks for the help, I haven't done it yet, is that on the link in post #91? I don't know the date of my last payment on the Capital One card but it was 2007/2008
  9. it says CALLING CARD A county court bailiff called today in connection with an outstanding debt owed to CABOT FINANCIAL LTD (CAPITAL ONE) A warrant of execution for non-payment of debt to the value of X has been issued. You have failed to pay the above amount as ordered under the notice previously sent to you. Please contact............... If you fail to contact the court or bailiff regarding the outstanding debt, goods can be levied and removed from your property to be sold at public auction. Any cots incurred for the removal and sale of goods will be added to th
  10. I came home today to find a calling card from a bailiff, it actually says Cabot(Capital one) so not citicards or Opus
  11. Long story but I had a lot of things going on with family and health etc. I know I dropped the ball. Is there anything I can do now?
  12. Thanks, I'm sorry or multiple threads. The CCJ was obtained in January This year The last payment I made was in September 2007 The credit card was originally Associates, then Citi and then Opus
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