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  1. Not a problem, more than happy to donate to keep this going. Thanks again!
  2. Slick, after reading your response I put together an account of what had happened and signed the email off with exactly the above. After 2 year I can finally put an end to this!! They've recalled the case, advised CRS to stop pursuing me for arrears and accepted the cancellation apologising for the inconvenience Your help and advice is massively appreciated! So glad this is sorted, cannot thank you enough!
  3. Hi Slick Thanks for the quick reply! The last time they chased me I was dealing with Spratt Endicott. This time it's CRS so wasn't sure if I should write to them inviting court action?? I tweeted Xcersize for less again yesterday and they've asked me to email them member.enquiries@xercise4less.co.uk How would you approach this? Cheers
  4. Hello again Over a year later and I've now received a new letter in my new home, this time from CRS They now state the balance is £207 with an added £36 for tracing me and have demanded payment within 7 days. Your advice would be greatly appreciated Kind Regards
  5. Thanks for your replies So if I were to find out exactly how much is owed to the council, could I then pay them directly and in full? I just don't want thing hanging around my neck - I would like to have an ombudsman involved to review the case and settle it as I don't trust the council but I fear that once I make myself known to them its just going to lead to me being hassled by the bailiff company
  6. Hello I have received an email from Bristow and Sutor that looks like spam but it caught my attention purely because it is addressed to myself and my ex. After looking up the company online I am certain it will be due to council tax arrears from 2012. At the time we we’re living together, sharing with another couple. We called the local council, we wrote to the council and I even sent a bankers draft in the post with a letter explaining that we would like to start payments etc and we received an acknowledgement. But after months of trying to pay we got nowhere, even the landlord trie
  7. done exactly on twitter (although I haven't used it for over a year) his and not even a reply haha
  8. Thanks again Slick/DX I'll keep you posted if there's any more movement. Surely some authority must be checking these forums to see how these companies operate? For everyone that stands their ground there must be plenty of people that get fall for it?
  9. Hello, its been a while! I sent the letter and heard nothing since from Spratt Endicott however I have received a text this week whilst on holiday from Harlands... Dear member, Harlands have now passed your account to a third party debt collector. To arrange a settlement figure please call us on 0113.. Not sure what to do next? Send Harlands a copy of the same letter? Thanks again
  10. Thanks, very much appreciated, I'll send the letter and keep you posted. what would you expect will be their next move?
  11. Hi I’ve read a few posts on here but would really appreciate some advice please? Around this time last year there was a fire in my apartment block and the whole thing burnt down. Without going into too much detail, I lost everything, only recently getting some normality back. At the time of it happening I dealt with all kinds of bills and redirecting mail etc. The most insignificant thing was the Xercise4Less Gym membership. I went into the gym, spoke to a girl on reception and explained that I had relocated miles away so need to cancel. She told me not to
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