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  1. Homer67 Could I ask why you suggest not to sign the letter and in the hope that they do not have our address would you also leave it off the letter but add the land line number as they already have this. Thank you
  2. Disgruntled2007 The illness my husband suffers with his COPD and Arthritis. Homer67 Thank you for your advice which I will follow and let you know the outcome. I have tried to block their number via Virgin Media but they do not class it as a nuisance call only PPI etc.
  3. Bristow and Sutor are calling our home regularly. It's a recorded message for my son who does not live at this address nor has he ever lived here. The problem is that my husband is poorly in bed and the phone ringing disturbs him. We normally get very few calls. When they ring they give the case number three times but unfortunately I suffer with Arthritis in my fingers and I am not quick enough to write it down. There is no regular time for these calls otherwise I would arrange for someone to be here to get the case number. I have tried to get a web chat with the company but keep being told to
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