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  1. Thanks Andy, Is the best way to ask UU over the phone or email? As i am a sole earner for my family and currently only get part time hours, would i be eligible for the costs to be reduced or free due to my income if UU decline the offer to "set aside" Ill start my investigation process tomorrow. Again thanks for the help and ill try not bother you to much
  2. Hi Andy, Yes it was sent to our old address. Thats the conversation that we had with them, but they assured us that they would amend it. No Further bill them came, so i assumed it was quarterly they changed it to. In my mistake i never chased them back up from the original call we had. I imagine the entire water bill for the 4 months we where there would be would be £150 max.
  3. Thanks for the informative answer. I am young Father with two Children one 2 and one new born, I have slowly turned my financial affairs in order, taken council tax back and nearly have paid the local council what i ran up when I was younger. I am worried i have a old mobile phone contract chasing me up, at the time they would not enter a repayment plan with me. If they apply for a CCJ from what you said above i take it no matter the amount they cant enforce this? I want to pay them back, but there making it hard. As for the CCJ ill make the application as i nev
  4. thanks for the information. Just watching a program if you cant pay we will take it away. With a CCJ can the company get a high court writ! scared out my seat now
  5. Hi all, Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place. Things have been looking good over the last few months, i would check my credit score which was never great but was slowly improving and I have just checked and I have a CCJ on my credit score from united utilities! It says we owed them £700! we rented a house for a few months, i feel like the debt has been totalled by the next tenants that moved in and we have been left the bill. As I new nothing about this is there anything i can do to stop this and defend myself? thanks all for your help.
  6. As you had already submitted your complaint, we should have only re-served the Attachment of Earnings Order on account 70812390 and not served a new one on account 70164313. I have now sent a letter to employer2 advising them to discharge the Order on account 70164313. Thanks for the reply. From looking at a previous pay slip. The council have 1 attachment of earnings then HMRC have one for anow old crisis loan. As I now have two can two could the council at a third? From this statement Sounds like they only have 1, they could not continue from my last empl
  7. Hi all just a quick update. I have managed to speak to someone in the council and have been told that someone who is "high up" will "try" speak to me Monday. I am going to try summarize why and what information i have that proves the council could be held liable for or what circumstances they have ignored. I want to put across i want to continue to pay the debt and could the council re-take back the debt. Thanks all again for all the help.
  8. Hi all, Sorry if this is the wrong section as I am in complaint stage with the council however its about Bristow And Sutor! Last month I made a post regarding Cheshire county council sending Bristow and Sutor to the door, for non payment of previous council tax from some years ago and the direct earnings attachment they have on me. The basic post from last month was: Low Income household (2 adults 1 child aged 2, 1 adult working part time) Direct earnings attachment of £110 per month on £700 a month wage# 3 liability orders in my name and some in partners Demanding we als
  9. Hi all, Went to the council today and they started off unhelpful but i think a manager overheard and did lots of work for me to try resolve it. They have asked me to get an email into the complaints department. which outlines my concerns and why they should take ownership of the debt, this will also freeze any further action at this stage. I have 4 Liability orders Total of £1429. The direct earnings attachment has brought one liability order down from £997 to £331 and soon should be clear. Thanks all for your time.
  10. I only work part and my partner does not work due to the baby. My average monthly take home is £800. We get housing benefit, working tax credits and child benefit. The direct earnings attachment ment is 20% of my take-home. I have ajusted our family budget because of this 20% deduction and it's now impossible to pay any more, but they pass this on to these bailiffs
  11. I have a car cost less than £800 which I use for work, I don't want them to take it. I will go to the council tomorrow morning, I have a small child and partner that are at home I don't want them harrasing them, as far as I was concerned they take allot of money me, with the direct earnings attachment. Hope anyone can advise what I should ask the council to do. Thanks in advance
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