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  1. I know it cannot be listed as well as dining table with chairs, lol But we said that in CAB and of course they agreed but nothing else, no advice what we can do about it. I just se I can find the answer on this helpful forum...I don't really know how much is it worth, I would put the picture of listed goods here as I have it in this laptop but don't know how? So You would see and maybe estimate this but the problem is that these things are really old, they from car boot taken by our friend 2 years ago and brought to us. I don't have idea what does mean "nulla bona"
  2. Oh I understand then, thank You. Can I find somewhere a template how to do an official complain? And how I need to send it? Via post, e-mail? I however still dont understand why we should have court costs? If Council took our case to the court, then we pay the costs simply, so why if its opposite we have to pay? And its against only the 1 person. Maybe I just not live in real world but there is no logic to me. I will write the complain for sure because the listed goods are unfair and in the future I dont wanna have a problem with that...
  3. Thank You for Your honesty. I am happy with paying £5 every week but thinking about the future what if the benefits stop very soon and we still be without work? We live on the Island where work i more likely to find on summer season. And I just have black thoughts. I obviously know that the only person, who can find the work is my partner because You have no idea how much times I applied and where I have been from last few months and people not even answer me, they just leave me without any answer, not even negative. So, what then if we will stay with nothing? JSA is only for 6 months and then it just stops. As I good understand as long as we will be paying for B&S its ok but if we stop, then EA come back for listed goods yes? And it will never stop until we pay all sum, is that right? The problem is that I dont agree with the listed goods he made and in CAB they said he was not allowed to list some of them. For example the microwave is old but still working but the dining table is really moving and damaged and can just drop in 1 moment. On the agreement it says that if we will dispose or remove listed goods then imprisonment will occur. I would like to show this document here as I did photo but have no idea how, I thought it will be easy just upload from this laptop but I cant. So, if something from listed goods will drop, stop working or I dont know what else, we have to keep in for example in parts? I mean the dining table mainly because its look like it will broke soon. So we cant throw it away, we have to keep parts? Otherwise we are going to the prison? And the fact that he listed dining table with chairs and microwave, which is the only 1 thing to heat up food is ok?? These things shouldt be listed and I dont just understand how it works...
  4. Thank You for Your kind words. We have been in the morning and the good news are that the lady (from Money Advice Service) called to B&S and explained our situation and they had to agree with no choice that we will be paying them £5 per week. This is funny how easy that was for her. Because people with power can do everything and I as a "grey mass" contacted B&S so many times to reduce the monthly payment and they never accept that. It just shows that without power/uniforms/labels, etc can do EVERYTHING. I'm sorry for blaming because this is quite good news as she reduced our payment from £200 to £20 monthly, and I am happy with that but it's just low mood, which doesn't allow me to accept certain things. We explained as You wrote about jail threatening, about listed goods (dining table with chairs and microwave), about EA's visit in our neighbour and about force entry in first visit and she agreed that he is not allowed to do these things but that's it. No action, no advice what to do next? Because to be honest we don't wanna leave this like that. Me and my partner, we are just live like zombies because of that situation. She didn't answer when I asked what we can do about it? It's not just about jail, which btw was the most horrible thing I experienced but many other. That specialist is however from Money Advice Service, so maybe she just care only about debts, which I can understand but in CAB the man, which we explained this - he also didn't say how we can complain officially or something like that...why? She also is in e-mail contact with Electricity, so hopefully this will also bring good news. But what next? We feel mentally damaged by this guy (EA), so I must live with that with knowledge that he will continue to do these terrible things to other people and families?
  5. Hello, thank You for being here and asking We been in CAB in Thursday and now they know the case but advisor told that is too big and difficult case and we have tomorrow another appointment but this time with specialist. So all he explained to us is that EA cannot put us to the jail but because we invited him the first time and he listed our "goods", he can FORCE ENTRY anytime. That was not good news for me to be honest. Also advisor called to EA because we have his mobile number and he told that we are complaining against him and what EA said is that Bristow and Sutor just hired him to do his work and he is not from Bristow and Sutor and he is a bailiff. If I'm good understand but thats strange, so B&S don't have their own EA's? I am not really sure if I good understand but advisor said that the case is still with B&S and he don't know if we will be able to bring back our debts to Council. Last hope is tomorrow with that specialist.. we will see. But for me its really complicated. I don't get it, if EA was only hired to come to us and now he can still go back for goods and he can force entry? I'm sorry I mentioned little bit about private life, which caused the situation we live right now but I explained it only because some people like to judge others even if they have no idea what was happened and for many people something is black or white but never grey. According to Your comment about listing goods - EA actually listed them but maybe You mean the next step? I have really problem to be focus and trying to understand everything, I'm sorry but english it's not my first language, even if I live 5 years in UK I know english but lately my brain just not working properly. I need to add that for tomorrow appointment we have to fill up documents, where we show how much money we have. That will be really fun part, and I'm gonna do that now
  6. Thanks for that! I will try with it now and let know if it will be approved or not. Unfortunately I must wait till Thursday...just new negative letters. Jobcentre just shifted our appointment from Wednesday to Thursday, which means waiting longer for Citizen... They also sent letter with deductions from our benefit. From £209 it dropped to £184 (they started take crisis loan, which we had 4 years ago). I counted that till next benefit (from this upcoming Monday: 2 weeks) we have to pay for tickets 4 times for 2 people, which will be £56 just for tickets (opening day for hotel work, appointment, signing day and another opening work day), so I am pretty sure we will not even pay £100 in Monday to B&S. The idea what came to my mind is if the EA will visit us again is: - if we will be at home maybe we should call the police but especially close to door that he can hear us? - if we will not be at home, then is possibility that he will open door because last time I was hold the key. I am afraid that we will back one day this upcoming week and everything will be taken...our basics. And i'm not sure if he will get our flat he can automaticly charge us again for £220????? We also received warning bill from electricity (pay £1200 now, lol) I wrote to them last month 2 times and no answer, just letters. Can we also mention in Citizen about electricity, do they help manage bills? It will be our first time in Citizen Bureau and I don't know what to expect, are they helpful? Maybe someone here would ask how is possible we have so many debts...Well is extremely long and difficult story but I just wanna say that 2 years ago I had great opportunity to build my career in the best Hotel in the Island...I was looking pretty good (they expect people looking good for this hotel). But I have thyroid problems and to manage weight I have to eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are expensive. I eat only bread and cheap noodles from last 2 years, which made me gain 60 kilos. Cheap processed food is horrible for healthy people, so imagine how unhealthy people react for that kind of food. Well...just ONE person destroyed us (my partner's mother), she destroyed us financially, mentally and physically at the same time. I changed in just 2 years from quite fit woman into fat, horrible looking old person (i look like average homeless person but x 3 worse)... I can't find work. People looking at me and laugh. I don't even have a jacket. I had to explain just a little bit, sorry. So, should I contact B&S again in Monday?
  7. When EA visited us we was without JSA and HB because we was waiting for decision. So, not money at all at the time when he was here. We showed him the letter from Jobcentre about more proofs, which we needed to bring. So, he knew that. Well, maybe he can't come with special key but I believe he will do that because this will be his second visit. First visit when I was alone he tried unlock door with a key or something like that but I was hold and push back my key from inside hiding myself, so I felt how he tried push out my key from outside and open the door. The prison threat made us really down. We believed he will call the police and we will go straight away to jail for 90 days.... Worst experience ever.
  8. I don't have a cooker and oven. Only Microwave. I have landline for Talk Talk Internet but no phone. Mobile phone we have for pay as You go card (giffgaff). These items listed are also very old, damaged...they really worthless. I was surprised he listed them. I proposed them £100 because of fear of course.. I just knew they will not accept any lower offer. I didn't answered yet for their e-mail about paying £142 in 12/01/16. I think I will pay £100 in Monday but will I avoid EA?
  9. Thank You for advice. I will have an appointment in local Citizen Bureau because I was with my partner in Council yesterday to speak about debts and the lady said, there is anybody responsible here to talk about debts because of cuts...she gave us number to call but we don't have credits on phone... I hope Citizen will help in Wednesday... Where exactly should I send complaint? Can in be e-mail? And yes, we have council tax benefit now but this is for our current address for time when we have benefits. The debt, which B&S have now is from 3 previous addresses...
  10. Thank You for You advice. I know now I made mistake but on the other site - what If we are at home and talking and for example he will come again, start knocking and will try unlock the door like last time? He will hear us and what should we do? Maybe its stupid question but I just don't get it and have no idea what to do. What if we not open and he will open the door with his "special key"? Yes, he listed things, I just checked what he listed, so: - dinner table and chairs - TV and TV stand - xbox 360 + some games - dvd player and dvd's - microwave - dressing table with mirror So he didn't listed washing machine, fridge-freezer and 2 mattresses. I need to add that we don't have any cooker or oven, so microwave its the only 1 thing, where we can heat something. Also tv, tv stand, dvd, dvd's, xbox and games are not even our because when we moved here, they just been. We didn't bought any furniture as well. Even that microwave it's not ours. Only dressing table with mirror we bring here with some clothes. We have only 1 dinner table with 2 festival chairs (from carboot) and listed that, so if he will take everything what he listed it's all worth no more than 50 pounds in my opinion. Everything its old, damaged or not working (like xbox). About the payment, it's not possible to make any payment until Monday. We will get Jobseekers: £209 for 2 weeks. But because we starving so much I e-mailed to debt enquiries to local Citizen Bureau Advice because we will have direct appointment in Wednesday, so it's too late. I need to know as soon as possible what to do in Monday. Before I posted my case on this forum I looked into other similar topics and many advices, I found that people with B&S should not send them any payment, instead they should start to make payments directly into Council even if they not yet agreed to take back our debts. I don't even know if they will take it... And of course I provided B&S informations about our "income" and I do it every time when I e-mail to them. I just did some pictures from Jobcentre and Council about Housing Benefit and Jobseekers Allowance to proof that but I am not sure if it will help. The problem is I would do anything to get debts back into Council. I really don't wanna struggle with B&S anymore. Also pictures are very bad quality (done by Nokia C3: btw why he didn't listed our "super luxury" "smart" phone?
  11. I would like to ask for any advice about enforcement agent, Bristow & Sutor (B&S). 3 months back B&S enforcement agent was in my rented house for the first time and tried to get into by locked door but I was alone at home as my partner was in Medical Centre at this time and I didn't opened. EA also been in my neighbour to get- I suspect - information about us because she let him in (we have non-friendly "relation" with neighbour). I didn't opened because of fear, I thought that was crime, I haven't had idea that was agent from Council, he left letter with his mobile number AFTER trying to get into house. I also struggle with deep depression and not open anybody at all when I'm alone, so I waited for my partner and after he was back, we sent text message to agent for making a new visit where we are both at home because we was scary: he knocked the door, windows very aggressive... Enforcement agent came in next day and said that we have to pay £360 straight away or he will call the police and we will go to the prison for 90 days. We was scary so much that I started to cry. My partner said that we are unable to pay now (believe or not we didn't had any pound in pocket), but we suspect to have money in Monday (that was Thursday 5th of October) and unfortunately an agent didn't agreed to wait until Monday for £360 payment and repeated again that we will be arrested RIGHT NOW if we will not pay TODAY (5th of October). At that time we were dealing with the decision from Jobcentre Plus about our Jobseekers Allowance, which we claimed about 3 weeks before as well as from Council about Housing Benefit. We already had letter from DWP about providing more proofs and documents to be able to get benefit, so in the time when enforcement agent been in our rented house we didn't even had any penny. We struggled with living expenses waiting for benefits (starving). Also, what is even more important my partner was seriously ill - pneumonia diagnosed by GP and taking antibiotics as well as waiting to have some money to get into Hospital to have blood test and X-Ray as doctor even suspected lung cancer, which means we both was very depressed and extremely stressed out about his condition at the moment as well as our whole life threatening situation. Even that our situation was like that: - without ANY money - unemployed - without any luxury goods, which an agent could take (all we have is old tv worth no more than £10, washing machine, microwave, fridge-freezer, old and damaged xbox 360, old table and 2 summer cheap chairs, 2 double mattress without bed and dressing table with mirror: that's all and he listed everything) - with serious health condition in my partner and depression in my case, which we informed of course - waiting for benefits ...this didn't stop the agent from threatening us about calling the police right now and being arrested if we not pay £360 now. Which is completely out of my mind, if I don't have any penny how I can pay £360 right now? We was so scary that my partner desperately sent text message to his previous colleague from job (he was working in restaurant before we claimed for benefits), who is not even a friend about lending us £360 as soon as possible because if not we are going to jail and he was so kind to borrow us that money the same day... After taking borrowed money from us, enforcement agent made a payment plan without even asking how we can be able to pay that amount, which we are unable to reasonably afford. He made this plan in moment where we was without any money that we have to pay first payment £100 and then £200 every month. This offer is to high for us but we were very scared and too stressed out about going to the prison that we didn't even tried to negotiate any lower payments. We have made our first payment on 4th of December - £100 and from this day were constantly asking to keep that amount because we are struggle even with that amount. Our debt now after paid £360 is £1700 from our 3 previous addresses. We are unable to make £200 every month. Our benefits for both of us are: - Jobseekers Allowance: £419.40 monthly for both of us - Housing Benefit: £328.12 monthly for our landlord's account straight away, which means we not have these money physically (our monthly rent is however: £495, so we actually should pay the remaining amount to our landlord, which is: £167 monthly, which means we will have £252.40 for both of us per month and if we have to pay for Bristow & Sutor £200 monthly, we will have 52.40 PER MONTH for both of us, which means is £13 weekly for living expenses and not paying other bills at all). We are genuinely struggling to pay this years tax on time but we are willing to pay: we just expect understanding our situation and give us chance to pay small amounts. Going to the prison will not resolve the problem, it will make it worse. We are now on benefits and we borrowed a laptop from our colleague and trying to improve our situation by freelancer jobs and my partner considering to start self employment if his work start to bring earnings. Letting EA to our house was mistake I think because we had worsen this problem. Could You please take any advice, what to do? We would like to back our debt into Council again but do they take it? Should I write about that to Council as well? Because I am actually in contact with B&S via their contact form, which allow me to put only 250 characters... They answered that they are unable to reduce the monthly instalments. Here is their e-mail: "In regards to your arrangement we have offered you the maximum time to clear the balance and are therefore unable to reduce the monthly instalments. Failure to comply with the arrangement will result in further recovery action being taken against you and you will be liable for any additional costs incurred. We trust this clarifies the matter." Yesterday was our second date to pay £200. We didn't had it obviously, so I contacted via this short form with 250 characters and sent them 4 of them that I am asking for keep the amount £100, which is still unbelievable high for us at the moment, we are still unemployed. My partner is going to doctor next Wednesday and we will know the results of his lungs, he is feeling really bad and lost much weight as he don't eat not only because we have very little but also he lost appetite. We are living now in extremely life threatening time, I am so depressed that I'm looking for suicide methods in internet because I'm so afraid going to the jail. Here is the fresh answer from B&S: "We acknowledge receipt of you recent emails, the contents of which have been noted. We must advise, however, that in respect to the two accounts we hold, both have a liability order that has been granted through Isle of Wight Magistrates Court. Once a liability order has been granted the balance, including costs, becomes legally due in full. Bristow and Sutor are under no legal obligation to set an arrangement and if we go it must be within our strict client guidelines. In light of the above we must advise that your proposal of payment is still unacceptable as it is not within our guidelines. Notwithstanding of the above, we have referred your proposal of payment, along with your current circumstances, to our client. We now await their instruction and once we are advised further we will update yourself accordingly. In the meantime we urge you to maintain the existing arrangement and will allow until 12.01.16 to make a payment of £142.76 to bring the arrangement up to date. We trust this clarifies the situation. Yours faithfully" I am very sorry for that long post, I don't even believe if someone will read that but I cannot focus and think properly to make it shorter, I just have huge brain fog. I will appreciate any advices and help. Thank You in advance.
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