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  1. Thank you so much Dx I will definitely do the spreadsheet, thank you for the pointers and help with the spreadsheet. Regards IM
  2. Thanks Dx, but I don't have any statements and neither have they provided me with any despite the CPR requests.... there are definitely charges on it as it's over the credit limit. Regards IM
  3. My income & expenditure is done...
  4. For the mediation in the morning, i was thinking of the following approach, reduce the claim amount as it definitely has charges including interest, if they agree to my proposed amount then to do a payment plan and to remove the claim from court. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards, IM
  5. Hi Dx Thanks for getting back to me, appreciate it. I did mention earlier in my thread that I hadn't received hardly any document from them except the few letters on post #58. Your posts #69 & #74 suggested we could still do negotiations in mediation... as to minimise the damage i.e. CCJ plus costs etc. They have clearly failed on both CPR requests too. Regards, IM
  6. Hi DX I haven't received the agreement from them, any documents they sent are attached to post #58. IM
  7. Hi Honeybee No, I will check the link now, thank you IM
  8. Hi all My mediation is on Tuesday morning, any advice would be very helpful. Many thanks IM
  9. Yes Dx, I know exactly what I had ordered and when.... Yes, I want the least amount of damage, so maybe the mediation is the route to go... IM
  10. I can't see no transaction history or full statements just the balance.... Yes it must have late charges/over limit charges added clearly..... as the balance is over the credit limit.... IM
  11. I'll check to see if I can still log on..... IM I can still log on! The last statement it shows is for Aug 2016 but it's just for the outstanding balance same as the claim.... IM
  12. Hi Dx, The above account is about right of how it happened, but it wasn't interest free, it was on regular monthly payments if I remember correctly until I had my miscarriage and things got difficult... IM
  13. Thank you Dx & Andy for replying, I have to let the mediation team know by tomorrow (Tuesday). I understand that they can't expect me to have all the documents to hand as it's not a full on hearing in court, the debt allegedly is £700, if I go ahead with coming to an arrangement then I am in one respect accepting the debt... .. on the other hand if I let the mediation go and go through a full hearing there is that 50:50 chance that they don't continue or I end up with more costs and a ccj... . so confused.. .. this account was only opened in Dec 2015.... IM
  14. Hi Dx Thanks for getting back to me, appreciate it. I get it why I have to say no to mediation as I haven't got the DN, etc, only an alleged letter to say they own the debt now and an alleged letter to say the the debt was assigned but none of them are on letter headed paper etc. Please see my previous post with the attached letters. (24th July) Really didn't want to go down the court route..... but it looks like I haven't got a choice.... Any advice would be highly appreciated. Regards, IM
  15. thanks Old Cogger, yes I haven't received much of the requested documents in my defence except those in my earlier post....... Why did they send the mediation process so soon if they know they haven't sent the requested documents.... Also in the letter they said they would rather come to an arrangement rather than go ahead with proceedings.... Do I just call the mediation line and tell them that I don't have the requested documents from them and the time has lapsed for both the CPR requests? Regards, IM
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