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  1. I think you should perhaps go elsewhere as you work hard for your money, it should be yours. Like you say - Most clubs take a fee for you to work, and then you earn as much as you are able/ willing to. Stringfellows use "Heaven vouchers" fake money - so you show what you've made and get paid your percentage of that. Minus any fees, fines etc. that seems like a fair way. Then you declare what you like Good luck with everything
  2. Hi just an update - the owner of the dealership has offered us £4000. I paid originally £5250. When questioned he stated that he can't give me the tax back as it's "not your money, or my money- it's the Tax man's!" Is he allowed to do that?! Surely it's a case of just putting a credit note through his accounts?
  3. Thanks for replying. Yes we paid £5250 - I paid the deposit on my debit card but the remaining 5k was in our savings account. I had to go home and send it by bacs as I didn't have my online banking details. Do you think that I am within my rights to demand that they give me my money back? Is there any part of the law that I can refer to to back up my case? I know they shouldn't have to help with the courtesy car - it's in the name I guess.... It's just that it would have saved us so much money. It would have been cheaper for me to arrange to repair the engine and pay myself! Th
  4. Hi I am hoping someone will be able to help me. My partner and I paid £5250 for a Nissan Navara pickup 54 plate just after Christmas. The vehicle is great for us as my partner is a gas engineer and he would be able to use the vehicle for work, and we would be able to fit our growing family in as we have dogs and a baby on the way (due April). It was the ideal replacement for his van, as I only have a small car on finance. We paid the money by bacs as the dealership requested, the same day - and as I'd negotiated a full service we went to pick it up a week later.
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