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  1. Evening. First I apologise for literally signing up to the forum and asking advice. I am unsure of what to do next. I am from Northern Ireland (UK), I traveled to the south of England to purchase a car off a small used car dealer on the 26/1/19. He has roughly 14 cars for sale at the minute. It is a 2010 Volvo C30 automatic/powershift. Full history with only 1 previous owner and 50k miles, cost me just over £5k. On the face of it the car it is very well presented, good bodywork, service history etc. 3 month warranty assist 'gold cover'. The first issue was on the 27/01/19. I was back in Northern Ireland at this stage. The steering would lock itself and not unlock, which would not let you start the vehicle. I had to leave the car in a petrol station forecourt and get it recovered later. Warranty company said, take it to any VAT registered garage to get assessed. I got it taken to a local Volvo franchise. I thought then 'perfect time to get the automatic gearbox serviced' as I thought the gearbox was a little jerky and noisy. I left it with Volvo to get a quote for the steering lock fault and a gearbox service that I was happily paying for. Volvo have since told me it needs a new gearbox as there is movement in some shaft that will be likely to fail at anytime. The gearbox alone is £4900 and the steering lock is £500. Warranty have refused to fix either of the faults and the dealer is saying he is only willing to replace the steering lock and the gearbox is still working ok, so it is just general wear and tear. I have not yet got any of these faults fixed as I do not want to keep the car with the gearbox that could let me down at any minute and warranty are not willing to cover it. Is this a genuine reason for rejection?
  2. I'm about to buy a (relatively) low cost item from a small-time online manufacturer who usually sell in large quantities to tradesmen. They have applied a 'low order fee' to make my order up to £50. Are they allowed to do that? (I suspect yes). I noticed in the Shopping Basket breakdown that VAT then also got applied to this fee - are they allowed to do that? Thanks.
  3. Hi guys I bought a car privately for £1500 cash for my girlfriend to use. She will be the registered keeper as this also makes the insurance cheaper. She will be the registered keeper and main and only user of the car. I withdrew the cash from my bank account and bought the car without any kind of receipt. How can i prove ownership in the event of a break up and i want to keep this car that i paid for? My girlfriend is aware of this so im not doing anything sneaky. If necessary i could ask the previous owner for a written receipt. thanks
  4. My problem now is. I've ordered a new VW T roc from my local VW dealer on PCP and paid £250 deposit. I've put my Golf in p/x which was also on PCP with a small amount of negative equity on it, which will be encompassed within the PCP agreement payments for the new car. I'm happy with the cost. The car is due for delivery in March. Last night I discovered the VW T roc owners forum on the internet and there are 19 pages of comments by disgruntled new T roc owners complaining of there new car kangarooing in 1st gear and some also in 2nd gear especially when the engines cold. Apparently it's only on VW's new 1.5 petrol engine which I have ordered. The same is happening on the Skoda and Seat cars using the same new 1.5 VW engine. These owners have taken there vehicles back to there respective dealers and they are unable to fix the problem. VW UK technical have got involved, sometimes they tell the owners they are not aware of any problem with the new engine, and sometimes say they are working on the problem and have been for months (they cant make there mind up which) A couple of new owners are going to reject the new cars and others have sold them early because of the fault. They are not happy because otherwise they really like the cars they have bought. However some owners don't appear to have kangarooing fault. My predicament is.....do I cancel the order and risk losing my £250 deposit, or keep it and take delivery. If I take the chance and take delivery, and it has the kangarooing fault can I reject it immediately within 30 days without giving the garage the chance to fix it (which it seems they cant as VW UK Technical cant work out a fix) If I reject it I can anticipate that with my luck I will end up with a big battle with the dealer and VW finance. If they do accept the vehicle back will they return the Golf to me, what if they have sold it? Shame really because I've bought a few VW's from this dealer before and I've always been impressed with them. I also really like the car. Problem is with VW they have left there reputation in tatters with the emissions scandal, that's always in the back of my mind. £21K is a lot of money if the car turns out to be a lemon which cant be fixed!
  5. Hi I've ordered a leather apple watch strap from WSC - THE WATCH STRAP CO. The strap was faulty and I returned it back to them within a few days of receiving it and requested a refund. However they refuse a refund and only offer a replacement or a credit. They claim their terms of conditions clearly state that. I am pretty sure that I have a right to a full refund but I am not sure which is the applicable legislation. Is it the Consumer Rights Act or the Distance Selling Regulations? Where can I find the relevant sections? They also have a sticker on the straps that says that you can only return the item when the seal is not broken. I know this is valid for CDs, DVDs or software but I believe this is not applicable to watch straps. I spent an hour with them on the phone but they would not agree to a refund only stating their terms of conditions - which I think are void but I need the right paragraphs when I write a letter to them. Can anyone help me with the applicable legislation? How would you proceed? I am thinking of initially using resolver.co.uk
  6. I buy and sell used spin bikes, I was approached by a customer who I had sold spin bikes to previously, they were expanding their spin classes and wanted to know if I had a particular brand of bike, I didn't have that brand at the time so I told the customer that I would be getting more in within 2-3 weeks for £150 each. I called a few of the companies who supply me but they never had any I searched eBay. I found a seller who had an auction ending that day for 10 bikes of the brand the customer wanted all in good working order, bidding was started at 99p, there was no reserve and no bids but there was a 'Buy it Now' option of £1000. (10 bikes of this brand sell for £1500) I contacted the customer back to tell them I had 10 coming and they agreed to buy them all for £1500 On the day of the auction I bid £1000 with 5 mins to go, I ended up winning the auction with a bid of £280, less than an hour after the auction had ended the seller messaged me to say "sorry I thought I had cancelled the auction, the bikes were damaged and disposed of" He then cancelled the auction, there was nothing I could do but report him to eBay and leave the relevant feedback. I called a few other companies that supply used spin bikes but nobody had any of the bikes the customer wanted, unfortunately, I had to inform the customer that I could no longer supply the bikes so they went elsewhere. Weeks later I was contacted by an eBay user who had seen my feedback, they said they were interested in the bikes but forgot to bid, a day after the auction they contacted the seller to say if the buyer doesn't complete they would be interested in purchasing for £850, I was saddened to hear that the seller messaged them back the same day to say the bikes were still available, they even went to view the bikes at the sellers gym that he owns. I've seen all of the messages between the seller and the eBay user so the seller can't deny that he made a false statement to me and then tried to sell at a higher price. What I would like to know is can I sue the seller for breach of contract and seek damages for expectation loss/loss of bargain, £1500 less my winning bid and collection cost etc? If I can sue him for breach of contract, do I sue him as an individual or sue his company as he was using a private eBay sellers account at the time to list the bikes? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I am posting this as I require some urgent advice regarding a minor and an agreement. I am 17 years old and I got onto an online car auction and won. The vehicle is for £7,900 + VAT + 20% commission + vat, therefore the total plaice is around £11,300. However I don’t have the money to buy the car and I did not think that I will win the auction. I contacted the auctioneer about this and they said that in there terms and condition (which I agreed to over email) they clearly state the following: 1) if a buyer wants to cancel they must pay the 20% commission+ vat. Which works out at £1580+ Vat 2) it is a trade sale so consumer right do not apply 3) there is a 2% interest each day for late payment 4) if an under 18 bids in a vehicle the parent or legal guardian is liable to pay. 5) is payment is not received within the allotted time they will use legal action. 6) If the reserve price is not met the seller may still sell the vehicle to the highest bidder. I need to cancel the bid as I have not got the money to purchase the vehicle but I don’t even have the enough money to pay for the cancellation charge. The auctioneer have got a copy of my driving licence and are saying that I have till 5pm otherwise they will go to court and most likely I will get a CCJ in my name which will be for the full amount of approx £11,300 plus 2% interest each day. I would like to know if they will still be able to take me to court even if I am under the age of 18 and classed as a minor, and I did not think this would happen. My parents are not aware of the situation and even they do not have that hind of money. Adobe is greatly appreciated. Thanks Thanks in advance.
  8. I recently split up with a partner and she wanted the car. However, when we purchased the car we purchased it together i.e I paid 50% deposit and she agreed to pay the monthly instalments and get her share on credit. Therefore, due to the finance the logbook is recorded in her name. As i wouldn't give her the car recently she after an argument she reported the car as Stolen and cancelled the insurance which she usually took care off and i got arrested. I managed to avoid getting charged for this and am now wanting to try and claim back my share of the car using small claims court? I can show my deposit wired to her account for the exact deposit on a bank statement and I can also show text messages for some of the monthly payments. Is this something I can persue?
  9. Hi, My relative attempted to book a train ticket from destination A to destination B in the EU. Instead she bought it in reverse from destination B to A, the prices are the same either way. Immediately after purchase she contacted the website to adjust the error. She was told she made a mistake and that the tickets are non-refundable entirely blaming her for the error. However, I am not sure the error on the ticket was entirely her fault. 1) She has a disability and found the website was confusing and difficult to use. There were web accessibility problems. Web accessibility problems will have a disadvantage to people with certain disabilities and it will cost them money in a situation like this one. 2) She had to keep on moving back or refreshing pages as they kept timing out. The error made in the purchase might have been the result of the poor website performance, or because she had to go back on the pages. 3) The information provided on the site was not clear enough, or was not delivered in a way that was clear enough, further increasing the possibility of the error being overlooked during the check out. 4) Despite reaching out to the seller immediately after making the purchase for a ticket for a journey that is to take place only in July, the seller refused to reverse the charge or fix the error on the ticket. 5) The seller blamed my relative for the error, when the fault could lie with the website itself. This would actually means that a seller can design a website that would deliberately lead some customers to make errors, thus making people buy two tickets instead of one, and in that way sell more tickets. It’s concerning. Do we have any rights in these situations? Or do the ticket selling sites do what they want more or less? Any views would be great. Thank you.
  10. Hi I purchased an inflatable airtrack for my daughter for xmas to help with her gymnastics. It arrived a couple of days before xmas but was not used until xmas day. The item does not stay inflated - there were no instructions sent with the item although there should have been. I tried a couple of further times to inflate the item but it just keeps deflating . I contacted the company on 27/12/7 to report that the item was faulty but they were closed until 3/1/18. I emailed them with the details and requested a return and refund once they reopened in Jan. When they reopened they did not reply to my email, I contacted them and they asked me to email them - I explained that I had already done this and asked them to check their emails . I contacted the company again yesterday and they said that they had not received any emails from me so I forwarded my original email to them - they have emailed me this afternoon to say that the item I ordered was custom made and that they are only obliged to offer a repair. They have asked me to arrange the return to them at my expense if I want to proceed. The address that they have emailed to me for the return is not the same as the address on their website - It has been a while since I had a problem with a return / faulty item and I know that regulations change but legally can they refuse a refund on a faulty item? Any advice would be appreciated thank you x
  11. Long story short, 18 yr old son purchased a brand new car in October and as part of the deal the dealer offered him £2300 for his PX without seeing the car but I assume they ran a valuation on it and HPI check etc at time of quoting the PX figures etc..... This week my son has just received an email and recorded letter from the dealership headed final before legal requesting he pays £500 to the dealership as the PX only fetched £1800 at auction as a consequence of the car having apparently been written off under Cat D damage that my son had no knowledge of having bought the PX privately about 18 months ago. Surely the dealership has no grounds for redress given that they would of been aware of the cars history when they provided us with the PX price? Secondly had the car fetched more than £2300 at auction would they be writing to me to say they they owe me the difference over and above the PX valuation? I somewhat highly doubt it. They are saying my son signed to say the PX had not been involved in any accidents and was not subject to outstanding finance or being written off but he genuinely didn’t know that the vehicle has been previously written off as damaged but repairable. Can anyone offer advice as surely the purchase was concluded back in October and the PX provided by the dealership is a risk that all dealers / traders take especially as the car ended up going to auction.
  12. I have been acting on my elderly mother's behalf in liaising with her solicitor with regard to a flat purchase for her. Matters seem to have stalled because my mother cannot supply any of the requested ID documentation required by the solicitor. The reason for this is that she is currently undergoing respite care after a fall. When she left her own home it was an emergency and she gave all her personal documents to a neighbour for safe-keeping. This neighbour has since gone on a prolonged overseas trip and I will not be able to get access to the file in the forerseable future. Even though the solicitor has acted for my mother in the past and actually holds her will they are adamant that she has to produce the required documentation. I do not want to get into an argument with the solicitor but are there any workarounds that I could put to them that would allow matters to progress? I would be most grateful for any advice that is forthcoming.
  13. HI I am after some advice for my parents please. A few months ago, they decided to purchase a mobile home and paid over a deposit of £3,000 to secure this property. They stipulated that they wanted a 6ft fence built around the property because of their dog, anything smaller than this, the dog would be able to jump over. The person who sells these mobile homes stated that they would only be able to have a fence around the back of the mobile home which they were fine with and agreed to. The seller has since backtracked and has stated that they are not allowed to have a 6ft fence and can only be a maximum of 4ft. This isn't good enough and my parents have stated this to them. At the time of handing over the deposit, he did not, at any point say that the 6ft fence would not be allowed and proceeded with handing over the deposit of £3,000. The seller knew from the outset that they needed a 6ft fence for their dog and had said many a time that if they were not able to have this then they would not proceed with the purchase of said property. At no time did the seller say "no, this is not something we can offer". There are have been various arguments over this and my parents have since pulled out of the purchase of this property. They have signed a contract where it does state that the deposit is non refundable should the sale not go ahead. However, we are of the view that we could go down the route of mis-interpretation/false selling if that is something worth pursuing? We have written to the seller and he has denied misleading my parents and is refusing to return the deposit - less than a week after my parents pulled out from the purchase he has resold the property with a further £3,000 deposit! Is there anything we could do, how do we reply to the letter? I can happily post up the documentation, but would need to do it when I am back in work on Monday minus the personal information. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jo
  14. I tried to buy a recommended book from your site in support of a very worthwhile consumer group. PayPal won't accept payments. Someone might like to check it out.
  15. I took out a hire purchase agreement on a new car in 2009, in Scotland. Two years later in 2011, I ran into relationship issues and became homeless with no fixed abode. I lost track of life in general and became very lackadaisical with money. Circa Feb 2012 I received a call on my mobile from a man, whom never identified him self. I answered. He told me I had not been keeping up with payments and I should hand my car back. I said I'd check the bank and would report back. I never did get back to him. In 2016 after hearing nothing about the debt for 4 years, I started receiving numerous letters, almost daily, from Link Financial at my current address (don't know how they found me) telling me I owe them £12k. I didn't acknowledge the letters as I was under the assumption the debt would be "statute barred" within a few months. After the date that I believed the debt was time barred, they sent a letter telling me they would be passing it on to a law firm. Several months and nothing. Then a letter from this law firm appeared. Strongly worded. A breakdown of what it says is: - They are acting on behalf of Link. - The agreement is now terminated. - Their clients are the owners of the vehicle, they have been instructed to recover it along with a payment of £2200. - The balance after the fact will be £9.8k however the sale of the vehicle will reduce the outstanding balance. - Failure to pay and return the vehicle may result in court action being raised which may result in wage arrestment etc etc. Now is this them just using scare tactics and upping their game, or do I have a case to answer here. The facts from my end are: - The last payment I made to the original creditor was August 2011 - On my credit report, the default date of the account is October 2011. An entry made by Link Financial. - The car is not reported as stolen but does have a HPI marker. - No CCJ or court action has been raised before. - Approx 40% of the original agreement was paid, if it bares any relevance. After which I failed to keep up payments and the original creditor passed the debt on. Advice very much appreciated. Extremely worried as I don't know if these are scare tactics or I could now be facing serious trouble.
  16. Hi I just want a quick sanity check before pushing Groupon further. We purchased tickets to a car event that was due to take place last Saturday. The event is clearly listed on their site as 8AM to 8PM. As it was a bit wet last Saturday we waited until it cleared up a bit and arrived at the location around 6pm to find it was closed and everyone had gone. (Further searches suggest it got cancelled about 4pm) I came back and contacted Groupon to ask for a refund, eventually they came back yesterday and said that we could get Groupon credit. Am I being reasonable pushing to get the full amount credited back onto my card? Thanks
  17. Hi, I bought a used car tonight that was advertised with the tagline "Mazda 2 TS with A/C ..." and in the description as "GREAT 5 DOOR SUPER MINI with AIR CONDITIONING". Having driven the car home there does not appear to be any air conditioning in the car. Not that the A/C is broken, there is no A/C. Having checked the vehicle specs it appears that, when purchasing new (I am buying used, 2009 reg car), there is A/C as an optional extra, which doesn't appear to have been taken. What are my rights as a consumer having handed over ~£3k of my hard earned. The car was bought from an approved Mazda dealer but as I have only bought the car just before they closed I haven't had a chance to raise this with them. I plan on calling them tomorrow to ask about the problem but would like to understand my rights before hand as I don't want to be fobbed off. Thanks, Andy
  18. Hey, I am trying to sort out my finances and the car is massive chunk. We took the loan out in Oct 2015 and has been paying £424 p/month of which just over £150 is being used to pay the capital - the rest is interest. When can I ask to return the car and where does the half way point hit ? is it once half the loan value has been paid (half the cars purchase price) or once have the total loan value (inc interest) has been paid? Many Thanks Scott
  19. Good evening, I am not sure if this is the right place to be asking for advice about this but I thought I would post a thread. I recently ordered a sofa set, I paid them via online banking, the first payment was the deposit and the second payment was the remaining money due, they are clearly not what I ordered. The sofas were delivered today and it was all a farce, as I live in a flat I had to pay an extra £20 for them to carry them up to my first floor flat which I already did, I had to argue with them for sometime before they rang up the company to get it confirmed. They pretty much took all the packaging off before bringing them up and then just dumped them in my tiny hall way when they should have brought them in to my living room first and then unpacked them. Now, heres the issue, when one of the couriers brought the cushions up I thought they were the right ones but after taking the last of the packaging off from the smallest sofa it turns out the sofa does not match the picture on their website, the colors do not match etc. (See images attached). I have spoken to the manager over the phone and over email and he insists the correct sofas have been delivered and that I shouldn't have signed the delivery receipt if something was wrong and that he's willing to accept a return at my cost of £89 I shouldn't have to pay £89 if the sofas are not what I purchased, no where on their website does it say if you want to return them, it will cost £89. On the receipt it says the couriers should have unboxed them in my living room not outside, it also states no price in the box where it says how much it would cost if the items needed returning. It's states nothing on their website regarding returns as well. Where do I stand legally with this as a consumer? (I can't add pictures)
  20. Hi all Just after some advice really, I traded my car in on Friday for a BMW 118d which to be honest I am happy with apart from the fact that the drivers side window switch (its a master switch which controls passenger window/driver window and electric mirrors) when I enquired about the car I was told it had 6 months MOT on it but they would put through a new MOT. This they have done and they did change 2 rear tyres as these were advisories, the guy I spoke to also said that it needed a new window switch....... picked the car up on Friday and again it was mentioned that the switch was changed so didnt think anything of it. However on way home from garage try windows and it doesnt work, I didnt bother mentioning that day as it was late Friday and thought I would wait til Monday. I emailed the garage yesterday and no response, emailed again today and so far no response. Now its only a window so its not a major big deal I suppose but I paid £7.5k for the car (7k trade-in on mine) and my car was immaculate and everything worked. Am I being a biy picky bearing in mind the car is 6.5 years old or not? The good news is that £250 of the £500 extra I paid was on my credit card so I do think I have some comeback via that if necesssary. ANy advice much appreciated!
  21. A knitting pattern book ?? http://cag.tw/2032 I took a screen shot of this, I couldn't believe it. "Not for sale to persons under the age of 18" I wonder what is so dangerous or shocking - sadly this item doesn't allow you to 'look inside'.
  22. I have just purchased a second hand caravan, I had the van inspected by a MCEA approved technician at the dealers and no serious faults were found. But very shortly after purchase somebody pointed out a non standard wall in the bathroom, taking his advice I decide to have a new inspection done by a different technician, and its not good, serious damp in the bathroom and front walls conservative estimate about twelve months use before it starts to fall apart unless lots of money spent. The walls had been expertly covered by a faced board in order to hide the damp,the normal metre with two prongs would not have found the damp but the chap who did the second inspection had a bit of expensive kit that can look through walls and find problems behind any false wall which is how he found the damp. I took delivery of the van on the 18th of August and as its under thirty days I rang the dealer today to ask for my money back or the cost of the repairs paid, both refused, he said it was nothing to do with him as I had had the van inspected before I took delivery and no serious faults were found and he had not put in the walls or tried to hide any damp. Going to speak to trading stands tomorrow but not sure if they are going to be much help. Any ideas please!.
  23. Hi I purchased a used car from available car paying £6000 on my debit card(taken from a loan) & soon realized that there was an issue with both the windows making a creaking sound in motion which caused severe scratch marks on both sides.Reported the fault to after sales & was advised to book the car in After inspection it was found that the car had a faulty window regulator which caused this and was told that this will be replaced & the glass marks will be polished /replaced if cannot be undone.After booking the car in for several times(after service missing the part /not getting the right parts )nearly took 2.5 months to get the window regulators fixed although they did try to polish the glass the marks are still present. I spoke to the manager who then advised me that the marks are not because of faulty regulator but because of regular wear & tear which is not covered under warranty and that they never mentioned they will replace the glass.I do not have any proof of this verbal communication however i have raised this issue with ombudsman who sent a letter on my behalf but the site has said they do not deal with 3rd party in dispute resolution and after emailing the ombudsman about the same i haven't heard back from them. I am really lost for words to express my disappointment in both the organisations and the fact that i am still paying for a faulty product can someone please direct me in the right path.
  24. Hi, Please can anyone help me with this: I have just had the 3rd (yes third) gearbox installed in my car, this gearbox has now failed after less than 24 hours and 50 miles! The story: Purchased from main dealer an 18 month old car in September 2014 with 7500 miles on the clock and balance of 3 year manufacturers warranty Car: Make MG, Model MG6 (petrol) Gearbox number 1: This is the original gearbox: noticed by end of 2015 (approx 28000 mile total) that gearbox 'crunches' when changed from 3rd to 4th gear quickly (yes this is a standard manual gearbox). Went to dealer in March 2016 to complain about gearbox (and other warranty faults), they drove car and agreed with me about gearbox. Manufacturer agreed to replace gearbox and new gearbox arrived at end of April. I couldn't leave car with the dealer at this time as I was on standby to work abroad for a number of weeks. Gearbox number 2: Finally got gearbox replaced at beginning of June. New gearbox was worse! Not only does it crunch in 4th but it also whines (like an old mini) in 2nd. Car returned at beginning of July to look at again, dealer agrees it is not correct but "doesn't know what manufacturer will say as it's out of warranty". Told them "don't care fault occurred in warranty period an has not been resolved - actually made worse". Manufacturer eventually agrees to send an engineer from the factory to look at my car who came last week. Manufacturer has agreed that the new gearbox is faulty but they will only supply a replacement 'box if I don't complain about it crunching in 4th as this is a "characteristic of the car". This is not entirely true as I have driven one of the loan cars with same gearbox and it does not crunch however the other loan car did, however there is a lot on the internet about failing gearboxes, crunching, stiff changes etc etc. The gearbox obviously has an inherent design flaw. Gearbox number 3: The third gearbox was installed 15/16th of this month (i.e. picked up yesterday), this has failed within 24 hours and 50 miles, jammed in second - so car now unusable. This happened first thing this morning This morning: Called finance company: told them I wish to reject car for refund under sale of good act and consumer credit act, they said they will talk to the dealer and 'get back to me' and that their procedures can take 8 weeks). I have told them I'm not interested in their time scale, I now do not have a drivable car, asked them for an address where I can serve notice of intended court action. Told me that I need to provide burden of proof, I told them this has been fixed under warranty so I have no paper work (dealer has never given me paper work for warranty repairs) - the car is sitting immobile on my drive if they want to inspect. Called dealer: spoke to the MD, he says it's not acceptable, can they collect car and give me a loan car. I can't arrange collection today or tomorrow as am too busy at work. Thing is I don't want this fixed now, too many attempts at a fundamental fault, I have no confidence whatsoever now. What I would like help with: I would like to claim from the dealer and finance company as they are jointly and severable liable - under sale of good act and consumer credit act - refund and cancel loan agreement. The fault apparently can not be fixed, actually each gearbox is worse. This is a major fault. Could someone point me in the direction of a letter template, and how to handle the court claim - I need to move urgently with this, I am currently having to borrow my wife's car - I can not get to work otherwise. Thanks in advance.
  25. I sold my mothers house in January this year. The buyer is now suing me for misrepresentation. Immediately prior to completion, the buyer noticed that there was a fault with the heating. I offered to have it repaired but this was refused and the buyer demanded £2000 off the purchase price which I declined on the basis that the buyer had refused my offer to have it fixed. I have now received court claim papers. When i signed the property information form the heating was Ok and i stated this on the form. The heating was later turned off for the summer. As the purchase took almost a year, I was asked later to confirm that the information form remained current and I confirmed this as I was not aware of any changes. There is no doubt that at completion there was a fault with the heating though when it stopped working is not known. It was working when I signed the form but by completion it had stopped. the buyer did not undertake any surveys. I have tried to negotiate and I have offered £1000 in settlement without admitting liability, but this has been refused. I attach the particulars of claim and my proposed response and I would welcome any comments. Thank you. response to claim form.pdf Particulars of Claim.pdf
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