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  1. Its not the motor, or cant be because the windows drop and go back up when pressing the keypad. To be honest its not just this, I had no manual or pack with the car, and I traded in a perfect car with no faults and I paid £7.5k which in my eyes is a lot of money. Its also the fact the trader cant even be bothered to answer my emails, which just goes to show his views, and his stance as a trader ie. ive sold the car now and therefore its not my problem.
  2. Its funny as thought the windows would be checked on MOT as well but when I looked into it I couldnt see that they were. Its obviously a dodgy MOT, Im surprised they even changed the tyres (although I havent checked these either, so maybe they havent!) Thing is all my email to him said was can you let me know which window switch was replaced as if its not the one thats faulty now then I need to know, I havent even mentioned the fact he has to pay (although he does have to pay) more and more of me is wanting to reject the car and return it. Is this petty all because of a window? I ju
  3. Thanks, I can pop the switch out how would I know if its ok? I have checked all fuses as well and the lights to the switch are on, it just doesnt work.
  4. Well I dont know I could buy a switch myself off ebay for £30 and try it but I dont see why I should. I suspect that they did indeed order a new switch, fitted it, and the electrics still didnt work and they just gave up. Hence why my two emails have been unanswered
  5. Hi all Just after some advice really, I traded my car in on Friday for a BMW 118d which to be honest I am happy with apart from the fact that the drivers side window switch (its a master switch which controls passenger window/driver window and electric mirrors) when I enquired about the car I was told it had 6 months MOT on it but they would put through a new MOT. This they have done and they did change 2 rear tyres as these were advisories, the guy I spoke to also said that it needed a new window switch....... picked the car up on Friday and again it was mentioned that
  6. Hi Nutter Any further info on thsi one? I have a very similar claim about to go through just wanted to know how you got on etc?
  7. Thanks Landy Think I will just proceed with a claim for mis-selling then and if I get nowhere with that then pursue for the refund in the premiums, I believe it was mis-sold as only covered 5 years when term was 20 so was not suitable for purpose. Im a mortgage advisor and if I sold a policy over 5 years to cover a loan of 20 would get into trouble as its not fit to cover the loan whether they remortgage or not. Plus I am sure I never received any info on the PPI! I sent a SAR to Ocean Finance who gave no details whatsoever on the PPI so then sent SAR to London Mortgage Company who a
  8. Hi All My first post on here for years after I sucessfully managed to reclaim over £5k of bank charges in the good old days! Am now moving onto the PPI! Back in Nov 2002 I took out a oan with LMC (through Ocean Finance I think) they sold me PPI that I didnt want! and I repaid the loan after 3 months!! and remortgaged to Abbey (as my credit rating was better!) basically the robbing b**tards never told Sterling Insurance that I repaid the loan and therefore along with the huge ERC on the loan (which was over 20 years) I paid £2100 for PPI Now when it was repaid LMC never told St
  9. Thanks Lats, I thought thats why the Lloyds guy had lost so thought it was important. I have included in my bundle so fingers crossed, really thought I would have had my offer by now, but still, quite fancy a day in court (if HSBC turn up!) Thanks for your help
  10. Hi All I have finally finished compiling my court bundle which I need to get to the court by Monday, just a quick question do I need to include a T&C (which I dont have!) if so I presume I need one for when my account was opened in 2000. Can anyone help?
  11. Sorry it wasnt after filing it was about 3/4 weeks after AQ sent in.
  12. Not long really, it came through quite quickly, after filing about 3/4 weeks I think
  13. Hi I have been given a court date of 18th june and I need to get my documents into the court 14 days before hand so by Monday 4th, however the court bundle seems quite complicated. I was actually hoping that by now DG sols would have written with an offer of full payment but I think they are waiting for me to file my court bundle! I was therefore hoping that I wouldnt have to file my court bundle as I dont want to mess it up and get my claim thrown out as I have come so far. Does anybody have any tips? DG sols asked for a copy of my schedule of charges which I sent them on
  14. Hi I am in the process of my 3rd claim from HSBC for unfair charges 2 were successful on 1 account (which theyve now closed) and one on an account that was closed anyway. I had an offer before I did my MCOL but I thought it was derisory so carried on and filed my MCOL (besides I wanted my interest). As per usual HSBC filed a defence but today I have received in the post a notice of transfer of proceedings to where the defendant lives even though the court is my local court so I am presuming that is a typo. also enclosed is a N24 General form of judgement or order I have no
  15. Thanks Gizmo I have completed the rest of the AQ but didnt know what to put in the last bit, it needs to be returned by 14th so I will get on and do today, thanks for your help.
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