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  1. Thanks, Andy, but all her photo ID has expired (she is 97!) and the documents have to be unexpired so I am informed by the solicitor.
  2. Thank you unclebulgaria and Ethel Street. I am OK for the address document as my mother left behind a bank statement in her house. It is the "Identity" document that is problematic. None of the possible options listed on the Solicitor's List could be be quickly retrieved as duplicates and we are under some time pressure to proceed. I do understand that the solicitor is only doing their job but I would have thought there were some workarounds for quirky cases such as this?
  3. I have been acting on my elderly mother's behalf in liaising with her solicitor with regard to a flat purchase for her. Matters seem to have stalled because my mother cannot supply any of the requested ID documentation required by the solicitor. The reason for this is that she is currently undergoing respite care after a fall. When she left her own home it was an emergency and she gave all her personal documents to a neighbour for safe-keeping. This neighbour has since gone on a prolonged overseas trip and I will not be able to get access to the file in the forerseable
  4. My 97 year-old mother has just been discharged from hospital (after a fall) to a care home. She now wishes to return to her own home which is unsanitary, unsafe, structurally unsound (part of the roof has collapsed) and is in a state of terrible neglect. She is in full command of her faculties. She is self-paying at the care home. I have a power of attorney but it is not activated (or whatever the legal term is). If she returns home she will surely fall again or some other disaster will befall her. She has begun to twist the arm of a family friend to take her home (against all he
  5. BazzaS, The citizen's advice link was very helpful. Thank you.
  6. My best friend recently died without making a will. His considerable estate will come to his father. My friend's partner lived with him for two years prior to his death. In that period his house was transformed by her from an undecorated hovel to a swish country house. I would guess that by her efforts and persuasion at a minimum, £75K would have been added to the value of the property. All the costs though were met by my deceased friend. My question: when the house is sold does she have any claim on the "added value" to the property which she was directly responsible for? Thank
  7. Just to clarify... So, not even possible to attempt any form of civil recovery (small claim?) of the (presumed) incorrectly levied charge? What if, hypothetically, one accidentally paid a PCN in error, (say you didn't check the photo graphic evidence before paying but later you realise it wasn't your car) then it's tough luck?
  8. The contravention date was 22/7/2016 the date of the reissued PCN was 23/1/2017. By my reckoning that's 1 day in excess of 6 months! However, I decided to pay the PCN. Do I now have grounds to recover my payment and if so how might I go about this? Thanks.
  9. HB, it is "related" to the thread you cite but I thought my query above was suffciently distinct that it merited a separate thread. Apologies, if I have breached forum etiquette. P
  10. Last November I was succesful in my "Out of Time" application to Northampton TEC for a local authority PCN that I did not originally receive (only got the bailiff's letter!). I recall that I was told over the 'phone by the TEC helpline that the local authority had 21 days to reissue the PCN. I have just received the reissued PCN, obviously well outside this time limit. Was I misinformed about the time limit? Or if not, Is the reissued PCN I have just received invalid?
  11. Thank you for your trenchant reply! My question is though, would it actually be illegal?
  12. I have received a PCN from a local authority. I have not opened the envelope (but its contents is obvious and I was expecting it). It was not sent by recorded mail. If I were to "return to sender" "Not at this address". Would I be committing a criminal offence? (I know this would be morally wrong given I did deserve the PCN!)
  13. Oh dear! I received a letter back from Northampton TEC saying my 'out of time' application (or whatever it's called) had been refused on account that I had not completed a P3 and only a P2 (or vice versa). I was quite sure that I had. To cut a long story short, to be helpful and efficient I had scanned both P2 and P3 forms into a single document. Whoever dealt with issue at the TEC either only spotted a single file attached to my email or opened the pdf attachment but couldn't be asked to scroll past the first page in order to view the second form. The
  14. The explanation I gave was that Merton had left off my apartment number from my address (and by implication that someone else in my building may have picked the PCN up by accident). To be honest I think this unlikely as I am on good terms with all other occupants of my residence. So really I just don't know why I never received the PCN or any follow-up correspondence apart from the final Notice of Enforcement.
  15. Thanks for links dx100uk. Yes, sorted at least in the short-term. Took the forms off to the County Court today. Encountered an army of Jobsworths but finally found someone who would sign them (they are now forms PE2 & PE3 by the way). Scanned them and emailed them back to the TEC. Intrigued as to what will happen next...
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