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  1. All received. Purchase price and court costs in 5 payments. They tried to delay the last unsuccessfully as I threatened them. Thanks to everyone who helped. I've now bought a lovely Skoda Superb which matches its name from a sensible dealer in Leeds. Kind wishes to all.
  2. Oh dear - I was joking about OP - I am an old pensioner - thought it was funny. Yes - OJB - I now have two of five payments. The judge was quite firm over this. All my costs, purchase price, return transport. I knew it was worth pursuing despite "advice" to the contrary. Kind regards and thanks to all those who actually helped. BTW they haven't sold the "wreck" yet.
  3. Hello I said I would return after my case and here I am. It's been a very interesting day. I hope others will find it informative and helpful. This was put into a Small Claims Court (They call it a track). Small Claims Courts were devised so that claimants and defendants could manage their own affairs. (Before someone corrects that please read the directives!) It would not be expected that a solicitor would represent either party unless the court were notified. Hence, I was very surprised when I was accosted by a solicitor just before my name was called for the hearing. I
  4. Amazingly these crooks have the same car on sale again, Have a look NW car sales - Heywood Manchester - Lexus LS 430 Exactly the same photos as before.
  5. Bazzas I've been here for many years (more than many) and found it very helpful. Sadly this is no longer the way forward for help for me and anyone else in the same predicament. I thought I could help others from my experience. "you haven't given them the whole story" Rubbish - look back!! "Thanks Oddjob" was an error - I misread the blog. The advice came from some one else. I see you are a gold account holder. God bless you and good luck. You really should read what's gone before. I've made several donations to this site before because I thought it was all wo
  6. Hello again Oddjobbob - how's business? In the nicest possible way - I don't need your advice - you don't know ALL the story which I've not printed here because I know it's followed - although you should be able to work a few things out for your self. If you've bothered to read this extensive dialogue you will know that the car's already back and filmed in situ as advised from here. As I said before: "if you haven't anything kind or useful to add here then go and share your wonderful expertise on another blog." You can find what others are saying on Facebook and Twitt
  7. So......................... I bought the "Pearl" book. I bought the "Consumer Survival Handbook". I visited sites linked and read, watched and listened. I read and consumed all the helpful advice here I read other advice on the Internet I ignored rude people and traders and went ahead I downloaded Form N1 and the GOV advice (I read it) and filled N1. I took it to the local court to see if I'd filled it in correctly. "Everything is fine" said the experienced lady. I bought a postal order for £205 (+ of course) and sent it off "tracked" paying more additional fees. Sat
  8. I've been with the AA since April 57. Expensive but very good and reliable. I've got a few freebies added now. I expect I've paid for their HQ. I would recommend them but I'd also say you don't want to pay for a Silver membership. I pay monthly for two of us.
  9. I see the traders are back. Heliosuk - I haven't paid your fee so I don't need your advice. You've already had my comments. And you are not a lawyer although I see you are associated with trump and apparently can make your own laws. And I see that you continue to be unnecessarily rude. St George?? by George - just stop being rude and go and play with your cars. I'm not bragging here or riding my stallion - I've been seeking help and useful advice - which I've had - many thanks to those who have obliged. I am much more confident going forward to the Small Claims Court. Not
  10. Thanks oddjobbob - that's very kind and helpful. I'm sending the court claim today - sadly nature is occasionally unkind so I've been slowed down. I did do similar research to yours and found the absence of VAT number and Company number. However, the receipt shows a VAT no:207 1290 41 I also checked various company registration sites and found: [Name] (b. August 1985 - just over 30) “Active directorships – 0, Resigned directorships – 0 Closed directorships – 7 Total directorships – 7." "[Name] is not registered as holding any current appointments.” The Nwca Limite
  11. Agreed but a lot of folks read this site and it's worth warning them.
  12. It's mbl fns tht cors the problem. LOL - Sorry - couldn't resist. I get so fed up with people who can't string a sentence together. NEWAY CUL*R. ;-)
  13. Sorry! I mistyped Lawgistics. Try Googling them - they brag all over about how they've saved garages.
  14. I'm not an expert by any means but I've spent a lot of hours on a similar question. I would suggest you buy The Consumer Survival Handbook (Ebook) advertised above and also the Pearl & Goodman book usually advertised left - make sure you get the latest edition ( mine was 2008!). I expect that you will soon meet Lawgisitics a solicitors firm which will try to bully you. Be careful if they ask you to return the vehicle because it's a ploy to prevent you recovering your money. They will say that you have "deemed to have it repaired." They are dreadful bullies against consume
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