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  1. All received. Purchase price and court costs in 5 payments. They tried to delay the last unsuccessfully as I threatened them. Thanks to everyone who helped. I've now bought a lovely Skoda Superb which matches its name from a sensible dealer in Leeds. Kind wishes to all.
  2. Oh dear - I was joking about OP - I am an old pensioner - thought it was funny. Yes - OJB - I now have two of five payments. The judge was quite firm over this. All my costs, purchase price, return transport. I knew it was worth pursuing despite "advice" to the contrary. Kind regards and thanks to all those who actually helped. BTW they haven't sold the "wreck" yet.
  3. Hello I said I would return after my case and here I am. It's been a very interesting day. I hope others will find it informative and helpful. This was put into a Small Claims Court (They call it a track). Small Claims Courts were devised so that claimants and defendants could manage their own affairs. (Before someone corrects that please read the directives!) It would not be expected that a solicitor would represent either party unless the court were notified. Hence, I was very surprised when I was accosted by a solicitor just before my name was called for the hearing. I had already noticed that the defendants were not present. He indicated that he was there as an adviser to the defendants (who, remember, were not there) I admonished him profoundly and indicated that I was not prepared to deal with him as I had checked the week before to see if any solicitor had been assigned to the case (both at Salford and at my local court.) Sheepishly he asked if he could continue and wanted to see if we could avoid a court hearing which was why he was there. I agreed to listen to him and discuss a possible road forward. We investigated my extensive spreadsheet and he asked what I would be prepared to accept in settlement. I suggested removing a few items I'd claimed and we decided on a figure. He disappeared to "'phone" the defendants. He was away over 50 minutes and I noticed that the defendants had now sneaked in to the waiting area unannounced - too late for the called trial. This had obviously been a ploy to avoid a judgement in my favour. (Please note - he was from Newcastle - 4o miles - and they had to travel from Manchester over the Pennines) He returned with their offer which I rejected as it was too low and they wanted to take 4 months to repay the amount. I told him that under no circumstances would I accept any delay and I didn't accept their offer. He disappeared for another 40 minutes and came back to say that I had been charged the wrong amount by the court and would have to take this up with them Obviously I rejected this and said that I wanted my stated payment within 7 days or.... very firmly... we would go to the court hearing and let the judge decide.. He stuttered and left again to discuss with his clients. He returned again and said that interest would only be small as the judge would not award the customary 8% owing to the low bank rate. I rejected this and off he went again. He returned to say they had agreed my figure but as a compromise they would pay the agreed sum weekly over 5 weeks. I accepted this provided it was done by bank transfer and punctiliously. The first to be tomorrow by 4 p.m. I'll come back tomorrow and let you know. I'm convinced that they were afraid to go to a court hearing as their evidence contained lies and they had a dubious business background which I had included in my bundle (Thanks to a contribution here which helped my research - see above) We went to the judge who would confirm our agreement. She praised my documents. What have I learned from this? Personally - don't be annoyed and retaliate when called an OP (Old pensioner?) and being given advice you KNOW is wrong. This is an interesting blog where you can read many facets of self aggrandisement. I've been very ill and angry so I suppose that's a bit of an excuse when I've been rude. I had surgery for cancer on December 1st last year. And you? 1. Stick by your guns and don't let the rude experts here ( there are some excellent ones of course) bully you into doing something you know is wrong. They think they know but..... e.g. the CRA icon states that the expected condition should be consummate for age/mileage. I have the full act and this isn't mentioned any where. 2. Research the retailer's background - you might find a lot of mud as I did. 3. Make sure you keep a record of all your expenditure and claim it. 4. Download a copy of the C.R.A. and read it carefully. Don't accept the "experts" here who think they know it. There are many of those who do of course. 5. Switch off the annoying communicants here as I did as suggested by amoderator - it stops you getting angry. As far as buying a car is concerned: 1. If you can, have it checked over by an expert. 2. DON'T pay a deposit unless you are sure you are going to buy. 3. Don't trust the salesmen unless you have found several honest reviews. Comments edited 4. Don't buy from someone with an outdoor compound and a dingy office. 5. Thoroughly check all the advertised claims especially service and MOT. 6. Don't rely on a glamorous website. 7. Make sure you are not dealing with a company and claim against individuals. (two in my case - as advised here.) 8. Be very careful if you buy on EBay - I didn't by the way. 9. If you are returning a vehicle have it photographed and also include an illuminated dashboard as I did and suggested here above - thanks. Despite the negatives on this blog I have fully recovered my money. If they don't pay by Banker's Order the court will haul them back. Stand your ground and don't be bullied with legal waffle. It's their job to save the other side money. Decide what you are owed and stick to it. A judge might not agree but you certainly will feel happier about it. Beware of court costs and delays. Keep your claim below £5000 if possible. The car is back for sale on EBay - new company founded in November with a £1 share. Look it up - Lexus LS430. They now import jewellery and clothes from China!! And a general note - if you wrote rudely here before then others might read but I've switched you off as advised by a moderator. So don't bother sunnysuck - I won't read it. I did as I said I would and I have won. Many thanks to all the very kind people who helped and advised. It makes this site very worthwhile. It's a pity there are a few who pontificate without the necessary knowledge or just assume they know. Otherwise - Well done everybody who helped progressively and thank you! Kind regards to all the kind, helpful, sensible here.
  4. Amazingly these crooks have the same car on sale again, Have a look NW car sales - Heywood Manchester - Lexus LS 430 Exactly the same photos as before.
  5. Bazzas I've been here for many years (more than many) and found it very helpful. Sadly this is no longer the way forward for help for me and anyone else in the same predicament. I thought I could help others from my experience. "you haven't given them the whole story" Rubbish - look back!! "Thanks Oddjob" was an error - I misread the blog. The advice came from some one else. I see you are a gold account holder. God bless you and good luck. You really should read what's gone before. I've made several donations to this site before because I thought it was all worthwhile. I've had very useful advice which I've adopted. Sadly now I'm very disappointed and I will return only once more after the case and then I won't be back. There are many who could benefit from my current experiences which is what this site is all about and several instances have been quoted in my evidence against some deceitful rogues who stole from a handicapped pensioner. Oddjob is not being helpful he's obviously attempting to avoid his friends in the trade from paying for what they actually owe. Obviously because this is a popular site there are blanks in what I have contributed. Frankly your gold comments are inappropriate. Perhaps you feel that Oddjobbob should be encouraged in his derogatory contributions - I assume he has contributed and wants further encouragment. Me - I'm off - forget it - I'll be back after the trial if it ever happens and I'll post my last help for other subscribers. (Spits in bin - stupid response) I see Heliosuk from the trade is back Go and play with you cars. You're a trade mechanic who profits from this environment. Read my last contribution. Richard Cranium springs to mind. Sadly - I'm off! What a silly load of misinformed and greedy contributants to this site. I've spent several £100s of my pounds pursuing this. I expect to get them back!! Personal messages might be replied to if they're not from the dealer underworld and I guess there are many here. Many thanks for all the sensible help I've had. Now I'm off - trial soon. Go away Heliosuk and play with your dealer friends - I've already posted I'm off - how sad this site is with people like you..
  6. Hello again Oddjobbob - how's business? In the nicest possible way - I don't need your advice - you don't know ALL the story which I've not printed here because I know it's followed - although you should be able to work a few things out for your self. If you've bothered to read this extensive dialogue you will know that the car's already back and filmed in situ as advised from here. As I said before: "if you haven't anything kind or useful to add here then go and share your wonderful expertise on another blog." You can find what others are saying on Facebook and Twitter; and check out the auction site they run and the comments. The trader has to pay the transport and they haven't - £400 C.R.A. Ch2 [20] s8 Whether or not the consumer has a duty to return the rejected goods, the trader must bear any reasonable costs of returning them. I don't know why it's so difficult to convince people that this is the law but there it is. I don't have to pay it. The form(s) are done again - so I'll let people know what happens. There will be some here who don't make a fast buck out of motorists and are worried for themselves.
  7. So......................... I bought the "Pearl" book. I bought the "Consumer Survival Handbook". I visited sites linked and read, watched and listened. I read and consumed all the helpful advice here I read other advice on the Internet I ignored rude people and traders and went ahead I downloaded Form N1 and the GOV advice (I read it) and filled N1. I took it to the local court to see if I'd filled it in correctly. "Everything is fine" said the experienced lady. I bought a postal order for £205 (+ of course) and sent it off "tracked" paying more additional fees. Sat and waited and, of course it was all sent back. It's a pity the "Pearl" guide book is out of date - at least the ebook is fine. Nowhere was I told as follows: (received when I phoned Salford from a very pleasant, sympathetic lady.) If you have two defendants named you can use the same claim form (great!) I did! However you must list each individually as "J Bloggs trading as Joes Sweets" and the address; and "Fred Bloggs trading as Joe's Sweets" and the address. Of course there isn't enough room and the pdf has a captured font and font size. (I can get round that) Then two forms must now be completed with the name address of each defendant in the bottom box i.e. on two separate forms. I realise why now - because the address you enter goes into a box at the bottom left which will nicely fit in a suitable envelope without any extra effort to be sent on. Oh - and you need the court's permission for two defendants on another £100 form. More printing ink, more paper, another envelope (I included three blank ones not returned.) Tracking costs again. Then another £335 if we go any further - potentially over £600. It's a wonder anyone bothers. People who've spent all their savings on something ( a posh TV - a top washer - an American fridge ) will be stuck. I hope someone finds this useful and it saves them time and money. That's why we're here isn't it? Regards to all
  8. I've been with the AA since April 57. Expensive but very good and reliable. I've got a few freebies added now. I expect I've paid for their HQ. I would recommend them but I'd also say you don't want to pay for a Silver membership. I pay monthly for two of us.
  9. I see the traders are back. Heliosuk - I haven't paid your fee so I don't need your advice. You've already had my comments. And you are not a lawyer although I see you are associated with trump and apparently can make your own laws. And I see that you continue to be unnecessarily rude. St George?? by George - just stop being rude and go and play with your cars. I'm not bragging here or riding my stallion - I've been seeking help and useful advice - which I've had - many thanks to those who have obliged. I am much more confident going forward to the Small Claims Court. Not so sure about the cock though - better adjust my skirt. "What is wrong with the car? What is the age and mileage? How much paid? " Whoever this OP is - you've been given ALL you've asked for. Anyway I expect your proverbial friends at NW car sales have already told you. Go back and read again and please stop contributing to this post This website is not here to dissuade people from pursuing their rights which is obviously what you are trying to do. I haven't read anywhere that a car has an expendable life although obviously most have evidenced by the size of scrap yards. Although I see Nationwide are still running the Fred Flintstone's vehicle. "Buy our car but it will only last you a few years will need expensive parts fitted by an expensive mechanic and then wear out." Good sales ploy. My colleague's car is over 25 years old and still reliable and serviceable only requiring replacement of parts that normally wear out. A clean MOT with no warnings every year. And there are plenty of honest people selling cars much older than that or this defective machine. "consummate with age and mileage. - Really? Someone's rewritten it again. "9 Goods to be of satisfactory quality (1) Every contract to supply goods is to be treated as including a term that the quality of the goods is satisfactory. (2) The quality of goods is satisfactory if they meet the standard that a reasonable person would consider satisfactory." But sadly, guys, you are too late. It's all being dealt with now using the excellent guide at the top of this site with its lawyer video links and the excellent book advertised on the side here. Having been a delegate to the Law Society I've also had some good advice from there also. As I said before - oh no I didn't - did I - I didn't say anything before: This is a site to help people - yes - help people - not to give false advice in support of the dealers who cheat and rob; or to pontificate and castigate. It's not needed. I do wish those who monitor here would delete the rudeness. I had my question marks removed. All I want back is what I've spent plus interest after being sold a defective vehicle. I realise Lexus like to make a few bucks. I'd already booked a provisional service assuming I was dealing with an honest retailer. Please - please - if you haven't anything kind or useful to add here then go and share your wonderful expertise on another blog.
  10. Thanks oddjobbob - that's very kind and helpful. I'm sending the court claim today - sadly nature is occasionally unkind so I've been slowed down. I did do similar research to yours and found the absence of VAT number and Company number. However, the receipt shows a VAT no:207 1290 41 I also checked various company registration sites and found: [Name] (b. August 1985 - just over 30) “Active directorships – 0, Resigned directorships – 0 Closed directorships – 7 Total directorships – 7." "[Name] is not registered as holding any current appointments.” The Nwca Limited was dissolved on 2017-02-28 =In America ;-) The Nwca was a private limited company . The company was officially classified as "sale of used cars and light motor vehicles" (45112). 2015-11-26 was the date of the most recent annual return. Companies with links: BEST QUOTE SERVICES LIMITED (Company number 07001305) (Dissolved) MICHELIN PROPERTIES LIMITED (Dissolved) NW TYRES AND BATTERIES LTD (Dissolved) SHOPEAZ LTD (Dissolved) CRUSTICO LTD (Dissolved) (Liabilities - £36,190 – Assets £16347) Crustiico Ltd ( a food import business ) at the same address– incorporated 14th May 2012 with capital of £1 on 15th May 2015 THE NWCA LIMITED (Dissolved) (Liabilities £2875 – Assets £3000) SCRAP YOUR MOTOR LIMITED (Dissolved) Over 907 companies are registered at this postcode address (Brulimar House Jubilee Road, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2LX) which appears to be a mail forwarding address. They are now called "NW car sales" and they also run a car auction - probably from where they obtain their cars. They haven't disappeared yet but I don't suppose it will be long. I have been offered a full refund but no consequential damages or "gesture of goodwill" and I'm expected to sign that I'm satisfied with that. There's an extra £100 on the spread sheet already which is increasing at 8% per day. Court costs are now £205 for the application and £335 for the trial. This somewhat precludes many people and it isn't returned if an out of court settlement is reached. I'll return when I have more developments. I've been a delegate to the Law Society so I have a number of educated friends. Thanks again for your time and support. I agree with you about heliosuk. I don't understand its problem. Helios was described as a handsome Titan crowned with the shining aureole of the Sun, who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day to earth-circling Oceanus and through the world-ocean returned to the East at night. In the Homeric hymn to Helios, Helios is said to drive a golden chariot drawn by steeds - must be a very good mechanic. I've been dealing with a questionable company and can do without unwarranted unpleasantness. BTW I don't like champagne or beer. Kind regards Sorry and many thanks to Stu007 - missed that.
  11. Agreed but a lot of folks read this site and it's worth warning them.
  12. It's mbl fns tht cors the problem. LOL - Sorry - couldn't resist. I get so fed up with people who can't string a sentence together. NEWAY CUL*R. ;-)
  13. Sorry! I mistyped Lawgistics. Try Googling them - they brag all over about how they've saved garages.
  14. I'm not an expert by any means but I've spent a lot of hours on a similar question. I would suggest you buy The Consumer Survival Handbook (Ebook) advertised above and also the Pearl & Goodman book usually advertised left - make sure you get the latest edition ( mine was 2008!). I expect that you will soon meet Lawgisitics a solicitors firm which will try to bully you. Be careful if they ask you to return the vehicle because it's a ploy to prevent you recovering your money. They will say that you have "deemed to have it repaired." They are dreadful bullies against consumers and usually win and brag about it on the Internet. Don't give in to them but be polite or a judge won't like it. I'm off to court soon with my retailer and Lawgistics have disappeared. Look them up - they're all over the Internet bragging. Good luck!
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