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  1. Was told by CAB last week to wait until trading standards had been in touch. As its now over a week and still waiting I rang CAB again this morning and was told trading standards would not contact me its now up to me to use the courts for redress. This trader has been selling like this for many years under the noises of trading standards and nothing is done to stop him, he tells you it was a trade sale and no guarantee is given and no deposits returned under any circumstances. He also claims membership of a trade association, but he is not a member, the association tell me they are tak
  2. Hello Ford, Unfortunately I do not have the original add.
  3. Many thanks for your reply, Sold at market value, to a couple of pensioners so not a business, he is shifty all right, and I can think of a few other things I would like to say but not on here. I have been doing my homework on this bloke, I have found someone who was in business with him a few years ago, and what he had to say was not good news for us. Not sure if I would be likely to get a full refund so going for some compensation, and even if we get nothing back getting him shut down is the name of the game!. If we end up trying to repair this ourselves I might come back to you to
  4. Many thanks for your reply, I thought that about trade sales but needed confirmation, person I spoke with at CAB said same, but said wait until you speak with Trading Standards. It was a very nice caravan with all the defects very cleverly hidden, not a metion of trade sale or spares or repair in two meetings. This is the wording (in very small letters) on the bottom of the sales invoice which you don't see until after you have paid: All items are sold as trade sale / sor and with no warranty given or implied as with all of our items over 10 years old. Items are sold as spares o
  5. Update on my first post, I have sent two letters to the caravan dealer stating the van was not fit for purpose and asking for my money back or repairs paid for, the first letter was ignored the second got a reply: He states that he offers no warranty on any sales of caravans over 10 years old and they are sold for spares or repair and are trade sales it was in very small letters at the bottom of my sales invoice not very easy to see. There was no mention of this when we went to view the caravan, nothing on the advertisment on his web site I have been told by CAB not to touch the van. n
  6. Hi Labrat, Many thanks for your advice, just about to send out a registered letter asking for the damp to be repaired and paid for by them!. If its done by a large dealership the cost will exceed the value of the van and I don't trust the seller with the work unless I sit watching how they do it!. so I will look for cash and do the work myself, as you found out cost of labour high cost of materials fairly low so it should not be that costly but at least three or four weeks work for me, and I am in retirement so I have the time.
  7. I have just purchased a second hand caravan, I had the van inspected by a MCEA approved technician at the dealers and no serious faults were found. But very shortly after purchase somebody pointed out a non standard wall in the bathroom, taking his advice I decide to have a new inspection done by a different technician, and its not good, serious damp in the bathroom and front walls conservative estimate about twelve months use before it starts to fall apart unless lots of money spent. The walls had been expertly covered by a faced board in order to hide the damp,the normal metre with two p
  8. With regard to my first post, on the payment history statement on the claim for possession form, it stated that on the 22/9/08 the arrears were £830.55. I have an arrears statement in front of me, on the 22/9/08 I made a debit card payment of £470 so the arrears figure at the end of the day was £360.55, on the 25/9/08 I received a letter saying that a £50 arrears management fee applied to the account on the 29/8/08 was applied in error and was refunded, so the true arrears on the 22/9/08 was £310.55 so in july 09 the document for the court shows £830.55 arrears on the 22/9/08, so the payment o
  9. We have a secured loan with SPPL, in 2008 we missed two payments but made overpayments during the year, at the start of 2009 the arrears were £351, our monthly payment was £330 so we were just over one month in arrears, early in 2009 we missed another payment but we kept up the payments for the next few months and paid over the required amount, in july of 2009 they started a claim for possession in the County Court this was the paticulars of their claim: Payment History Date * Due * Payment * Arrears 22/9/08 *£830.55* 0.00 * £830.55 1/5/09 *£286.74 *0.00 * £1140.30 1/6/09 *£286.7
  10. They told me the same thing, we cannot increase the balance of the loan as we are not the owners of the debt but the adminstrators, they put far more on the balance in fines and charges than capitalisation of arrears would have done.
  11. dj1971 Many thanks for that, SAR letter going today, been trying to get our money back for two and a half years we have a good case for mis-sold I was self employed and my partner reached retirement age twelve months after loan taken out and both of us had existing medical conditions that were not discussed. Usual thing if you do not take the PPI we will not agree the loan also told if we settled early most of the PPI would be returned as a rebate, settled after two years less than half rebated, been using a Solicitor for twelve months originally on a no win no fee now wants 25% of a
  12. Need a bit of help, fighting for refund of mis-sold PPI , loan taken in 2003 settled 2005, settlement made after sale of property by solicitor, need more details of final settlement (refund of PPI and early settlement interest, early settlement and any other charges), letter sent to lender in August still waiting for a response as they have ignored letters in the past I do not think I will get one, would an SAR give me the information?, and is it to late to ask for one?. Many thanks in advance mhbw3043
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