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  1. Bank (HSBC) apparently can only dispute it after the transaction was done. Website where the ticket was bought: Trainline.fr - the homepage looks nice and is Web Accessible to a good standard, but once you go through the booking things change, even I can see that. Surely switching the departure station and destination station around is not a big fix for a ticket seller. The journey remains effectively the same.
  2. Hi, My relative attempted to book a train ticket from destination A to destination B in the EU. Instead she bought it in reverse from destination B to A, the prices are the same either way. Immediately after purchase she contacted the website to adjust the error. She was told she made a mistake and that the tickets are non-refundable entirely blaming her for the error. However, I am not sure the error on the ticket was entirely her fault. 1) She has a disability and found the website was confusing and difficult to use. There were web accessibility problems. Web accessib
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