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  1. What planet did you emerge from??? Looking at your comments it would appear you work and side for the franchise dealer in question and also have no idea about legislation. The dealer knew all about the issue when they offered their PX valuation and nor did they share this. They too have also signed a contract at handover and only now some 3 months following conclusion of the sale do they come chasing my son for a shortfall following sale at auction. Would they be calling me to offer a refund had the car fetched more at Auction. I think not!!!
  2. Good evening all, Once again another idiot joins a forum and offers no assistance whatsoever. Today I have received a copy of the HPI check from the dealer dated September 2017 and it did indeed show the vehicle was a total loss previously but damaged repairable. The valuation in September showed the vehicle as a minimum value of £2400 given what was established during this check so the dealer offered £100 less than book. My case in argument now is that the valuation was based on what they knew from the start. This hasn’t just presented itself when the car went off to auction. In my opinion no redress should be payable and if need be I would go to court over this as their HPI check and subsequent valuation is time and date stamped prior to the conclusion of the contract. In other words someone in the dealership has cocked up on this one because to the best of our knowledge as the car was purchased privately we knew nothing of any previous damage or total loss.
  3. Here’s the content of their letter; This letter is our final request for you to make payment towards the sale by auction of your part exchange used in the purchase of SEAT LEON XxxxxxX. We bought the vehicle in good faith from you as part of the concluding sale of the SEAT LEON. You signed to confirm, both on our purchase invoice and on the order form that the vehicle Toyota Iq2 XxxxxX had not been involved in any accident resulting in a Total Loss Claim. The vehicle as listed and received is in fact a total loss vehicle (Information supplied by Experian HPI). Therefore, the information you signed and gave us was in fact incorrect. Due to the incorrect information both verbally and written given by yourself, the vehicle was valued above its actual worth. We valued the vehicle as described at £2300. When given the Total Loss Claim the actual monies received via auction were £1800. We request that you pay us the difference of £500 in the next 7 days to prevent further action. By further action I mean, collection via the County Court where charges will also apply. Please contact me on the number or email above to arrange for payment or if you required any proofs, i.e. HPI check, Purchase Invoice, Receipt of Funds from the Auction House. Yours sincerely
  4. Long story short, 18 yr old son purchased a brand new car in October and as part of the deal the dealer offered him £2300 for his PX without seeing the car but I assume they ran a valuation on it and HPI check etc at time of quoting the PX figures etc..... This week my son has just received an email and recorded letter from the dealership headed final before legal requesting he pays £500 to the dealership as the PX only fetched £1800 at auction as a consequence of the car having apparently been written off under Cat D damage that my son had no knowledge of having bought the PX privately about 18 months ago. Surely the dealership has no grounds for redress given that they would of been aware of the cars history when they provided us with the PX price? Secondly had the car fetched more than £2300 at auction would they be writing to me to say they they owe me the difference over and above the PX valuation? I somewhat highly doubt it. They are saying my son signed to say the PX had not been involved in any accidents and was not subject to outstanding finance or being written off but he genuinely didn’t know that the vehicle has been previously written off as damaged but repairable. Can anyone offer advice as surely the purchase was concluded back in October and the PX provided by the dealership is a risk that all dealers / traders take especially as the car ended up going to auction.
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