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  1. I am in the process of requesting a chargeback, I just think it is wrong that the retailer can breach the consumer regulations without consequence unless the customer can afford to take them to court. CAB are useless they mis informed me initially and now agree that I am within my rights but are unable to help me get my money back. Let’s hope the chargeback is successful
  2. I have emailed and written to retailer. They say they will only repair or replace.
  3. This is the latest reply from CAB - apparently my TS do not act for individual cases . Thank you for your e mail about case reference number xxx Thanks for updating us about your problem. We understand that the trader is still refusing to refund you as they believe that you are not entitled to this and that you would like for Trading Standards to either contact yourself or the trader to confirm what you are entitled to. If the trader in question has a build-up of offences which have been registered with the consumer service and Trading Standards, Trading Standards may cons
  4. If CAB are correct in what they have said above that I can only request a repair or replacement not a refund for the faulty item.
  5. No they have simply replied with what I have posted above that’s why I’m confused x
  6. Do you mean cab? Yes they know it was purchased online x
  7. This is the response from citizens advice bureau - it is no longer possible to contact TS directly, it has to be made via CAB. Dear Mrs xxx, Thank you for your enquiry to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service. Your reference number is - xxx We are very sorry to hear of your issue with an inflatable airtrack from Xxx . Several emails were sent to the trader at their request. They have offered a repair or replacement instead of the requested refund. Your rights and obligations Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, all goods supplied by a trader must be of a satisfac
  8. Thank you, that’s great I meant which address for TS x
  9. Just wondering which is the best way to proceed with this.? A chargeback via my bank or report to trading standards. Also which address should I use the one detailed on the website or the one that the company emailed me? Thank you x The website address is london the one emailed to me is Llandudno x
  10. hi i explained the advice that i was given in the earlier posts eg that under the cra i am entitled to return a faulty item for a refund etc etc. I agree dragon fly !! Thank you both xx
  11. Hi I explained the above via email to them and this is his response. “your track was custom made to order it is in our terms and condition and is in our returns policy if the track is faulty we will refund or we reserve the right to repair the track if we can and return it, if you would like trading standards to contact me I am more than happy to explain custom made items and my right to them , but im quite sure they already no thanks “
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