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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone I don't think there is anything can be done aboit this situation but I thought I would ask. My daughter booked a last minute caravan break at the weekend from a private owner who rents her caravan on a caravan site. She paid £50 bond and £40 per night for four nights. The caravan was not like the photo's she advertised as the pictures must have been from a few years ago. The van was dirty, loose electric radiators propped against the wall, fridge seemed warm, flooring a trip hazard, these are just a few things as the list is endless. My daughter took photo's
  2. I bought a caravan in August 2016, during the process was somewhat misled with the purchase and how beneficial it could be. I can afford the repayments, but unfortunately the information we was given on purchase wasn't 100% accurate and our homework wasn't as thorough as it could be, so now we are in a position where we cannot afford the site fees for the caravan and are now looking at the caravan being evicted off the park. This however leaves us in a bad spot as there is nowhere else for thee caravan to go, and moving it off site is expensive. The whole game is wrapped right
  3. I know this is only small change but we went on holiday in August and put a £50 deposit down on a caravan (private owned) this was to cover costs of any damage refundable upon return home as long as there wasn't any damage. It was forgotton about till I mentioned it to the wife in late October she checked her bank and noticed it hadn't been paid back so she text the women who was away on holiday out of the country till early December and said she would check herself when she got back. We got a text message on the 17th December apologising saying she had checked and noticed she hadn't
  4. I have just purchased a second hand caravan, I had the van inspected by a MCEA approved technician at the dealers and no serious faults were found. But very shortly after purchase somebody pointed out a non standard wall in the bathroom, taking his advice I decide to have a new inspection done by a different technician, and its not good, serious damp in the bathroom and front walls conservative estimate about twelve months use before it starts to fall apart unless lots of money spent. The walls had been expertly covered by a faced board in order to hide the damp,the normal metre with two p
  5. Hi, I have a family living in a caravan on my land. What notice do I have to serve before applying to the County Court for a possession order. I understand it is a Trespass Notice. Many thanks.
  6. My elderly relatives have purchased a static caravan near the coast for retirement but have had some issues and I was hoping someone here with a sharper brain than mine could help as they are old and very distressed after spending a huge chunk of life savings. The caravan is only 18 months old but already starting to rust away. They were hoping that it would last at least 15 years which is what was promised when sold. The site have written to them stating that the caravan is indeed faulty but as they had no knowledge of this at the time of sale they feel that the caravan was sold in
  7. brought our caravan on finance through evergreen finance ltd in august 2014, have paid on time no problem every month, but its starting to get a bit much, as our situation has changed, my health has changed my benefits have changed yet and we are struggling. have spoken to evergreen and they say no way can they help other than to defer payment for up to three months then for the next three will have to pay double to catch up. they refuse to let us pay less and over a longer time saying you signed the agreement that's it. that if I want out of the agreement I will have to sto
  8. Last year at a show in Oct we ordered a Kampa Air Ace porch awning with an electric pump for our caravan paying for it with a Barclaycard. We changed our minds the next day and ordered a bigger awning plus an awning carpet paying the balance with the same card. The awning and carpet arrived in November. We were only able to erect the awning at end of November for 1 night and all seemed well, however on first use we found the carpet to be faulty and returned it. This was exchanged for another type of carpet. Both carpets are "custom made" in bulk for this particula
  9. Gregory Transport, (Somerset), wants caravans banned between the hours of 6am and 6pm in the months of July and August. Wouldn't it be more sensible to ban lorries during those time and even more sensible to ban lorries from taking a couple of miles to overtake another lorry so blocking the road. I think there are a lot of caravaners, (and non caravaners), who might have something to say about that. The man is demented.
  10. I want to purchase a static caravan with cash, so no purchase repayments. Neither do I want to make a profit. I see it as 'buying memories'. Does anyone have any experience of renting a caravan out to cover the ground rent and insurance costs? Is this a realistic ambition? thanks.
  11. Hi all, This is probably a unusual one, we bought a small caravan site 12 months ago, 45% of owners were unhappy with ownership and 40% wanted to actively sell their units, during the past 12 months things have changed and only 2 units wish to sell, they have been up for sale with an estate agent (we don't take commission or any fee at all) one of the units wishes for us to buy back their unit. we got 2 local dealers to come in and give us a price both were £24,000 & £25,000 this unit was bought 7 years ago for £170,000 it's a holiday unit only, now
  12. long story short ! caravan purchased on finance agreement. then refinanced to pay for move to another site. been on new site for over 5 years, but due to health and financial issues, defaulted on payments over six months ago. then got a short letter saying defaulted and for 'key to vehicle' to be returned [!] at this point it would appear the finance company didnt know it was a caravan, not a car. have paid more than the required % that means they have to apply to court for return. now been issued with court date to say seeking return of vehicle and costs to remove and court cost
  13. I packed my caravan away for winter on a registered caravan storage site. Yesterday I went to the site and pulled the cover off only to find a 9 inch dent and scratch on the side. It is clear that the owners to the caravan next to me had done the damage, there is even a scratch to the bumper which is the same height etc to the damaged to my caravan. The owner of the site spoke to the owners of the caravan and surprise surprise they denied ever damaging my van ,but they noticed that my cover had a rip to it. They must of noticed that when they where looking at the damage they had done!!
  14. As owners of a static caravan for the past two years, returning to caravan at start of season, we were flabbergasted to find, amongst other problems, what can only be described as a drawer or door handle screwed to the wall of the bedroom above the bunk bed along with a few stickers warning of maximum weight age etc. Next morning we told the site office who looked surprised and were clueless as to how it got there. The site has keys for the caravans so we pointed out they must have given someone access, they said they would investigate. Next news was they remembered letter f
  15. Hi I have had a new caravan on order since October 2012 order direct for manufacturer we asked for delivery early April this year as we use it for specific sporting events, after chasing them we were told 16 April that came and went then told beginning of May that has passed now told late June but no firm date, my issue is that we have now paid out for 3 hotels for 3 events booked a site at £135 for the next race in 2 weeks but will not have the van, we were due in Europe this week that has been canceled, ferry's are booked for Europe for Mid June but we still do not expect to have the van,
  16. In August of 2011 I bought a holiday chalet that was advertised on Ebay. The chalet was sold to me under pressure because they ‘apparently’ had somebody waiting in the sidelines ready to buy it if I didn’t……I Know! It’s a well known sales tactic and I shouldn’t have fallen for it. However, I did, now I’m tearing my hair out and feel a fool! I was presented with the ‘licence’ to read while I was in his car being driven to the site office to then arrange the handover and change of ownership. When in the site office they offered me no advice to dissuade me from buying the chalet and calml
  17. Hi, my Dad purchased a static caravan in October 2012. He purchased it for £37,000 with £16,000 of their own funds and the balance on a Hire Purchase agreement with Black Horse. Black Horse being the finance company that the caravan site dealt with. In January he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is now looking to sell the caravan as they will need the funds for more important purposes. The Black Horse agreement states that one third of the loan needs to be paid before the caravan can be sold. However, the sales chap at the caravan site who sold them
  18. We have been given a static caravan on a site we were already sited on. The site owner has qouted £500 to disconnect and remove our original caravan. However, he is charging us an additional £500 for transfer of the caravan we were given by my parents. In the park regulations it says family members pay 15 percent of the cost price to the site. As there was no payment involved for the ownership of this caravan, our we within our rights to quibble this charge. No other work has been mentioned, or needed. The caravan will be taken over by us, exactly as it was left, all connected etc
  19. Morning all My husband and I have owned a static caravan at a large commercial holiday park for 4 years now. We have, since the very first year, had problems with the park's drains and septic tanks whereby the tanks are not sufficiently able to handle the amount of sewage passing through them and, as a result, raw sewage has erupted from the ground a couple of meters from our caravan on many occasions, where my 2 young children play. When there has been heavy rain, this has only made the problem worse. The story is a long one, but at this point I would be very glad of some advice
  20. How much of a hold does a site owner have when trying to move to another site,
  21. Don't know if anybody knows the answer to this. If a holiday caravan or lodge park claims to be a member of a trade association and included the trade association logo on its website, what's the procedure when a park is suspended? Should they still be showing the logo to say they are members? Any comments gratefully received
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