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  1. Thank you Andy but it is now resolved. It was on facebook and she was a verified owner but she finally gave her money back after my daughter put the pictures of the van on facebook. She has learnt her lesson for booking through someone on facebook but it was a last minute decision to go so asked for caravans on facebook. Many thanks Alamand
  2. Hi everyone I don't think there is anything can be done aboit this situation but I thought I would ask. My daughter booked a last minute caravan break at the weekend from a private owner who rents her caravan on a caravan site. She paid £50 bond and £40 per night for four nights. The caravan was not like the photo's she advertised as the pictures must have been from a few years ago. The van was dirty, loose electric radiators propped against the wall, fridge seemed warm, flooring a trip hazard, these are just a few things as the list is endless. My daughter took photo's
  3. Hi Guys I emailed Matt Dixon regarding the t.v explaining I wasn't happy and I would like a new one and not a repaired one. I stated their obligations under Consumer Law and that they were the retailer and so should be dealing with the matter and not put the onus on the customer to sort it out. I received a reply with the usual apologies etc. but they did agree to a replacement t.v plus 15% off the price and a £45 good will gesture. Thank you Stu for the email address, its just a shame that Very's cust.services are so shocking. I do not think I will be ordering big el
  4. Thanks guys I've emailed Very a couple of times on each occasion they email back to ring customer services each time they say they cannot do anything until LG send them an invoice with the cost of repair. I have sent them an email that I will no longer ring cust.serv. that all correspondence must be by email or letter that I am not accepting a repaired t.v that I want a new t.v or refund. I have stated their obligations under the Consumer Rights Act and that they are the retailer and not LG. I received an email saying that it needed to be passed higher for t
  5. Thanks Ford Its dificult with mail order, their Cust Services are abroad and they just follow their sheets, would never buy anything like that normally but the offer was a lot cheaper than Currys etc, turns out not that good a deal.
  6. Very stated that because it was over 30 days, I had to deal with LG. they gave me their number to sort it.
  7. This is the problem, Very are saying the start day is the order date( 29/10 )and not the delivery date(11/11 ), so when reported it was longer than 30 days from order date even though I was only in the possession of the tv for 3 weeks.
  8. Hi Andy Which section am I needing? Some sections say that if its been returned for repairing, you cannot ask for a replacement. I asked for a replacement but they said no and I had to return it to LG. Regards Alamand
  9. I have purchased an LG tv from Very and it is faulty. I ordered the tv on the 29th October and it was delivered from the manufacturer on the 11th November. It started being faulty a week or so later by the sound going off and then a few days later the screen went blue, no picture but had sound. I rang Very on the 5th December who said it was outside the 4 weeks window to send it back because they count the warranty start date as the order date (29th Oct) not the delivery date (7thNov) and I had to ring the manufacture LG to sort it out which I did and they picked it up on the 13
  10. No I didn't, I have been reading a lot on the net and don't think you can but I am ringing them about a small little pension from years ago so I will mention it then. Alamand
  11. Thank you for your replies. I think I will leave it alone. It was just an enquiery as I have had to finish work thru ill health and am just looking to try and sort my finances out, with just 3 years left on my mortgage I was just looking if I could get any capital to pay it off. Alamand
  12. Thank you. I will ring the advisory service for advice. I didn't think it would be possible, but thought I would ask, as you say there has been a lot of changes. Alamand
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