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Found 7 results

  1. In September 2013 BT negligently deleted 9 years of my emails, the emails contained information and evidence on a project that I had been working on, there were also attachments to emails and details of contacts that were also lost/deleted. I duly complained to BT and followed the requirements set out in their complaints procedure, unfortunately BT did not. Subsequent to which I reported the loss of emails to the Information Commissioner in the hope they would take an interest, the breach of the Data Protection Act as defined on their website seemed to have been satisfied. I was at all times told by BT that my telephone conversation was recorded which gave me some comfort, short lived when I found out this was untrue. At the end of the 'in house' procedure I was offered £100 as a 'good will' gesture, this I declined and reported my complaint to the Ombudsman Service-Communications(OSC) which meant my complaint was now Negligence and Maladministration against BT, I had spoken to the OSC at some considerable length to ensure that the nature of my complaint was within their remit and established that it was. The OSC, outside their suggested time scale, issued their 'adjudication' which was/is flawed in many respects in that they claim that my contract for telephone and Broadband services with BT did not include email, which it does/did. The report also blamed the 'negligent acts of BT on a 'system failure' which would/could not have been possible. The maladministration of the OSC that I have been obliged to deal with was/is worse than that suffered during my dealings with BT. I obtained a copy of the BT 'call log' that contains 135 entries and refers to failed 'call backs', in fact there were 27 failed call backs which resulted in 54 telephone calls from me to BT, each call took 40 minutes to get through to a person and even than not the right person. Subsequent events required that I must now issue a further complaint this time to the Independent Assessor who reviews action of the OSC, he found in my favour on a number of issues concerning Maladministration although he cannot review the findings of the OSC or their methodology. The conclusion now is that the service available for complaining about negligence of your Internet Service Provider(ISP) is not fit for purpose, a further complaint now lodged with my MP for progress through the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman whilst still attempting to obtain a meaningful reply from the OSC regarding the false and misleading assertions contained in their adjudication, so far only the 'system failure' has been dropped and false reference to evidence that did not exist also seems to be admitted. Clearly I now need some help and any suggestions would be welcome. As to the value of my claim, this has yet to be discussed or assessed but the 9 years work was done whilst I became disabled and now suffer with COPD (respiratory dis-function) and the work can never be replicated or replaced.
  2. I want to purchase a static caravan with cash, so no purchase repayments. Neither do I want to make a profit. I see it as 'buying memories'. Does anyone have any experience of renting a caravan out to cover the ground rent and insurance costs? Is this a realistic ambition? thanks.
  3. As owners of a static caravan for the past two years, returning to caravan at start of season, we were flabbergasted to find, amongst other problems, what can only be described as a drawer or door handle screwed to the wall of the bedroom above the bunk bed along with a few stickers warning of maximum weight age etc. Next morning we told the site office who looked surprised and were clueless as to how it got there. The site has keys for the caravans so we pointed out they must have given someone access, they said they would investigate. Next news was they remembered letter from swift asking for owners details, site told them they could not give out personal details, so, site claimed swift must have done it. But how did they gain entry. They said they would investigate. Next news...they thought it might be another caravan owner having the work done and it may be a case of they got the wrong caravan, but.. How did they get in? Oh yes,...they will contact swift. In the meantime £ 50 has been credited to our account for good will gesture... Not admittance of guilt, we made clear it was not taken as acceptance of issues sorted. Last news.. It was something to do with health and safety and the callback of the caravans.it could not have been site because they would not have made mess nor would have the stickers that were used, we pointed out again that someone must of had a key, it sounds like tresspassing, the handle is a hazard for children's arms as it is only slightly wider than a pound coin away from the wall., and we would contact swift... the site then said they would contact swift again as they had only spoken to some girl who wasn't high up just first contact person. Still waiting for call back from site, manager away untill tue..hmmm. If anyone could understand all that and could comment on safety laws on bunks or site owners obligations towards use of spare keys or tresspassing laws for static caravans. Tried googling this problem and nothing comes up, cannot even find evidence of caravans being recalled for bunk issues. Thanks for reading if you got this far lol
  4. In August of 2011 I bought a holiday chalet that was advertised on Ebay. The chalet was sold to me under pressure because they ‘apparently’ had somebody waiting in the sidelines ready to buy it if I didn’t……I Know! It’s a well known sales tactic and I shouldn’t have fallen for it. However, I did, now I’m tearing my hair out and feel a fool! I was presented with the ‘licence’ to read while I was in his car being driven to the site office to then arrange the handover and change of ownership. When in the site office they offered me no advice to dissuade me from buying the chalet and calmly took my £50 handover fee. If they would have asked me the simple question, have you read the licence conditions? Or do you know that the chalets have a very short life? I would have backed out immediately. I feel very disgruntled about the way I was conned and feel that the site manager, who has now been sacked because of dishonesty, was in on the deal with the chap who sold me the chalet......where was the 'duty of care' on this site? I found out about the huge mistake I made a few days after I bought the chalet. I learned from chalet neighbours that all of the approx. 20 chalets on the site were in fact doomed and were going to be demolished in 2015/16 to enable the park owners to have only static caravans on the site as it was far more lucrative for them. Far too late I know, I read the licence and sure enough, it did say that the licence would expire in 2015. I immediately knew that I’d been conned and of course, felt a fool. I went to see a solicitor about trying to get my money back but was basically told that I had very little chance of getting my money back. So I just accepted that I’d been conned and accepted my fate, and got on with it! However, only a few months ago, a couple of weeks after I had paid the site fees for 2013 season, I became very poorly and lost my well paid job. I decided that I must sell the chalet so I approached the site office to get permission to advertise it and to ask them if they would extend the licence a couple of years to increase my chances of selling it, they said I could sell it but refused to extend the licence, even though there is a chalet next door that has two more years on their licence! This annoyed me as I know that they will only start demolishing the chalets when all the chalet licences have expired. I then called the sites head office to ask them why they wouldn’t extend the licence to improve my chances of selling it I spoke to his secretary and I put this question to her “I know that I won’t be able to pay the £3.600+ fees due in October this year I am now a pensioner and my income is less than 10k so what happens if I can’t sell the chalet?, to which she just replied, “Well, we’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it won’t we?” Not very helpful at all! Despite only asking a couple of thousand for ownership of the chalet and even offering to give it away to another interested party, nobody wants it! The costs of owning the chalet and paying site fees, council tax, insurance, gas, elec and water, amounting to approximately £4.500 pa just to be on the plot frightens them off! I don’t know what to do now. How do I stand if when the invoice demanding £3600 comes in October this year arrives? Please help!
  5. We have been given a static caravan on a site we were already sited on. The site owner has qouted £500 to disconnect and remove our original caravan. However, he is charging us an additional £500 for transfer of the caravan we were given by my parents. In the park regulations it says family members pay 15 percent of the cost price to the site. As there was no payment involved for the ownership of this caravan, our we within our rights to quibble this charge. No other work has been mentioned, or needed. The caravan will be taken over by us, exactly as it was left, all connected etc. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. New user on this forum.
  6. Morning all My husband and I have owned a static caravan at a large commercial holiday park for 4 years now. We have, since the very first year, had problems with the park's drains and septic tanks whereby the tanks are not sufficiently able to handle the amount of sewage passing through them and, as a result, raw sewage has erupted from the ground a couple of meters from our caravan on many occasions, where my 2 young children play. When there has been heavy rain, this has only made the problem worse. The story is a long one, but at this point I would be very glad of some advice as to where to turn next. We have complained many times to the park itself. The General Manager of 2011/2012 (there has been a new one every year we have been there!) approached Head Office. They shirked all responsibility. I then wrote to the General Manager and sent in photos. Still nothing. I then turned to the British Homes and Holiday Parks Association. It said that if offered an arbitration service. I forwarded them the letter and photographs, along with a further letter and further photographs of another eruption. Far from "arbitrating" they simply sent my letters and form to the General Manager of my park! Whose response to my pages and pages of letters and photos was half an A4 piece of paper, basically saying "sorry, not our fault". The BHHPA then simply wrote to me and said "here is their reply, we take it this is an end to your needing us". To say I am angry is an understatement. We are selling our caravan this year (assuming we can!) as it has caused so much stress, plus the now extortionate ground rent is simply too much for us to find each month. In any event .... is anyone able to assist with some advice re my next step? I simply don't know where to turn to next. I was going to write to the Head Office myself, as their only correspondence so far has been through the General Manager, but not sure this will do any good. Is there anyone out there who actually sets the rules and regulations that the park owners have to abide by? Many thanks for your help. Victoria
  7. How much of a hold does a site owner have when trying to move to another site,
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