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  1. On 12th August I posted that BT had negligently deleted 9 years work by deleting my emails and the complaint went through the BT 'in house' complaints procedure which did not comply with their published 'rules' and maladministration took place. I then sent the complaint to the Ombudsman Service-Communications(OSC) to review, they are the appointed Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) expecting that they would review the procedure only to find that the maladministration at the OSC was worse than that suffered from BT, I then complained to the Independent Assessor(IA) who found in my favour.
  2. I refer to the regulator of ISP's rather than email in isolation, email forms part of my contract for telephone and broadband service and in this case BT, my ISP, is in breach of contract.
  3. The main point I am trying to make here is that there is no regulator regulating. When the emails were deleted I checked with other ISP's as to what the 'industry norm' was, the people I spoke to said reinstate the webmail to where it was, this was not done by BT neither was it attempted, instead what they did do was abuse my trust when I agreed to 'screen share' with BT NOT computer share. When BT put programs on my computer without my specific consent they were in breach of trust and I believe the Data Protection Act. The Law, as I understand it, makes BT the expert not me, I paid BT for a
  4. I assume that you have read the 'thread' and I am grateful for any constructive input. I used the emails daily, I have a copy of my 'sent box' it was the 'in box' that was deleted. The emails were used every day and had been so for 9 years, the loss of email was reported to BT on the day they were deleted.
  5. Thanks for your continued interest, this happened in September 2013 and is something I became more aware of, after the event. On the BT website there was a guarantee that no email would be lost as a result of the change from Yahoo to BT. I can and have produced emails that confirm my conversations with both BT and Yahoo, all 135 of them. The customer service that is available from BT is terrible and clearly designed to make you so fed up that you give up and go away, the problem here is that I not going to give up and go anywhere until BT stop telling lies and the OSC start to regulate and s
  6. I am no longer a customer of BT, thankfully. I used the email daily and had done so for 9 years+, this was a clear act of negligence by BT who deleted the emails twice, once when they changed from Yahoo to BT and again when they put email into a program that was not compatible with my operating system.
  7. Thanks for your interest, the problem is that it happened and nobody seems to understand how or why. This was BT negligence, twice over and as long as there is no regulation by Ombudsman Services Communications(OSC) BT will continue ignore justifiable complaints by BT thanks to their poor/non-existent customer services, unfortunately the service from the OSC is equally poor and non-existent.
  8. This was not possible, I had an IT expert with me and we tried various things. The problem was that the email were deleted from my webmail, never to be seen again. I explained this to BT and asked that they return the email, to my webmail, this they failed to do. The emails simply 'melted' after being read. The emails were deleted in error secondly put into outlook express with no contacts listed and no possibility of moving them because of the corruption that had then taken place.
  9. Many thanks for your interest, clearly there is more to the story than I could put on entry. For 9 years I had the emails safely stored by the BT website that promised secure and unlimited storage of emails, the email could easily have been recovered by BT and returned to my webmail, however BT chose to open Outlook Express on my computer during a 'screen sharing' session, without my permission. At the time all of this was going on I was speaking with my IT expert and learned that Outlook Express was not compatible with Windows 7, although I could see the entire list
  10. In September 2013 BT negligently deleted 9 years of my emails, the emails contained information and evidence on a project that I had been working on, there were also attachments to emails and details of contacts that were also lost/deleted. I duly complained to BT and followed the requirements set out in their complaints procedure, unfortunately BT did not. Subsequent to which I reported the loss of emails to the Information Commissioner in the hope they would take an interest, the breach of the Data Protection Act as defined on their website seemed to have been satisfi
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