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  1. Ohhh yes he should have informed us...what on earth made him think he could give someone permission to do work in our van then spend 2 months lying and scratching his head, standing with us discussing ways it might of happened, telling us swift have no idea who did it, when all the time it was him who they phoned.!!! Absolutely unbelievable . Couldn't believe it when lady on phone said his name, did he not think at some point we would contact swift, I'd already threatened to, no wonder he looked like he'd had a visit from the chocolate button fairy when I suggested I would try and phone swift myself now to get to the bottom of what's really going on in this site, do management know what he's up to. Now....I wonder if conniff also has an email address for Bourne leisure MD
  2. Had phone call from lady at swift who has just informed me that she was the actual person who spoke to the site in november to tell them the date the swift engineer would be entering our caravan with their own key to screw safety handle to wall and were told that would be ok. Now....this person she spoke to was the same person who stood scratching his head wondering how it had got there, the same person that told us he had been talking to swift, when the lady on the phone sounded very surprised to hear he had phoned them, hmmm they record phone calls and write notes...the same person that was trying to think of ways it could of got there, for example, case of another caravan owner having another job done and got caravan mixed up!!!
  3. Yet another broad church fan. Cannot wait for the second one, brilliant
  4. He is not actually calling back, he delegated the task, perhaps I shouldn't of emailed him at 1.30 this morning :/ . I only sent my number in the last hour, i've been out. But to be fair, they were very swift to send 2 emails before 9.30. Hehe pun intended
  5. Oops. He replied at 6.10 this morning, hope I didn't spoil his morning coffee. Sent phone number so waiting for call from customer sales office. It's like waiting for the last episode of broad church :/
  6. Me too!!! All I can say is watch this space lol thanks for your interest
  7. As owners of a static caravan for the past two years, returning to caravan at start of season, we were flabbergasted to find, amongst other problems, what can only be described as a drawer or door handle screwed to the wall of the bedroom above the bunk bed along with a few stickers warning of maximum weight age etc. Next morning we told the site office who looked surprised and were clueless as to how it got there. The site has keys for the caravans so we pointed out they must have given someone access, they said they would investigate. Next news was they remembered letter from swift asking for owners details, site told them they could not give out personal details, so, site claimed swift must have done it. But how did they gain entry. They said they would investigate. Next news...they thought it might be another caravan owner having the work done and it may be a case of they got the wrong caravan, but.. How did they get in? Oh yes,...they will contact swift. In the meantime £ 50 has been credited to our account for good will gesture... Not admittance of guilt, we made clear it was not taken as acceptance of issues sorted. Last news.. It was something to do with health and safety and the callback of the caravans.it could not have been site because they would not have made mess nor would have the stickers that were used, we pointed out again that someone must of had a key, it sounds like tresspassing, the handle is a hazard for children's arms as it is only slightly wider than a pound coin away from the wall., and we would contact swift... the site then said they would contact swift again as they had only spoken to some girl who wasn't high up just first contact person. Still waiting for call back from site, manager away untill tue..hmmm. If anyone could understand all that and could comment on safety laws on bunks or site owners obligations towards use of spare keys or tresspassing laws for static caravans. Tried googling this problem and nothing comes up, cannot even find evidence of caravans being recalled for bunk issues. Thanks for reading if you got this far lol
  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'm back So you can all hit the sack Coz last post version 2 Has a winner...AND IT'S NOT YOU!!
  9. Hi!!! been a while but finaly heard from pension regulator for lgps, hubby has been put on tier 1!!! new doc said he unfit for work till normal retirement, and certain things were done wrong, its being backdated to his leaving date, hours spent on computer finally feels like time well spent, pension advisors for ombudsmen should do the same as they said they did nothing wrong!! duh!! employers are using the complexity of these rules. anyone thinking of giving up... don't! study, post for help, ask union, get in touch with pension place directly, tell everyone! eventually someone will listen, it will just take a while. HONEYBEE, thanks for all your hard work, and long posts :], and scouse geeser!! oh!! and new goverment saying 'we're in this together', why havn't councellor and mp members of lgps been given new rules, aka money saving tactics , if the workers have to find another job when they can't do their own, why can't they!!
  10. shouldn,t worry about it, your mother wont get anywhere, even though you slapped her, the law will protect you.
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