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Found 13 results

  1. A man who attacked a bailiff with a pick axe handle has been jailed Martin Pritchard admitted assaulting Josef Minoli who had come to his house to collect unpaid magistrates court fines. He had received a telephone call from his stepson to inform him that the bailiff was at the property looking to collect the debt. When Pritchard arrived back at his house in Wrexham, he became abusive telling Mr Minoli to ‘get the the f*** out”. He then hit the bailiff in the midriff with the pick up handle causing him to fall to the ground. The enforcement officer had been on his phone to the police during the attack. When officers arrived, Pritchard had already fled the scene, but was picked up later. Mold Crown Court heard that Pritchard had arrived back at his house with another person, assaulting the bailiff and then beginning to count down as he held the axe handle over his head. The debtor had been before the court on a number of previous occasions. Mr Pritchard's Barrister stated in court that her client had lost his temper because his step son was alone at the house. The court fine was paid later that day and this, together with the fact that Mr Pritchard’s mother was unwell and that he helped look after her children, was taken into consideration by the Judge. He was jailed for 5 months.
  2. The main chaos was all about the cowboy builder to ask the facilitating payment fraud just after the garden wall he demolished in his plan. Make long story short ( go to the paragraph 14 ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claim Case registered in March 2014. * However, Halifax assigned its panel*claims management company (LAS) 7 July 2014 handle my case. * on 7*July 2014 The loss assessors provided by LAS confirmed the two hours*appointment commencing at*4pm,*10 July 2014. * LAS emailed me with offer*£65.01*(they actively*already deducted the excess fee). This amount is very unreasonable, and I had rejected it and made request to fix the damaged. Later on, they made second offer £523.97,*I rejected it again*because I just want the damaged got fixed. * I complained to Halifax about the surveyor*non-professional behaviours because I was been advised this is essential two hours slot appointment, but*he came late nearly*1 hours, and work less than 30 minutes then leave the job without some damaged check such as leaking in shed. * On 12 August 2014, I had contacted Halifax to have follow up my complaint, and requested of another company to have re-assessment, and I had clearly request to fix the damaged by insurance and disagreed LAS suggestion to use the claim case to make a money. I also make encounter offer another £500 back to Halifax to have damaged fixed. (voice recording: Call162644.wav) * I had requested to send me the official letter if they unable to fix, then I can escalate this to ombudsman. I contacted them. However, they had no response and even no setup the complaint. * On 20 Nov 2014, I had contacted Halifax home insurance and insisted insurer to fix it, and disagree their intention to close the case. ** Insurer had closed my case, I complaint they should not close the case without my consent and should not ignored my request to keep it open until getting fix the damaged. * Finally, Halifax appointed the beta-coveXX to do the survey becasue they know they are in wrong position. I had received the email from*Beta-coveXX's Inspection and Claim reported in 25 Jan 2016, and contacted with Beta-coveXX(Mandy) about the details of*repair tasks, and she sent me the three documents which are*authorization Mandate,*Conditions of Work and*Approval Letter Nick on*27 Jan 2016. In 25 Feb 2016, I had returned three documents with signature and*with bank*cheque (22Feb2016-slip.jpg) by post to*Beta-coveXX after all parties*( Halifax/ Beta-coveXX and I) had clarified the work details. I found the cheque bank in at 26 March 2016.* * During the period from January 2016 to February 2016 , I would like emphasis that I decided to give up some tasks such as shed roof felt and its leaking*rather than reach an*impasse that Halifax only*accepted the full wall cover, and the rest of building tasks they had "successfully" avoid responsibility. * In Mid March 2016,*I was given the*Beta-coveXX staff (Pxx) mobile number to find out*when the work schedule commencing. Original work was*scheduled in early May 2016, however Pxx contacted me in late*April 2016*about the brick type issue*which*he cannot source it (this first type was proposed in 21 April 2016 with proposal date), and he requested to have second type of brick option which I had confirmed in 28 April 2016. Therefore, the schedule were finally*postpone to 25*July 2016 ( 5 days work). I had chasing*up him about the work schedule since Mid March 2016. In afternoon of 25 July 2016, after Beta-coveXX staff completed the few hours wall brick demolish, and Pxx asked £160+vat for brick release from sheffield if I want them to continue tomorrow work. I complaint this to halifax and claim team staff had struggled for an hour and finally agreed to pay it. * In 26 July 2016, I found no brick delivery, and no man to resume the work. In 28 July 2016, I contacted Beta-coveXX, they tried to be disappeared. Finally, Halifax transfer my call to talk to them and find out they had not placed the order before 26 July 2016, now told me the delivery will only take few days. Finally, I was been told this is available 9 August 2016, wasting 14 days.* * I had complaint the poor qualities of service provided Beta-coveXX, and cheating behaviour. I also requested*Halifax appoint another company to carry out the job.*Also reported the no wall causing the two*trespassing cases*issue, and requested to have temporarily wall built and cctv. However, Complaint Manager Mxx Wxxx decided to give me £100 but I*made encounter-offer to Halifax £200 (double of their compensation), and at least re-insist the temporarily wall and or cctv. However Mxx Wxxx insisted close my case and ignore my request to keep the case open until the damaged get fix. The same request I had made to Stuart, however he rejected it. * Complaint Manager ( Sxx Rxx) confirmed he*took*the decision from Personal Claim Consultant report to provide the his final decision letter. * Personal Claim Consultant( Dxx Txx) confirmed he took*the survey report from Regent Group to create his report*.* * Regent Group (Rxxx) confirmed he do “NO TEST”. He rejected to accept the £523 pounds to take over the rebuild work, and said non-sense offer. * My original complaint setup is 26 July 2016, which handled by Mxx Wxxx and she insisted to ignore my request to keep the case open and deliberate to close the case. When I complaint this again, Sxx Rxx setup as NEW case for same complaint to take advantage of 8 weeks rule setup and not accept my request to re-open the original case. During Sxx Rxx time off, I was advised to they can do the investigation more than 8 weeks, and I am not allow to put this case further (Ombudsman) until they finished the case. Finally, they took 12 weeks to issue the report to me. In fact, Mxx Wxxx, Sxx Rxx and Dxx Txx they had taken their holiday plan and leave my case aside. * The extra entities and process such as*Personal*Claim*Consultant and Regent Group, which is redundant, and interference the case.* The location of wall is now open, but*I was been*advised*by claim team staff*I have to*accompany*with Personal Consultant and Survey company*(appointed*Regent Group), otherwise dismissed my case. This caused me wasted two half days off. * In 17*Nov 2016,*Jxx from Claim department actively*proposed me to have cash*settlement by using my own*constructor, provided me the website by email**as well*as guide to find the contractors to*fulfil*their*cash settlement request (Voice Recording*from 16:34).*She understood this is difficult to find the contractor in the wintertime, and fully aware it might take 6 months and agreed this can be last to*April 2017 to have solution. * In 21 Nov 2016, *Jxx confirmed only one quotation need*(voice recording from*9:39); She confirmed Halifax cannot provided*a settlement offer even they had*estimate( voice recording from12:55). * In 31 Jan 2017, all in sudden Jxx*can make up a settlement offer and set the offer only 5 days(, then close case at 6 *Feb 2017 if I not responded.*I had responded*to her email sent on 5 Feb 2015*with quotation they requested, which fulfil what she promised in the phone (17 and 21 Nov 2016).However, afterwards Katie( help Jxx) responded she would*close*my case if they had not heard from me next 14 working days.*Next response that is final response from Natasha agreed to follow my decision the case escalate to Financial Ombudsman. The whole case last nearly 3 years.* Ombudsman response, they offered me £19XX + brick delivery is fair. It is usual the Halifax can have better rate from their business parter Beta-coveXX, the total is £39xx is lower than your quotes. Deduct the brick cost which is £18XX, the rest is £19XX...correct. Ombudsman reckoned the delay causing down to me because I had not contacted them for a while. I am going to response to Ombudsman, and request them to have review the document because the investigator have preconceived opinions which caused the ombudsman believe I actively ask for cash settlement, and I had not pay the excess, and delay the case myself. Just before ombudsman write the final decision letter, the investigator still ask me had you paid the excess( your duty)? Can I use the following ground to challenge ombudsman decision? (1)reasonable time to fix? (2)reasonable skill to fix? (3) make up premier brick cost under the business partnership? which is 1.4 times higher than the retails price you can walk-in to pay, and using this cost figure to reduce the amount you can have to fix it yourself. (4)reasonable business behaviour in Halifax to make the different offers for the same wall repairing, in my case, firstly offer me £65, then £523 and now £19xx + brick/block you fix it yourself. (5)reasonable behaviour to force customer to accept the offer otherwise close my case without notification. (6)reasonable to close my case even I had insisted to leave it open everytime they asked? (7)reasonable to sub contract the work to another contractor and this contractor to subcontract again to another one-man band without my consent/ notification? Pxx is not staff of Beta-coveXX, and the man demolished the wall is got the contract from Pxx. What I want it is only Halifax assign the repairing work to another builder to fix it. Much appreciated if you can give me the advice or your point of view. thank you!
  3. The UK has experienced some rather warm weather over the past few days. There are many ways in which to cool down, the article below list some of them.. all though a few might be just a little drastic ! Read on
  4. Hello I have various outstanding PDL loans that I've been ignoring and need advice on the best way to sort them out. I want to begin repairing my credit file ASAP. Wageday. Default £286 Not paid since Nov 15 Lending Stream. Default £507 Not paid since Sept 15 Uncle Buck Default £307 Not paid since Oct 15 Instant Cash Loans t/a Payday UK Late Payment £608 Not paid since Jun 16 I also show two settled accounts: Pixie Loans LTD and Mr Lender - both of these accounts I've received letters chasing the debts from CRS and SLL Capital. What does this mean? These two companies who the letters are from aren't on any of my credit reports. My account with Instant Cash loans hasn't defaulted. If I ring them and agree a payment plan will it default? I have already rung Uncle Buck and agreed to clear the debt in two months with a partial settlement. Was this the best thing to do? My overall objective is to prevent any CCJs. Thanks for reading
  5. Hi I have several defaults for various amounts totalling approx. £5000. For whatever reason I didn't pay my bills for several months and am now in a position to begin tackling this mess. I can probably pay off all of the debt in around nine months settling several smaller accounts within three months. Lots of the debts have been sold on to various debt collection agencies. They're offering me various discounts to write off part of the debt which I am open to for obvious reasons. However I am also keen to begin the process of rebuilding my credit rating ASAP and am wondering whether it is better to settle in full for this reason? I've also read that if you only settle partially, the remainder of the debt can be sold on which is concerning. If I decide to offer a partial settlement which is then accepted, how do I avoid that scenario? Thanks
  6. Hello I have been victim of constructive dismissal in past and been on lot of short term work - obviously trying to get permanent work I went to one place within two months offered perm role Obviously since then work been zero hour contracts - not been by choice - was told on phone by someone - you've not been in jobs long have you, seemed a bit rude - how is best way to handle next time - I said it's been lot of project based work and I would have stayed in roles if given opportunity.
  7. Hi Guys im completely new to all this and not sure what to do with this notice i recently visited a shopping complex not in my home town never saw or noticed any parking signs or meters (any obvious ones) and now i am expected to pay this fine £50 by 27th march or £85 thereafter what should i do any advice would be much appreciated im worried if i ignore it something bad will happen i am also the owner of the car my dad being the registered keeper so he received the letter thanks in advance
  8. I am trying to get my finances in order and have been reading up on forums about those who have had successes dealing with DCAs, but unfortunately my accounts don’t seem to make sense. I have four default accounts on my credit file, showing a D sign every single month on my account, but I have three payments from DCA going out of my account two I know why I am paying but PRA I don’t know what its for, and the two bank account overdrafts I have defaults for I don’t know what is happening with them and what to do. Should i send out CCA letters to all creditors including barclays and natwest? On my credit file are these four defaulted accounts Lender Idem Capital Securities Current Balance £1,868 I am paying this via direct debit reduced monthly installment at the moment, this has been passed from Agilent to Moorgate and now to Idem and I it was so long ago now I cant even remember who the original company was who I took a loan out with. Lender NWB Current Accounts Current Balance £1,691 It says I am paying £5 per month but I cannot see any standing order or direct debit going out of my account for £5 per month, so I have no idea what is going on with this account. Both Barclays & Natwest overdrafts have been passed over to DCA I am sure of it, but I am unclear on who they are or what is going on with these accounts. What shall I do? Do I chase up with the actual banks to see what information they can pull up (send SARS) Lender Barclays Bank plc Current Balance £1,590 Similar to my Natwest account, I do not have anything on my bank account showing I am paying them, yet it shows I am paying £18 per month, once again I do not know how to handle this and whether I have a DCA I am paying, I haven’t received any letters for a while and I don’t have a clue what I should do. Lender MKDP LLP Account Type Credit Card Current Balance £264 Finally I have a PRA Group direct debit set up for £8.86 per month but yet again I don’t know what debt this is for now, as it seems to have been set up some time back, with moving and getting married last year I lost a lot of paper work and I cant remember what DCA is for what account and why now. DCA payments: Idem Robinsons Way this is on my credit file under MKDP (are they the same company?)But there is nothing on my credit file saying I am dealing with Robinsons Way PRA Group £8.86 No clue whatsoever why I am paying this and for what account.
  9. I was involved in a non-fault car accident in May 2013. I sustained injuries to my lower back & left trapezius, Paramedics & Police attended. The other parties' insurance have admitted liability. I contacted my trade union (CWU), who put me in touch with a Solicitor, who has been handling the claim on a CFA basis. I had a Medico-legal report in March 2014, which supported my injuries, & the treatment sought. I have been unimpressed with the slow pace of my solicitor, all the way through the process. The solicitor who was dealing with the claim has recently gone on long-term sick leave. I have been juggled around 2 other solicitors, & Today I received an email from one of them, stating that the 2nd offer made by the insurer, is the best he feels they can get, however I have been through the MOJ Guidelines, in a consciously unbiased & reasonable manner, & I feel that the 2nd offer is low. There is also an issue with the insurer wanting to clarify treatment, which led to a letter from my solicitor to our medico-legal. The original report stated "all treatment sought is reasonable." The medico-legal has now reneged on this, stating that "the clinical massage aspect of treatment would not have been recommended..." Therefore the solicitor has now proposed that this aspect of special damages be removed, which halves this aspect of the claim, & leaves me out-of-pocket for the treatment. I have receipts for all sessions, & the lady who performs the treatments has provided her contact details, should clarity be needed. I am at my wits' end with this solicitor, can anybody let me know my options? They appear unwilling to reject the 2nd offer, & dealing with them is like pulling teeth. I'm prepared to deal directly with the insurer if this is possible, failing this is it possible to have the file transferred, or would I need to begin anew? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice on how to handle this situation with them as it's coming closer to SB, I'm not one to try and get out of paying a legitimate debt but this one was due to foul play by a 3rd party mobile phone company. Back in 2008 I was contacted by this company freefone select offering me what was a fairly good deal on the three network I took it up but very quickly realised there was still a lot of poor signal issues in the area after a bit of patience and nothing helping I decided to terminate my contract within their cooling off period as it wasn't fit for purpose and this is where the problems started..... 1) They told me they could get me out of my current contract with O2 which turned out to be 5 line letter typed in word and was in no way legally valid. 2) They then refused to give me an address to return the handset and was told if I return it to their listed office it wouldn't be returned to me. 3) I contacted three over the situation and was told the contract was with the 3rd party and not them, so why did they chase me for money not the 3rd party? Unfortunately before I could take legal action against the company they vanished! After the debt was sold on from three to lowell I received a letter stating I was now being charged for early termination which took the amount owed from £135 to £535! Lowell £ 525 23/12/2014 Default Account start date 10/10/2008 Opening balance £ 135 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 27/04/2009 Default balance £ 135 Unfortunately I can't remember what letters I've been sent over the years and stupidly don't have them anymore, could anyone advise on the best way of going forward? Would rather not end up with a CCJ on top of a damaged credit record for the last 6 years. Many thanks for any advice.
  11. Ok here goes... In 2011 i was using wonga pretty frequently, and paying back on time, i fell out of work at the end of the year and defaulted on a loan of £600. Eventually the debt was passed to mackenzie hall, and from august 2013 i started to recieve automated calls from PRA UK. Now im currently in work and want to start getting my credit rating sorted, whats the best way to deal with these lot? Note that they have my old address so i havent recieved any mail only automated calls and automated voicemails. Any help would be greatly appreciated its time i sort my financial issues out. On a side note is it worth me doing a credit check just yet? I dont want to give up my new address until i arrange a payment plan or just settle the debt.
  12. Hi, I'm brand new to this forum and this is my first post I have a VW Golf GTTDi, which is just 5 months outside of its 3 years warranty. Last week the rear passenger car door handle completely came away in my hand as I was opening the door. We took it straight away to the VW dealer we bought the car from (and plonked the handle down on the desk). They patched it back on temporarily, but basically the car needs a brand new car door handle at a total fitted cost of around £200. At the time we stated our 'discontent' at being liable for payment, based on the fact that the handle must have used sub-standard parts and should be built to last longer than 3.5 years. They contacted their Head Office who have areed to pay 50% of the cost, with another 25% being covered by the garage. Leaving us with about £50 of the bill to pay. Can I ask if that sounds reasonable to this forum, or if we should stand our ground with regards to them paying in total for this repair ? many thanks Liz
  13. As owners of a static caravan for the past two years, returning to caravan at start of season, we were flabbergasted to find, amongst other problems, what can only be described as a drawer or door handle screwed to the wall of the bedroom above the bunk bed along with a few stickers warning of maximum weight age etc. Next morning we told the site office who looked surprised and were clueless as to how it got there. The site has keys for the caravans so we pointed out they must have given someone access, they said they would investigate. Next news was they remembered letter from swift asking for owners details, site told them they could not give out personal details, so, site claimed swift must have done it. But how did they gain entry. They said they would investigate. Next news...they thought it might be another caravan owner having the work done and it may be a case of they got the wrong caravan, but.. How did they get in? Oh yes,...they will contact swift. In the meantime £ 50 has been credited to our account for good will gesture... Not admittance of guilt, we made clear it was not taken as acceptance of issues sorted. Last news.. It was something to do with health and safety and the callback of the caravans.it could not have been site because they would not have made mess nor would have the stickers that were used, we pointed out again that someone must of had a key, it sounds like tresspassing, the handle is a hazard for children's arms as it is only slightly wider than a pound coin away from the wall., and we would contact swift... the site then said they would contact swift again as they had only spoken to some girl who wasn't high up just first contact person. Still waiting for call back from site, manager away untill tue..hmmm. If anyone could understand all that and could comment on safety laws on bunks or site owners obligations towards use of spare keys or tresspassing laws for static caravans. Tried googling this problem and nothing comes up, cannot even find evidence of caravans being recalled for bunk issues. Thanks for reading if you got this far lol
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