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  1. I've tried to get access to footage of myself from a private company's CCTV camera using their subject access request email form. I got no response from them (not even an acknowledgement) so a week later I've chased them by phone. The company have informed me that: They only hold the footage for 30 days. My request was made on the 25th day. They say their contractor that deals with the CCTV system needs 2-3 weeks lead-time to reclaim the footage. Therefore there's no point in them even processing my request because the footage will be deleted by the time they co
  2. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. The management company for my property (in a small private development) has without warning increased the costs for this year by 60%. This isn't for maintance, just for their fees and service. One of the increases is for them to act as company secretary of our development, which although they always have done for a nominal amount, this year there's a £350+ increase. They have also added charges for 'compliance and risk assessment', regarding Health & Safety and insurance valuations, none of which we asked for. (It may have been assessed the first year, but I'm not sure without digging
  4. I'm about to buy a (relatively) low cost item from a small-time online manufacturer who usually sell in large quantities to tradesmen. They have applied a 'low order fee' to make my order up to £50. Are they allowed to do that? (I suspect yes). I noticed in the Shopping Basket breakdown that VAT then also got applied to this fee - are they allowed to do that? Thanks.
  5. They offered £45 (cost of item). I'm asking either £47.50 (cost of item and lost packaging) or £45 and replacement packaging.
  6. So how best should I go about trying to recover the full amount? Should I send a LBA? Would small claims listen to this claim which is for a fraction above what they are offering me?
  7. I agree Bankfodder, the amount of time they have already/are willing to waste on going back and fourth over such a small amount, rather than provide a genuinely enjoyable customer experience is ridiculous. I didn't realise insurance wasn't necessary - to what level could that be pushed? If I sent a £1000 item with no insurance which they then lost, could I claim £1000 from them? I suspect this culture may have stemmed from the way Royal Mail limit claims to £35 unless you buy a more expensive service. ISTR you cannot 'sue' Royal Mail, they're protected, so have little choice but to p
  8. Parcel2Go lost my item and have admitted liability. I had insurance with them up to full value (£45). They have already refunded me the postal costs (but say the additional insurance cost (a pound or so ISTR) is non-refundable). Seperately, they have offered me a refund of the full value of the item, but I rejected and said I want the cost of packing that was lost too (or like-for-like replacement of such items). They have refused and said they think a refund of just the item value alone is fair. Do you think it's possible to get packaging costs back? It's only a few pounds
  9. Thank you Bankfodder for such a detailed and thorough reply. The difference in price between Next Day and 48 Hour delivery is quite small, not even £1 when booking using the same courier (Parcel2Go are an aggregator/middleman of couriers). But it's interesting that you say that by there being a difference it infers that they are guaranteeing one service above another, even if they say they don't. I'm not sure I can claim consequential loss on this one, how do you even price the disappointment of relatives on Christmas morning?! If it was something that was more black and white, eg la
  10. You mean the price I paid for the service? Off the top of my head I think it was £6.59.
  11. Sending some Christmas presents, I booked a Next Day delivery with Parcel2Go on Thu 21 Dec. I put the item in an InPost locker for collection, but it wasn't picked up by the courier until Wed 27 Dec. The presents finally arrived Thu 28 Dec, a full week after I posted. Xmas happened in the middle extending the delay somewhat, but still the courier was technically 2 working days late in even collecting the parcel which was advertised and sold to me as Next Day delivery. I've asked P2G twice for a refund, but they say they don't guarantee delivery so aren't obliged to. They wouldn't ref
  12. Sorry Andyorch, I mis-read your question. They do indeed ask if you want recess or surface, but I'm pretty sure the fixings are the same ones supplied in either case (it's the blind width that's adjusted). But my point still remains, no details of these fixings (or advice on their size) is given anywhere.
  13. @dx100uk - I'm out of the 14 day window sadly. Actually their T&Cs state made to measure products are exempt from the Distance Selling Regulations '7-day window'. I don't know whether to tell them this act has been superseded for several years now. @Andyorch - No, there is no such mention on either the purchase page, the size input page, the measuring guide or in the T&Cs. They only talk about the size and tolerance of blind slats themselves (which I was spot on with).
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