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  1. Hi, the machine got collected last Monday, however I have not received the refund and they have stopped responding to my emails. I paid with my card through PayPal. What should I do in order to proceed to get my refund.
  2. Hi I have decided I don’t want to use this company, however they say a refund takes 5-10 working day, however as we don’t have much good weather I want to buy the machine form a more reputable seller ASAP, is there anything thing I can do to remains a quicker refund. The machine cost over a grand so I don’t have any spare money to be paying for both machines.
  3. Yes, it was on their website.
  4. I appreciate the replies I have been given, buttt, am I in the wrong section of the forum as I don’t seem to be getting many replies here. Thanks
  5. I have just had a reply (along with a separate email donating tracking details- even though the machine has already been delivered) which says I will be contacted by a courier to collect the machine, and that a refund will take me 5-10 days to receive, or I can wait the long for them to resend the correct machine. What would you you guys do considering the machine is cheapest by this company by about £200. Would you stick with them or pay the extra. I should also tell you that I asked to be compensated by way of some free slush cups and straws ect, however they posted
  6. Thanks for your information. You are correct. This morning out the blue I received the machine on a pallet. Upon inspection if packing I found it was a different machine (a cheaper version, completely differ make/model). I have contacted the company who have asked for pictures. I can confirm I didn't receive tracking information either. I have sent the pictures and am waiting a reply by email as they do not have a phone. Any help would be appreciated on what I should do.
  7. Hi I purchased a slush machine for my dads food van, when ordering it said I will receive tracking details within 2 business day. However it has been over 4 business days and still I have not revived any details of delivery. I contacted the company (via email, as they do not have a phone number) and they said they will update me with tracking details as soon as they are available. Now I will wait a few more days as I understand it may be the courier who is taking long, but if I still do not receive any delivery details, is there anything I can do. Would CRA still appl
  8. Thank you for replying. What would you recommend we say in the letter?
  9. Everything has been done over email, I’m not to sure how to block their emails nd bounce them back. They also have a few different email addresses. Also they somehow know when I have seen the email, as when they last sent it as soon as I had opened it they sent an email saying “thanks you for opening your invoice”. If they do take me to court and I get a CCJ what would happen as I don’t have ANY assests other than clothes and a phone.
  10. Hi just a quick update, they have sent me another invoice today which has incurred a 2% penalty each day for tthe last 4 days (Saturday,Sunday,Monday and today). They have also sent a copy of this email to a solicitors firm and have instructed them that’s if payment is not received today to take “immediate Court/CCJ/Baliff action”. I have not personally been sent anything by the solicitors as they have only just instructed them this morning. My question is should the solicitors know that the contract is void as I am a minor. Also if I do receive anything from them should I
  11. I’m sorry if I put it the wrong way, I’m very happy with the advice received on here, but a few people adviced me to get legal advice.
  12. Also please can anybody recommed and free advice companies such as CAB. My local one is closed today and I want advice as soon as possible. Thanks
  13. Hi thanks for your reply, when registering via email, they asked if I was a company and if I intend to reclaim vat. My reply was exactly “ I am not a company and not vat registered, I do not intend to reclaim vat” Thank you everybody who is taking their time out to reply to this thread.
  14. I’m so stressed at the moment that I don’t even understand what you mean by this.
  15. I was just reading the T&Cs again and it says if an under 18 was to bid the parents will be liable to pay, and so court proceedings will be issued in their name. Could this still happen even if they did not know I was bidding?, how would they get my parents name and other details necessary to got to court.
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