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  1. I did! Didn't find anything so thought I would ask the question just in case I missed it
  2. Ok thanks both, just waiting for their reply now and will keep you posted
  3. Hi Has anyone had any successful claims against Likely Loans please? I have a closed account with them which I paid off when I had another loan with them, and given my credit file was shot to pieces they shouldn't have lent the money to me - am now in an AP with them. i have requested statements for the closed account and the open loan I have with them, but just wondered if anyone had been successful in making an IRL against them? i have the pack, but thought i would ask before submitting my letter to them once the statements have arrived? Thanks
  4. Thanks, that what I thought! Is there a standard letter to send back or do I just write one? Sorry to ask, my PDF is corrupted at the moment so cannot open the guide to read the next steps! Thanks
  5. Hi, as I didn't hear anything on here, I went ahead and submitted the letter to MYJAR who have now responded. Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry that you have felt it necessary to complain to us. We want to address your concerns as soon as we can and as fairly as we can. To assist us to do this, please provide us with the following information: Bank statements (at the time/s you took out your loan/s with us showing the below data) Bank name and logo Account holder’s name Account number and sort code Pay slips (at the time/s you took out your loan/s with us) Any additional information relating to your financial circumstances (at the time/s you took out your loan/s with us) We are asking you for this information to support the claims you have made to us in your complaint. This information will assist in our investigations and allow us to ensure you get the fairest outcome once our investigation is concluded. We are happy to discuss this request with you further, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. When we have considered the complaint in detail, we will either issue our final response providing you with our decision on the outcome of the complaint and the reasons for this or, an explanation of why we are not yet able to resolve the complaint. If you do not provide supporting information as requested, we will still investigate your complaint and do our best to reach a fair outcome, however the more information we have to assess your circumstances at the time you took out a loan the easier it becomes to conclude the outcome. The final response will also provide information relating to the Financial Ombudsman Service and how you can contact them, if you are dissatisfied with our resolution. For information, please find a link to our complaint’s procedure: https://myjar.com/contact/complaints. We deal with complaints in the order that they are received and aim to resolve them all within 4 weeks or less but definitely not later than eight weeks from receipt of your complaint. Should you have any queries now or at any point, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 337 13061 or you may request a call from us by texting the words “Ring Me” to 0786 000 4500. Kind Regards, The Complaints Team Could someone please advise, because I do not feel I should be providing this information? Thanks
  6. Hi In 2017 I had a loan with MyJar and paid it off, then had a further loan in 2018 and paid that off. I now have a further loan with them which I am in an arrangement to pay. I have read into the Irresponsible Lending and wondered whether it was worth trying to claim back all the interest and charges, could someone please read my template below so I can get the ball rolling - I just want to make sure I haven't missed anything vital! Also how far back to do I go with the statutory interest? Thanks I wish to log a formal complaint in relation to irresponsible lending. To begin with, you should formally be aware, the FCA took over regulation of the credit market from April 2014 and then imposed caps on all high-cost short-term credit (HCSTC) in 2015. I am aware that this only applies to Payday, Instalment and Rolling Credit Loans. These rules were set to stop irresponsible lending and they included; Affordability checks for every credit agreement to ensure that only consumers that can afford a loan can get a loan Rollovers Limiting loan rollovers to two; Limiting the number of attempts by a payday lender to use CPAs to pay off a loan, to two; Information on where to get free debt advice will be given to every borrower that rolls over a loan Treat Customers in Arrears more fairly. Do not relend to customers who appears to have taken numerous loans in a short period. Report information correctly to the CRAs & limit daily interest to below 0.8% per £100 borrow. Default charges limited to £15 or less / Can only be applied once per loan. But also, the FCA also stated that lenders should implement their own policy and change how they lend to customers. This may have included issuing “Do Not Relend” markers or other criteria. I feel to bring to your attention that I believe you may have failed under the above because of the below points; Before / During / After / Before & After, you were lending to me on a regular basis shown in the statements provided by your company You did not do appropriate checks. Should you have used the appropriate Due Diligence, you would have seen that I was under a tremendous amount of financial pressure / other debts that would make these loan / loans unaffordable. This pushed me into arrears / however didn’t push me into arrears on my priority debts. Should you have done the appropriate affordability checks at the time of every loan, you would have seen that I would have had more than 1 loan on the go / a large proportion of my outgoings servicing other accounts. These included Credit Cards / Other Payday Loans / High APR Finance / Logbook Loans / Other Debts. - On my Credit Files with the 3 major agencies (Callcredit, Equifax / Experian), I cannot find any searches that had been completed at the time of a loan being offered. While the searches may have disappeared, I would have expected to see something that shows your firm did a “Hard” search to check my financial commitments and I would request that you prove you did complete this along with providing evidence you completed affordability checks. - I was using these loans to pay off other loans to **Companies** and this ended up creating a spiral of debt My finances and/or personal situation was not sufficiently checked to make sure I’d be in a position to pay back the loan. I was not told by the lender that a payday loan should not be used for long-term borrowing or if I was in financial difficulty. I was not told by the lender what to do if I had a complaint. It was not made clear to me by the lender how continuous payment authority works and my right to cancel it. When I couldn’t repay the loan the lender didn't offer to freeze interest and charges When I couldn’t repay the loan the lender didn't tell me about free and independent debt counselling organisations. When I couldn’t repay the loan the lender didn't tell me about the risks of extending the loan. When I couldn’t repay the loan the lender didn't make clear exactly how much it would cost to extend the loan. When I couldn’t repay the loan the lender didn't check my personal finances and general situation to see if you're able to pay back an extended loan. I am bringing this to your attention because I believe that you as a lender did not treat me with comply with section 5 of the CONC Sourcebook on Responsible Lending or use Due Diligence upon my applications and have allowed me to get into this position. I also would expect a company to check bank statements as part of their underwriting criteria for HCSTC. I would also expect that with your authorisation to trade under the OFT / FCA, you would have had stringent underwriting criteria. Loans were taken out: £1,000 on 5th November 2017 and settled on 22nd November 2017 £1,475 on 5th December 2017 and settled on 6th February 2018 £800 on 16th March 2018 and settled on 18th July 2018 £725 on 23rd July 2018 and is currently in an Arrangement to Pay I am writing to you to ask you to refund the interest and charges I paid, currently totalling X, plus statutory interest totalling X, and to delete any negative information from my files with all credit reference agencies. As outlined in the Financial Conduct Authority’s guidance on irresponsible lending, you have a duty to treat me fairly and consider my request if a customer informs you they are not able to make payments. If I’m not happy with your response, I will take my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. I’m aware that you have eight weeks in which to look into my complaint and respond. I look forward to receiving your response. I look forward to your response within 8 weeks, otherwise I will not hesitate in taking my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Yours faithfully,
  7. Hi Back in September I changed my car. When I left the garage the air con wasn't working. I rang the garage up and I said I would get my son to have a look at it (because he is a mechanic). He couldn't see anything wrong with it and said perhaps the gas needed replacing. The garage told me that the gas was fine when it was checked. After this happened a number of issues started to appear, warning light about a flat tyre on the front left. Suspension warning light service kept coming up on the dashboard. A whining noise appeared from the power steering and a really loud clunking noise from the central locking. Having had Fords for 10 years, I have had more issues with my new car in the 3 weeks of having the vehicle than I have in the 3 Fords that I had across 10 years! As you can imagine I have not been impressed. I took the car back to the dealer (this is a second hand car dealer, not a main dealer), they ran another service (apparently a service was done before they sold the car to me, but I am not convinced!). They fixed the tyre pressure warning light and also the suspension warning light and said that the air con had a cracked pipe and needed replacing. The pipe was ordered from Vauxhall and I was told that the car would be booked into my local garage, so that I didn't need to make the 3 hour drive back to them to have it fixed. The local garage called me and stated that they were only looking at the vehicle and not fixing it and that if any monies were due then they would hold the car until payment had been received. They said that the second hand car dealer didn't have an account with them I would be having to pay! I went back to the second hand car dealer to state this and that the car wouldn't be looked at and I was not paying for any works to be done to the vehicle, given the car was still under warranty for another year and I had clearly bought this car with all these faults brewing and the dealership hadn't found any of these out! Another week passed and I'd heard nothing from where I purchased the car, I chased them up. They said they had called me and left a VM and the car was booked back in. They had rang the wrong number and admitted this because I had not received any messages from them. I missed this slot because they had left a VM on the wrong number. Another week went by and the whining on the power steering was getting louder and happening more often. I rang back the garage and told them that if they didn't fix the car I would reject it and they could have it back. I was told that the guy I needed to speak to was on holiday for 2 weeks, and that nothing could be done until 3 days later when a service guy was also back from annual leave. This guy rang me on the Friday and said he would get the car booked into the local Vauxhall garage to look at the cracked pipe, the power steering and the clunking on the alarm central locking. Again, he had rang me on the Saturday and left a VM on a wrong number! I chased it up on Monday to find out what was happening, because as you can imagine, I was losing my patience. The car was finally booked in last week (some 6 weeks after purchasing this vehicle), to find that a new pipe is needed for the air con, the power steering pump needs replacing and the actuator on the central locking has gone and also need changing! The vehicle is booked into the garage to have all this work done on the 12th/13th November. I have never had so many issues with a car purchased before and given the car is only 2 years old, you wouldn't expect this! Luckily the work that needs doing is covered under the 3 year warranty, however, it wouldn't have cost me a penny anyway. My question is; I paid asking price for this car, I have had 6-8 weeks of constant chasing of what is going on, having to get the car to the garage, taking the time out of work to drop the car off/pick it up etc. It looks like the repairs are covered under the warranty and therefore not going to cost the second hand dealer a single penny! I am wondering whether I have a right to ask for some compensation for this whether it be a refund via cash or a payment made off the finance for the car? I may not have a leg to stand on, but I thought I would ask the friendly advice of this forum Thanks
  8. My apologies, try the attached Lowell Scanned Docs.pdf
  9. I know, I thought that too Shall I just leave it and fight it as and when they try it on again?
  10. Hello, I had a reminder to pay an old Vanquis CC debt from Lowell I sent them a CCA request, which has now been received. I recall doing this back in 2017 and because they didn't send me a credit card agreement I disputed the balance owed. Ever since then I just receive the standard "you owe money", "we have reduced it by 40% blah blah blah" to get me to pay up. I have just ignored them until recently. Reason being is because they hit me with a claim form for another old debt and I didn't want to be in the same situation with this given the Default is due to drop off my credit file next month. So.........attached is their reply dated 25th October 2019, along with a print out of my so say online application. There is also a letter from Vanquis confirming the opening of my account, however, this was clearly a photocopy that was sent to me which anyone could have made! Attached also is the "application" form which has been printed off, no signature no nothing. Looking at the statement, the last payment made was on the 30th May 2013, according to Equifax the date of Default was 29th November 2013. There is no previous information during 2013 or before on Equifax. I have checked Credit Karma, there is nothing showing pre October 2014. Now unless I am mistaken, this account is Statute Barred and there is nothing that Low Lifes can do about this? They have given me until the 22nd November 2019 to respond. I have only added the last page of the transaction statement so you can see the date. If someone could let me know that would be great and if I am able to send the relevant SB letter, do I get and send it now or wait until their deadline date? Thanks cca return.pdf
  11. Just to update you.........I have now received a letter from the Courts, to say that they have received my defence and that a copy is being served on the Claimant. Now I just sit and wait for next steps
  12. Fab thanks, all done and submitted - now let's see what happens Thanks for all your help so far, I will donate to the site - thanks again!
  13. Amazing thanks so much Am I good to go and post up #41 onto the online website to submit my defence now please?
  14. ok thank you. Do I add those lines above to my defence as well or do I just use those lines above in my defence? Sorry, this is all going waaayyy over my head now!
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