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  1. Many thanks again.I shall definitely record the conversation when they call me back(Thanks bankfodder) .I shall see what they have to say and leave the feedback here . breakdown of insurance sounds a good idea unnclebulgaria 67.
  2. Hey all, Looks like this forum is the answer to all my problems.To be honest would like to thanks dx100 uk & Martin 2006 for all their support in answering all the queries posted.This forum certainly points you in the right direction. So to begin with Admiral insurance i received the renewals pack for my multi car insurance ,the price they quoted me looked too high,so like usual i rang them to check if it was their best quote, i told them i got a quote elsewere which was 2200 ,my quote was 2500 ,so the gentlemen applied some discounts and quoted me a little above 2200 (wish i had said 1200). Now the interesting part on my renewals which i noticed was that the cars were kept at my old address although i had called to change my address a couple of times,once i asked the advisor why this was as such he said theagent might not have changed this and would need to check further ,so when he put this address in where i was living it bought the quote of 2200 to 1100 (Lucky me) which i was pleased with. However my concern here is i am with them from over 7 years & have changed the address twice in a year & also have changed the car ,i queried this with the advisor that if the "Post code where kept" hasnt been changed over this year then its not my fault and i had paid the wrong premium during this address change to which he replied he will have to check the call(i remember calling & changing my address in june which he confirmed) He further advised he will have to go through the call log & will come back to me with an outcome. Now i know they will try to put this on me saying i have not updated the details & its my fault which i dont think it is coz as soon as i moved to a different address i had called the insurance to change this & the agent has onfirmed. I just want to check what the insurance company can do in this case to prevent them from giving me a refund? i m sure they have their own tactics in relaying this back and putting this on my head Shall i complaint? Will they accept their liability? what should i wary of when they call me back? how shall i proceed? Any help or direction is much appreciated again As always many thanks again
  3. That sounds good to me. Many thanks Dx100uk i ll post what comes out of it so others can benefit from the experience
  4. Many thanks, i am going to ring them & say that when they called me initially i had answered no to the queries regarding redundancy & sick pay benefits from employer but i cant remember if i had them . Will this be a good take?
  5. I was unaware of the fact that i had ppi , i was only speculating as i was not informed about this until they sent me the letter stating i had ppi on my card
  6. I have even complained to ombudsman who sent out an email to the dealer .The dealer call me back saying they do not deal dispute resolution with a third party?
  7. Many thanks,Martin & dx I have just checked the forms and they asked for the same information as stated on the letter above.... I have tried to get in touch with employer again had no luck:???: how can i respond back ?
  8. Hi Martin Please see the file attached Kindly let me know how to proceed & if you need any further details.
  9. Thanks martin, I filled up the questionnaire on Barclays website & they called me in a weeks time to ask the same questions & then sent a letter to confirm this again
  10. Many thanks, dx100uk, need to find out how they started the PPI? how do i go about this ,they have already told mme i had ppi sold to me? what does OP mean,sorry
  11. Many thanks for your assistance I did report this within 30 days,however i have no proof of this,but the retailer took the car and had advised what the issue was and fixed the regulator issue but didin't fix the issue of the scratch marks on windows . They have 3 months warranty on the car and i reported this as soon as i found the fault when the car was sold there were no marks and when i explained this i was refuted saying this are normal wear & tear with the usage of a 6 year old car &not covered under warranty?
  12. Hi I purchased a used car from available car paying £6000 on my debit card(taken from a loan) & soon realized that there was an issue with both the windows making a creaking sound in motion which caused severe scratch marks on both sides.Reported the fault to after sales & was advised to book the car in After inspection it was found that the car had a faulty window regulator which caused this and was told that this will be replaced & the glass marks will be polished /replaced if cannot be undone.After booking the car in for several times(after service missing the part /not getting the right parts )nearly took 2.5 months to get the window regulators fixed although they did try to polish the glass the marks are still present. I spoke to the manager who then advised me that the marks are not because of faulty regulator but because of regular wear & tear which is not covered under warranty and that they never mentioned they will replace the glass.I do not have any proof of this verbal communication however i have raised this issue with ombudsman who sent a letter on my behalf but the site has said they do not deal with 3rd party in dispute resolution and after emailing the ombudsman about the same i haven't heard back from them. I am really lost for words to express my disappointment in both the organisations and the fact that i am still paying for a faulty product can someone please direct me in the right path.
  13. Hello , I am just wondering if someone can help me out here i was mis sold PPI from barclays in 2004 (i was unaware of this fact) however they have sent me a letter to respond by 26/11 asking if i had any sickness benefits & any redundancy pay & if so the details Now i have tried umpteen number of times to get the details but unable to get these details how do i go about responding back to barclays ... Any suggestions will be much appreciated
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