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  1. I recently split up with a partner and she wanted the car. However, when we purchased the car we purchased it together i.e I paid 50% deposit and she agreed to pay the monthly instalments and get her share on credit. Therefore, due to the finance the logbook is recorded in her name. As i wouldn't give her the car recently she after an argument she reported the car as Stolen and cancelled the insurance which she usually took care off and i got arrested. I managed to avoid getting charged for this and am now wanting to try and claim back my share of the car using small
  2. I recently had the moneyshop empty my account of new years eve and i'd written a complaint to them to confirm that i was never given any notice! It took three months to even respond to the complaint and despite this, they rejected this. I also have an issue with the 25 charges i'd been paying, i want to know if i can try and reclaim these? I am in the process of going to the FOS who are just as bad as some of these lenders in terms of response times.
  3. Well I'm meant to be waiting for the final response, but I will go to the OFT and FSA
  4. I have made a complaint to the MoneyShop in relation to them clearing out my bank account on New Years Eve with no Prior warning. Having written to them in January, the promised to respond by mid febuary. Despite another letter they have not issued a final response! What can i do?
  5. Hi, I'm currently trying to tackle my debts and have recently paid off all my payday loans. However, I have asked the moneyshop to close my account and prevent me from having the facility and they refuse to do this. I've destroyed the cheque book, but can I do anything else to get them to remove my ability to draw on credit with them?
  6. I'm close to paying this off. However, I want to challenge to £25 and £15 pound fees that have been applied when this has happened. Has anyone successfully challenged them?
  7. yeah I've taken a look. It's annoying as they have caused a direct debit to fail. I'll actually have the money to pay them off in full by the end of the month and wont be using them again after!
  8. I had a check declined by The Moneyshop. However, they decided to take the funds from my bank account on the evening of New years eve so i had to walk home for 5 miles. They didnt contact me to tell me that they were going to do this! I had direct debits that needed to be debited the next day! However, it looks like they didnt manage to take all the money they needed and I am now worried that they will do it the next day when i have rent to pay! Anything I can do to stop this?
  9. Ok, yes I will pay. It's annoying as my credit file shows one payment behind and I have had issues that i let them know about!
  10. I'm confused as it looks like I got issued with a default notice today, according to my credit file my account is two payments behind and the notice states that if i dont pay by the 23rd September no further action will be taken. Does this mean the default will only be applied if i make a payment?
  11. Ive been offered a TUPE transfer to another company and its a few hundred miles away! I have a mortgage, another job and other family commitments to the area. However, if i dont take this transfer it looks like i wont get any redundancy..is this fair?
  12. Yes, it was mainly solicitors and witness fees i.e £120 to prepare documentation and £200 for two hours solicitors time. However, they have agreed to withdraw this claim today and I've asked them to send a written confirmation to confirm that's the case. It pretty much ruined my bank holiday weekend, but i cant complain.
  13. Well they want the whole lot, Solicitors fees ect adding to around £795 for my initial claim of £400! I explained to the solicitor that I sent their client a letter at the same time as sending the court a letter for discontinuing the case. He said he will look into it..I did also call the law firm and cancel but the solicitors receptionist couldn't find my details (I have a log of the call and time). I really don't feel I've acted unreasonably. If they had received the letter then I guess I wouldn't be in this position. Though, the did attend court because of this.
  14. They have actually made the application under CPR 27.14 (g)
  15. I didnt think I could go through with the case against the evidence and legal team. Liability for costs 38.6 (1) Unless the court orders otherwise, a claimant who discontinues is liable for the costs which a defendant against whom the claimant discontinues incurred on or before the date on which notice of discontinuance was served on the defendant. (2) If proceedings are only partly discontinued – (a) the claimant is liable under paragraph (1) for costs relating only to the part of the proceedings which he is discontinuing; and (b) unless the court orders otherwise,
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