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  1. They have agreed to pay the hire car charges. I had to get my car repaired as they would not guarantee that they would pay for a hire car and the dealer did not offer a courtesy car (or even to fix my car). I stated to the finance co that I was getting my car repaired but without prejudice. I have this in an email Thanks
  2. Hi, Yes with the exception of the paintwork and the fact that it is proving difficult to get the car repaired - the manufacturer is pulling out of Europe in March next year. Thanks
  3. Hi, Hoping that someone can help me here. I recently (just under 3 months ago) purchased a car, rather than retell the whole story I will post the letter I sent to the dealer and Finance company below (this was sent 25th September): "On 12 August 2019 I took delivery of an Infiniti Q50 reg no. R*16 ***. The finance for this vehicle was aranged by yourselves using BlackHorse finance (agreement number **********). Before I collected the vehicle, collection was delayed by several days because you yourselves had caused bodywork damage to the vehicle between my
  4. Holy cow! Sorry but if I wanted the responses as above I wouldn't have asked. Emmzzi - Whether you think 80% of salary for 80% of the hours is reasonable or not, it does not form part of the statutory considerations for refusal hence my questions above ssparks2003 - Actually I want around a 40% pay rise, and know I can get it elsewhere too. However in general I quite like the company and it's an easy commute for me, the situation is that adjusted for inflation I am now paid significantly less than I was in 2008 and also 30% to 40% less than the manager who's role I now fulfill (who
  5. Hi All, To provide a bit of a backstory: the company where I work has made no significant pay awards (beyond inflation) for around 8 years and for the last two years nothing whatsoever (not even inflation). After a bit of calculation my wages are now below what they were in 2008 when adjusted for inflation despite now performing a significantly more senior role. I have found something which could be performed one day a week which could significantly supplement my income and to this end put in a request to cut my working week to 4 days (not working for the company on a Friday i.e. doin
  6. Hi Bankfodder, I will speak to the dealer later today as they are still waiting for a call from me to tell them when to pick the car up. When I call them I will speak to the MD and tell him of my finding. It would not surprise me if they are unaware of this fact. The relationship with the dealer has not totally broken down, however I was very angry with them when I spoke to them last Thursday. I can gauge by their reaction then which way to turn. Will update in due course! Thanks
  7. Hi Bankfodder, Thanks for your latest reply. The maximum I would be looking for would be to clear the finance owing and some other smaller amount total just over £6500 so well below £10K. Ideally I don't want this at all though, I want them to cancel the finance, and refund me the initial deposit, px price and some minor out of pocket costs. I am not looking for a complete refund. I have done some more digging today and have found something that may (or may not) be a game changer: I have obtained the manufacturer of the gearbox datasheet, it states that the gearbox is ra
  8. Hi Bankfodder, Thanks for your prompt reply! In answer to your first question, no there is no paperwork from the manufacturer with regards to not complaining about the gearbox (unfortunately) and if there was then it would be cut and dried as far as I can see. I can see what you are saying about myself having substantial enjoyment however I have paid for this to the tune of £2400 / year so it hasn't come free. In fact it has cost me over £4800 to date for soemthing that has never been right. I have also come across established Case law (Clegg v Olle Andersson T/A Nordic Marin
  9. Hi Bankfodder I have finally been through everything and this is a list of what I can tell you: · Vehicle Purchased on 31.08.14, Price £10382.25 + 6 months VED of £112.75 giving a total of £10495. Mileage at purchase 7184. Car first registration date 05.04.13. · Deposit payed of £280 + £220 px allowance giving a total amount to finance of £9995. Invoice made out to finance company and delivery address to me. · Finance agreement date 02.09.14. Initial finance balance of £11,787, current balance £7,465, settlement figure approximately £6100. M
  10. Hi Bankfodder, Thanks for your reply, I will get back to you with detailed information as soon as I can.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your reply, to be honest I have no idea of how much to claim. I would probably be happy with them just to take the car back, cancel the outstanding finance and perhaps refund me half of the cost of the most recent service (which was done at the same dealer), the outstanding road fund license, costs to change insurance to another vehicle and the fuel (nearly a full tank), plus my deposit and px car value. Therefore I am seriously helping them to mitigate their losses - they are keeping all of the money I have paid on loan repayments. I think this sounds very reasonable
  12. Hi, Please can anyone help me with this: I have just had the 3rd (yes third) gearbox installed in my car, this gearbox has now failed after less than 24 hours and 50 miles! The story: Purchased from main dealer an 18 month old car in September 2014 with 7500 miles on the clock and balance of 3 year manufacturers warranty Car: Make MG, Model MG6 (petrol) Gearbox number 1: This is the original gearbox: noticed by end of 2015 (approx 28000 mile total) that gearbox 'crunches' when changed from 3rd to 4th gear quickly (yes this is a standard manual gearbox). Went to
  13. Hi Hammy, Thanks for your reply. Car: Make MG, Model MG6 (petrol) Not trying to argue whether this is warranty or not. The issue is there is a fault which has not and seemingly cannot be resolved, to the extent that the manufacturer is now offering to change the gearbox again as long as I don't complain about it crunching when fast changing into 4th from 3rd as they are calling it a "characteristic". That seems to be a total get out. You could call almost any fault a characteristic if you wanted. I also have the datasheet for the gearbox and it shows it is underrated to
  14. Hi, Please give me your opinions on this: Purchased from main dealer an 18 month old car in September 2014 with 7500 miles on the clock and balance of 3 year manufacturers warranty. Noticed by end of 2015 (approx 28000 mile total) that gearbox 'crunches' when changed from 3rd to 4th gear quickly (yes this is a standard manual gearbox). Went to dealer in March 2016 to complain about gearbox (and other warranty faults), they drove car and agreed with me about gearbox. Manufacturer agreed to replace gearbox and new gearbox arrived at end of April. I couldn't leave car with t
  15. Hi People, Thanks for your replies. We will contact the third party insurer tomorrow (they weren't open this evening as it was a commercial insurer) to see if they will be willing to pay if we get a reasonable quote. Seems utterly ridiculous though that insurers would rather write off cars at considerably more cost (and without even seeing the car) than carrying out a relatively small repair. No wonder insurance premiums are so high. Cheers
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