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  1. Hi, I have just renewed my car insurance and the provider is requesting copies of both mine and my partners driving licences!! Is this law? can I refuse? Im not hiding anything, I just dont like it when businesses start making my life more difficult with all this crap. Now I have to dig out these items, photo copy them and post them. Why dont they just deal with this direct with DVLA instead of making it my problem!! Anyway, can I just say No. Ta
  2. Hello, A friend of mine has approached with their PCN they have received from NCP for not correctly parking within the lines of the space. This is new to me. In my mind how can they make any claim for this, espcially having suffered no loss. Also the car park is poorly maintained and the white lines are in fact just very small T bar at the start of the bay. Can they claim for not parking correctly in a bay? surely this is something to be appealed like all other pcn I cant upload a copy of the PCN at moment, but it is a standard one stating £50 or £100. The car park is the NCP at
  3. I need more than that. The moment this relationship ends, he stops paying. She needs to know what is the least expensive way out of this? Can anybody advise any way of terminating this agreement that does not result in a £4000 fee
  4. Hello, I have a friend (female) who is in a bad relationship and wants very much to walk away from it. Unfortunately, as a single mother of 2 young children, she struggles financially. Last year when her car became to uneconomic to repair, her partner pursuaded her to take on a HPA for a new car. All the legal side of things are in her name, but he pays the monthly installaments. She feels like this HPA is a huge anchor keeping her in a relationships that she hates. She cannot afford the monthly payments on her own, and is desperate to find out if there is anything she can do. I kn
  5. Dont forget they are trying to demonstrate breach of contract for parking on private land. They do NOT have any photographic evidence of your vehicle 'Parked'. If they cant prove you parked your car, they cant prove breach of contract. Not that there was a contract in the first place. But still, you can just say you drove around in circles for 3 hours. If they have used the word 'Parked or Parking' on their court papers then they have sunk themselves, if they want a contract then they must stick to the wording of it. if they have s
  6. Remember to never admit in writing that you parked in the car park. You are being taken to court for breach of contract with regard to parking on Private lane. Contract law is very specific, and the wording on the court paper clearly says 'Parking' However the claiment has yet to provide any evidence at all that you actually parked your car. All they have is a pretty picture of you driving in and then out of the car park. That is not evidence of a breach of contract. As far as you are concerned you spent all your time driving laps around the car park in an attempt to work out your average
  7. Hello, I just wanted to get clarification over something relating to ANPR tickets from private car parks. Most parking signs state that you get xxx amount of time free parking then after that you are charged xxx amount. So if you overstay your parking your are alleged to be in breach of contract. Now if the only evidence that Parkingeye or whoever has of your time in the car park is 2 photographs 1) entering 2) exiting car park. How on earth does this represent evidence of a breach of contract? Sure the alleged breach of contract is about the time you overstayed your parkin
  8. arr, yes one must be very precise with wording. People driving of the footway without a crossover is a prolific problem, thousands of residents in every town are doing it. Its a tricky one, because it only takes 1 smart fellow who gets bollards outside his house, to then kick up a stink to the council that they have to enforce it everywhere and not to vitimise him. most highway authorities cannot be bothered to tackle the issue.
  9. again my main point is being missed. Of course a council can stick barriers up to protect the fabric of the footway, of course they can fine £20 for not having a crossover, (note that its not for driving over footway in a car) But, again, their is NO LAW that states you cannot drive a vehicle over a footway to access a carriageway, that does not have a vehicle crossover. So I ask again find me the legislation that states you cannot drive a motor vehicle over a footway. Section 184 section 1 or 17 purely relates to the vehicle crossover, and not the act of driving a vehicle acros
  10. Alas my friend your wrong. Please provide the relevant legislation that clearly states you cannot take a motor vehicle over a public highway to access a public highway. You cant provide it because it does not exist. fotget aside damage to highway, which is a separate issue, we are purely talking about right of way, and obstruction
  11. Dont get tied up with the issue over dropped kerbs, its irrelevant. Section 184 Highways relating to this is purely about getting permission to undertake works to reconstruct the footway so that it does not get damaged when you drive over it. If you drive over the footway to access the carriageway, without a drop kerb its a small £20 penalty. There's nothing to stop you driving over a footway from your property. You have a right of access to the carriageway, anyone causing an obstruction is subject to Section 137 Highways Act. write to the council asking for details on their complain
  12. Hello All, I am a Toastmaster, and tomorrow I am going to give a speech about these bogus parking charges etc. Is there anybody out there that can provide me with a copy of one of those lovely bright red letters "Pending Court Action" that they usually send 3 of before giving up. redacted of course. I really need a copy of a letter to help my presentation. Many thanks.
  13. You find that TfL are the 'Traffic Authority' for the first 20m inside many of the side roads from the TLRN
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