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  1. Hi I am trying to find out what can information retained under the limitations act be used for, I have data held by a university who state in their records retention policy that the information is the be retained for 6 year from end of program with the reason for retention of the data being given is the limitations act 1980. Can data retained under this act be used for any other purpose? the information relates to internal disciplinary hearing in 2009. I left the university in 2010 and returned in 2013 to do a different program. The university now wants
  2. Hi it is very real, the uni is in the north east of England . So far we have had a disepinary hearing and appeal and the case has gone to the office of the independent ajudicator. If the uni was my employer it is staging forward but I am struggling to find case law etc regarding the disclosure of warnings in education. Next step is a complaint to the ICO but was hoping to try and find a similar case or regulation I can quote to the uni. The way is stands at the moment I would not have to declare certain spent convictions under the reforms to the rehabilitation of offenders act ( I don't) b
  3. Hi need some advice, I received a warning while studying at a university, the warning expired when I left the program, I have now returned to the same uni 3 years later and am on a different program but have received a second warning for not declaring the first warning even though it had expired. I have also been told that I should declare these warning to all future prospective employers for ever!! Any advice welcome.
  4. Hi Thanks for the comments I think on this occasion I will get my credit card out:sad:
  5. Hi Sorry yes I parked where I should not, at 21:00 at night thinking no traffic enforcement around at that time, my mistake, my question is as shown in the picture below what does the intersecting line halfway down the double yellow lines mean, and does this make the double yellow lines none enforceable, just trying to avoid a paying a ticket really . What does the line highlighted by the red arrow mean?? [ATTACH=CONFIG]56702[/ATTACH]
  6. The £75 parking ticket is no joke sorry my question is are the lines as painted enforceable what is the intersecting line half way down, I cannot see an example of this in the highway code description of double yellow lines
  7. Hi I have received a PCN contravention code 01 for parking on double yellow lines as shown in the diagram below, are these lines enforceable i.e. do I appeal or pay? any help appreciated [ATTACH=CONFIG]56692[/ATTACH]
  8. Hi need some advice my partner received a conditional offer (fixed penalty) for a speeding offence, but due to lack of funds could send off the form straight away and contacted the police fixed penalty unit to let them know, once we had funds in our account the forms along with a cheque and license were sent off, then returned with a letter stating that as they had not been sent in time a summons had now been issued and we would have to go to court. No summons had been received at this point and indeed even as of today 26th November this has still not been received. My partner has contact
  9. Hi after clearing the mortgage and a second charge placed via a charging order, nothing, re having to buy my partners share, how would I do that when we are married and have joint bank account....
  10. Hi my partner is considering bankruptcy, our home is mortgaged under joint names, is there any way of transferring the mortgage into my name only to prevent the forced sale of the property if my partner declares bankruptcy? There is little if no value in the property if it were to be sold at auction, things getting very stressful any advice appreciated.
  11. Hi looking for some advice, have just been landed with a overpayment bill of £18,000 an appeal and dispute have failed, and i am expecting a demand for payment any day, what can I expect, We have no money left at the end of the month as it is, will HMRC send in bailiffs, can and will they make me bankrupt, we have no assets except our house which would struggle to make the money we paid for it if the house went to auction as a result of bankruptcy. I am mature student so have no income and my partner works full time but we barely make end meet each month, any advice would be great.
  12. Hi need some advice, currently dealing with a demand for payment re tax credit overpayment and have requested some information from archived files under a subject access request. Despite acknowledging receipt of the request HMRC have not provide any of the information required and the 40 day deadline has long passed. Can I use the template letter before action from the bank charges forum, are HMRC covered by section 7 of the data protection act? If not could anyone point me in the direction of the correct template.
  13. Hi can any one tell me what debt bankruptcy does not remove, will money owed to HMRC for overpayment of tax credits be written off so to speak when going bankrupt? Also if my wife was to declare her self bankrupt, how would that affect me? We have a joint bank account and our home is in joint names. Any advice welcome things getting desperate here.
  14. I am after some advice on how to proceed with HMRC. My wife has been claiming tax credits as a single person, whist I have been living at the same address, in 2010 HMRC did a TAX credit check and my wife informed of the situation that due to financial circumstances we were separated but still living in the same house. They accepted this and continued to pay tax credits to my wife as a single person. In Jan this year they sent a letter stating that they had done some checked using a credit ref agency which showed that I was living at the address and they needed more info. After several
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