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Found 25 results

  1. I'm posting on here to see if anyone has had any success with fighting CWD in UK court as far as UAE debt is concerned. There seem to be a number of posts with varying information but no real news of successful or unsuccessful outcomes. Thanks
  2. Hi, Long time lurker on this site. Now find that I need advice. Bought a SILVER Hyundai Getz for step daughter just over a week ago. Seemed OK on inspection and drives well. I was checking the fluid levels at the weekend and noticed that the underside of the bonnet is WHITE. I then had a good look around and the hatch at the back is WHITE on the inside, as is the boot floor. I am now very concerned that this car may have been in an accident. Why else would someone respray a low value car? My other concern is that I will have difficulty selling this on when we no longe
  3. I have been told that letters sent into the DWP without a clear heading like ESA Mandatory Reconsideration Request will be deemed to be 'white mail' and so will not be looked at by anyone until the writer telephones to find out what is happening about their letter. I ask because my ESA MR request dated and sent on 25th Nov 2017 has only just, yesterday 13th Feb 2018 arrived at the correct department! I did telephone about it on 7th Dec and was told it can take a few weeks before you will hear from them. Over 11 weeks to get there! It will now take 7-10 days for them to make their decis
  4. Hi, I've joined this form after searching for advice on a solictors called Coyle White Devine. I'm hoping some can help and advise me? Letter recently received from Coyle White Devine relating to indebtedness to Dubai First to the tune of approx £200k GBP. The letter was sent to my home address, but addressed to a diferent person. Same first and last name, but a different middle name. The letter also had an incorrect email address i.e. not mine. Atttached to the letter, is an initial letter written to a person with the same name as me, but to a completelty
  5. just got notice to keeper from UKPC, ticket issued on 31/12/2016 ntc dated 02/02/2017. Not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space. I parked in a bay with 2 wheels on the white line not outside but on it, this white line is approx 3 feet wide as its an end bay and the tyres were at least 1 foot away from the white line outside edge. i had to park like this as I could not let my passengers out of the vehicle because the vehicle next to me was very close to the white line so I had restricted access. Whats should be the next move against these muppets.
  6. Hi Just wondered if there is a problem with CAG? Each time recently I have tried to come on CAG I get a white screen, it only happens on here
  7. Hi After returning back to the UK a few years ago, we carried on paying the balance on our credit card. We never missed any and fully intended on clearing it off. Having asked for the balance, we realised that not only it had not gone down, in fact it had gone up after months of repayment. Apparently the bank had decided to change the interest rates without telling us. We tried contacting the bank and were told that we had to pay a ridiculous amount. Our initial debt was around 5k and contacting the bank to get a settlement figure, thinking that after all the payments the balan
  8. Any follow up to this? Looking for advice on how to tackle CWD myself. Thanks
  9. Hi guys. 1. white ziz zag line i was stopped to pick up client at 00:37 for 46 seconds. 2. date of contravention is 14/03/15 3. date of notice was 17/06/15. 4. date when i got it was 27-28/06/15. i am a pco driver with pco car. and it is a white ziz zag line. 1. i am sure white i can park 90%. 2. it was for 46 seconds according to the video. 3.it was way past midnight. also it is 5 months old. it is a hired car. can i appeal the decision? Ali
  10. Hi me again! Ok here goes, my computer is Packard Bell with windows 8 installed, had it prob over a year now but last few days it has seemed slow, unresponsive, and giving me a white screen when I go onto different sites, also I get in the top left corner a colour bit ( like on a tv when the signal is bad, if that makes sense ) I have done all the normal checks and it is showing no issues/bugs/virus etc, I have Avira . I cleared all history and done what I can with checks etc but am at a loss now, I am no expert
  11. Hello, A friend of mine has approached with their PCN they have received from NCP for not correctly parking within the lines of the space. This is new to me. In my mind how can they make any claim for this, espcially having suffered no loss. Also the car park is poorly maintained and the white lines are in fact just very small T bar at the start of the bay. Can they claim for not parking correctly in a bay? surely this is something to be appealed like all other pcn I cant upload a copy of the PCN at moment, but it is a standard one stating £50 or £100. The car park is the NCP at
  12. Hi All Left UAE in early 2012. Had a loan with a bank and intended to carry on paying the repayments after I got back. Made one payment and then got a frantic call from the bank. They were very concerned that I had left the UAE as advised by my UAE ex-employer. They demanded full settlement and when I explained this was impossible, they said they would discuss internally and get back to me I made a payment of the next instalment and went on line the next day to check the credit had gone into my UAE account from the UK bank. The UAE bank account on line a
  13. My Mother-in-law sent for a "free sample" of the above tooth whitening product, in response to a pop-up ad. on the internet. Two packages were delivered to her home, before Christmas, as she was leaving to spend the holiday period with our family. She returned home, yesterday, and on checking her Barclaycard statement, she finds multiple amounts (five in total, ranging from £0.82 to £62.27) have been charged to her account. My Mother-in-law has, unwittingly signed up for a subscription to make monthly purchases of a useless product, at a cost of more than £120.00 per month.
  14. Can anyone shed any light on this problem I have please ( this is Sandy ,B/C's o/h ) For some reason when I click on the google sign it opens with a blank white page I use Chrome as my browser, I unistalled it and tried again, was fine at first but has now started doing it again? I have done health check which found nothing, done a scan, nothing, have done everything, I can not open Google as like said just get blank white page Thanks
  15. hi there I am renting a white Van to help a friend move some bits. I am going to be the name driver and liable for the hired van. The cost is £65 for the day and has an excess of £500 on it. The people at the van hire company have mentioned I can reduce the excess on the vehicle to £100 if I pay an extra £15. Do people think this is worth it? Additionally are there any other things to bear in mind when renting a van? Thanks for the help BB
  16. need some legal advice on current situation. me and my partner spilt 3 years ago, we have a 3 year child together. we moved into a rented council house while i was pregnant and as he used to be in the army the british legion paid something towards the white goods, washer, oven and fridge and towards the carpets. after we separated he left the home and was very happy for me to keep the goods as they were necessary for his daughter. now after 3 years.. (he is now engaged and living with his new partner in fully furnished home with his 2 other children) he has had his solicitor contact m
  17. Hi There People Does anybody know of the difference between the "White Book 2013" and "White Book 2014" All I can come up with is this link from the Justice website; http://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil Is a "White Book 2013" still in use in the County Court ?
  18. Can someone please assist. I have today received a £100 fine for parking at a local retail park. I do admit to straddling the white line of the parking bay - at the time of parking there was another car parked to my left and I merely (perhaps stupidly) parked close to him - therefore myself straddling the next bay. They have pictures of my car by itself (the other car having left by this stage) and also a picture of a ticket on my car. I never received the ticket that was left on my car despite me only being in the shop for 30 minutes. There are signs on the way into the car park stating
  19. Following the annus horribilis of 2013 when Sobell went awol in may 2013, to be replaced by GPB Solicitors, who subsequently were closed down by the SRA, for dishonest practice, it appears on the Law Society website that the infamous Graham White are no more at KT14 6ND. I did find it rather strange that 2 firms of solicitors were registered at Roxburghe at the same time! However Sobell is still registered but at no addresss. Whats going on Hummmmmmm !!! !
  20. My wife and I had booked a holiday to Zambia in August last year but unfortunately my wifes' contract of employment was cancelled in December and I had already taken a career break. When it came time to make the final payment in March we could not afford it so had to cancel the holiday. We were charged £3,500 in cancellation charges as per the contract and submitted a claim to our travel insurance company who have come back to us saying as my wifes contract was cancelled rather than being made redundant they are not willing to pay the cancellation charges. In the insurance contract i
  21. hi i wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction, im off work for 2 weeks and need a copy of the njc white book, i can get one off my union rep but he is where i work 40 miles away, so i wondered if anyone can point me to a link on the net for this to save me the journey i have a copy of the green book, but thats the updated version of the white book The White Book contains the National Joint Council’s terms and conditions of employment for former manual workers. This was replaced by the Green Book. thanks in advance if anyone can help to save me the diesal and
  22. Washed a white with small red band Asda bedsheet with wife's white coat, wash finishes and both the bedsheet and coat are now pink, followed manufacturers washing instructions on bedsheet. Would complaining get me anywhere.
  23. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?366308-Vinci-Car-Park-Roxburgh-Graham-White&p=3991005#post3991005 dx
  24. On 14 June 2012 the Government published its White Paper ‘Banking reform: delivering stability and supporting a sustainable economy’, which sets out the Government’s detailed proposals for implementing the recommendations of the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), to fundamentally reform the structure of banking in the UK. The Government will introduce all necessary legislation as soon as Parliamentary time allows, and remains committed to completing all primary and secondary legislation by the end of this Parliament in May 2015. Banks must comply with all of the measures proposed here by
  25. Bank reforms to protect taxpayers Read more : - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/bank-savers-more-security-215138388.html
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