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  1. Apologies to all for the late update, and thanks Ims21 for awaiting my response. . . Jason is correct this is now resolved, but certainly not at store level as it was an area manager that contacted me after I sent the complaint email, the area manager was not from my local store.. I agree with everyone here and what RenegadeImp said that it should of been sorted a lot sooner. The end resolution was one I suggested months ago, that I keep the loaner washer that was supplied when mine went for repair . . the amount of phone calls I had with the local store was unacceptable and the only resolution they originally offered was to sign a new contract which would of led to me paying a further 700 pounds. . . . so yes now resolved with a resolution that could of been done 6 months ago with the correct level of customer service.
  2. After Jason's above message, I did send an email as advised to customer relations. . I don't think it was Jason himself who replied although in his above message he stated HE would like to investigate this for me.. I got a reply saying somone will contact me today. . A few hours I did get a call off a manager asking me to go in store tomorrow as he has spoken to the store and they will deal with this to my satisfaction . . . Shame I got to get a babysitter to go all the way into town to resolve this as they couldn't offer a resolution over the phone which tells me they want me in person to sign a new agreement, but lets see what is said tomorrow.. I will keep you all updated and then proceed to my own escalation process
  3. im going to look into Soga, ty DX .. Also Renegade I am planning on contacting trading standards and the store have tried to preasure me into signing a new 3 year contract but I only have 23 weeks left on this agreement so no chance. .
  4. Thanks DX, just done that. . . need to put the letter together now but this is the general idea. I have a contract with yourselves for a 9kg washing machine which about 8 months ago became faulty causing the door to shatter and smash all over my kitchen and my clothes that were being washed at the time had to be put in the bin. . As your products have insurance included it was arranged for the broken washer to be taken away for repair and a loan washing machine to replace it for the time being at which time I was estimated a time scale of about 4 weeks. After about 4 months I phoned up the store as it was a struggle with the loan machine being only 7kg and me needing a 9kg, I was advised that I could just keep the loan model as mine was not fixable. About a month after that I was contacted by Brighthouse telling me that they are going to deliver my old machine back and take the loaner, I then raised the issue that I was promised I could keep the one I had currently had for 6 months and become used too although not big enough, The store said I can only do this if I sign a new agreement which would of cost me a further 800 pounds as my contract is not far from finished so I refused to sign a new one from the beginning again. When your engineer came with the new washing machine he plumbed it in and he then tested it to check if it works and it started with a big bang and the drum turned with the noise of scraping glass and it then flooded my kitchen so the engineer then took the machine back again leaving me with the same loaner. . So I have had the loan machine now for about 8 months and I am told that my old washer has been fixed again but to be honest I have no faith in my old washer again after it damaging all my childrens clothes on the first occasion and flooding my kitchen on the second, I feel when I speak to the store they are dogmatic on returning my old washer instead of replacing it like for like.
  5. I am just about to put together a letter for brighthouse as there level of customer service is a disgrace. will put letter on here soon as ive put somthing together . .anyone know who to mail it too higher than the local store ?
  6. There is nothing they can do. under no circumstances allow them into your home, they have no legal right to collect against your will. If they do turn up, tell them to go away. if they refuse or keep coming back phone the police and claim harrasment and have them removed.
  7. I have not a clue DW, only spoke to her briefly. this is what ive just quickly typed. Dear sir or Madam, Penalty Charge Notice number: 12334444 Date of issue: 02/06/2012 Warden number: 111 I am writing to formally challenge the above Penalty Charge Notice. On the 02/06/2012 my vehicle was issued with a Penalty Charge Notice for thereason of parking on double yellow lines on a restricted Street in prescribedhours. In accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1991, my challenge is on the basis thatthe vehicle was only observed for 2 minutes by the issuing warden as I wasassisting the house removal of my sister who was forced to move quickly due todomestic violence only giving us 48 hours to complete the task. Furthermore we were informed that the double lines in question can be removedas not necessary in that area on Darlington Street, Tyldesley. For this reason I look forward to receiving notification that the Penalty ChargeNotice has been cancelled within 28 days. Yours sincerely,
  8. are there any template letters for this ?
  9. A friend of mine has asked me to do them a letter to the parking services wigan council. I personaly think she got no chance of getting off but wanted to see what you all thought. parked on double yellow lines for a few mins while helping a friend to move house, unloaded her car with a computer desk and went into the house to put item in and came out to find a parking ticket from a warden. . couldnt of been more than 2 mins in house. . . house move was due to domestic violence and was a rush job to do within 48 hours, also was told from a neighbour that the double yellow lines can be removed (i dont understand this bit ) .....
  10. Sorry to of been a little vague, I have full custody of 5 children and their mother who is on jobseekers has them for one night a week . I transfer 15 pounds to her every week for having them .... can this be used against her in her jobseekers allowance.
  11. If somone is claiming jobseekers allowance and they also receive 15 pounds for looking after their own children on contact will this be an issue to them ? . . .
  12. Hows the fight going with welcome ? . . not been on here for ages so mega behind on the info . .
  13. Just been lifted, dont know if this is coinsodence or divine intervention but ive not been on this site for months. . i was in court on the 29th March (same day as your first post) and I now have full custody of all my 5 kids, its been a hard road but 100% worth it. I only came on here to let the good ppl on here know the outcome and I find this thread has been posted on by you. . If you need any help or support Im here to talk to you. . Ive been on my own with 5 kids ofr nearly 2 years and know all the ins and outs, they attend 4 differant schools and have a really happy life with me and now have a good contact deal with their mother. You need (as im sure you are doing) to put your kids first and prioritise their welfare, go to the respective schools and introduce yourself as the current main carer and explain your situation they will offer support etc. will post more later when more time.
  14. All they will tell me over the phnoe is it was in 2009. . further to this I have to appeal aGAINST THEIR DECISION. if I do this I could be opening a can of worms and leaving myself paying the 900 pounds off . . . but I really did need a budgeting loan.
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