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  1. Thanks for the advice. Do I have to pay costs straightaway (after the tribunal decision) or do I wait for the result of an EAT appeal decision?
  2. Yes thanks, I'm within the time limit - I am quite concerned about getting the info. I am entitled too; so the question is how much info. should the Tribunal supply - i.e. reasons for costs with corresponding figures and costs split across the two claims - is that a reasonable expectation?
  3. Hi, I have to submit an appeal against a judgement - two claims struck out and a costs award. The judgement itself was very brief (one page!) and there is no explanation as to how the level of costs were arrived at and how they relate to each claim. I would hope to have this information for the EAT hearing, but am I entitled to ask the Tribunal for it?
  4. Thanks again Pusillanimous, I was sworn in to read my statement near the beginning - so that would hold for the discussion on costs. Should the judge have known in the meeting that the respondents had issued a 'costs warning' prior to the hearing - or is that a procedural no-no before he reaches a judgement in the hearing?
  5. Hi steampowered, I should have been more accurate (and altered the query slightly) - I was interested in challenging the costs award. It was mostly in-house personnel. On what basis do they charge the hourly rate? I'm told it is a notional figure.
  6. Thanks Pusillanimous, the notes have now arrived. The CMD notes say that I had to submit an explanation on a key point ahead of the PHR, which I have done (and sent to the respondents as well). The respondent's have written to me claiming that (at the CMD) we also discussed putting together a small bundle of evidence ahead of the PHR and they want to see supporting documentation for my explanatory note. This was not discussed at the CMD and the tribunal's notes of the CMD make no mention of it either. What should I do? Ignore the respondent? Prepare supporting documentary
  7. Hi, once a CMD has been held, how long should it be before the Tribunal sends out the notes to both parties? Is there a time limit laid down that we can hold them too? I have been waiting for a fortnight - is that length of time usual for a Tribunal?
  8. Sorry, need to bump this back up - it is important though. Can I challenge a decision made at a CMD and put it before an EAT before the main hearing - or do I have to wait until after the main hearing (i.e. if my claim fails in part due to a judge's decision at CMD)? Thanks.
  9. Hi, sorry to be a bit thick on this point - can I challenge a decision made at a CMD hearing or do I have to wait for the main hearing to have concluded before I can challenge any decision made by the Tribunal? When the Tribunal wrote to me limiting the number of words in my witness statement there was no explanation - there was merely a figure in brackets for the amount of words I could use.
  10. Hi, I have to deal with a preliminary (and important point) at a PHR before the main hearing. Does a written submission for a PHR require a certain format/elements/template or can I just lay out the facts as I see them and deal with the point in question? Furthermore should I supply supporting documentary evidence with the submission or bring it along to the PHR? Any advice would be really useful thanks.
  11. Hi ericsbrother, we never really exchanged any documents. They made up a bundle that included some documents I needed (and a lot of documents I didn't - and neither do they I suspect). When I subsequently sent across my list/documents they simply said no to most of them being included.
  12. Thanks becky2585, the content of the bundle has already been horribly contended. The respondents have already produced a bundle with only some of my documents in. They refuse to let any more in - including some documents I will be referring to in my witness statement. At the CMD meeting the judge decided that the respondent's bundle would be treated as the trial bundle and if I wanted to add any more documents they should go into a supplementary bundle. The judge at the CMD hearing then went on to warn me that the panel will read the trial bundle to get a feel of the case but
  13. Hi SNALF, as regards structure I was intending to simply go through what happened in chronological order. Is there more that I should be doing for the witness statement?
  14. Hi, there are plenty of threads on this (excellent) forum which highlight many of the ways that respondents will attempt to restrict evidence (against them) in the bundle being brought before the Tribunal panel. Can respondents also control/restrict what goes into the claimant's witness statement as well or is the content of the claimant's witness statement 'off-limits' to interference from the respondent?
  15. Thanks Emmzzi, I'm mindful, in my statement, to stick to the issues that the Tribunal are being asked to consider. To go 'off-piste' would lose some of the claims impact/focus. However is it a normal practice to restrict one side to a word count limit and not the other side? Would it be an EAT issue if my claim was unsuccessful?
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