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  1. Hello All I trust that you're all well given the current situation My brother has a 2 acre piece of land with frontage to a 50 mph B-Road. He would like to park his vehicles on his land but would need access from/to this B-Road. Is this possible? How would he go about this? There is a small lane to the side of his plot, which would not be suitable. How far up the B-Road would the access need to be away fro the lane? Thank you for any advice in advance Best E5D
  2. Hi All I came back from work yesterday to find that there are double yellow lines outside my council house and around the corner. I assume the council put them there (they look like they've been painted by someone after a heavy liquid lunch) the lines are 55mm wide the the cap between them varies from 30mm to 70mm. As I'm near the end of the terrace, the lines start outside my house, go up the road and around the bend, going up that road. My questions are:- 1) Should the council advertise that the lines are being put there prior to painting 2) Should there be parking restricti
  3. Hi All, A friend of ours is in a huge amount of debt from her marriage, where her husband built up this debt, cheated on her and was also very abusive. Our friend had no choice but to go into a refuge with their 2yr old son. Whilst in the refuge, her husband didn't give her dog the medication that it needed and it became ill. the husband took the dog to the vets in the morning, but the vet put the dog to sleep in the afternoon. The dog belonged solely to our friend, not the husband. The vet did not call our friend on her mobile phone to speak with, as the dog's owner), they were hap
  4. Hello All A friend of ours mother passed away last year. She sent our friend for adoption when he was 9 months old. His mother then had a daughter, who was fostered out. After this, the mother moved to the USA and had 3 further children, which she raised herself. The family in the USA have distributed the cash and other belongings between them, however there is a mortgage free house in the USA, which the family want to dispose of. Would my friend, as the eldest child have a claim for a share of the house, despite being sent out for adoption many thanks in advance EOS
  5. Hello All A very dear friend of ours is in a bit of a pickle. She separated from her husband and he forced her to sell the family home about 18 months ago. They had a lot of debt between them, which was built up during the marriage. She has care of their son and put the £10,000 which she got from the sale of their house in s trust fund for her son. She is under a lot of pressure from her creditors for money. She is considering going bankrupt, but is wondering if the £10,000 which she put away for her son will be taken away Many thanks in advance
  6. Hello Ash, Thank you for your message. I received a replacement phone today, rather than my repaired phone. Thank you EOS-5D
  7. It was in my top pocket CB, I bent down to pick up the loo roll and it slide out and straight down. :0(
  8. Ash-PYB, You can see the circumstances of my concern in my OP. I had forgotten about the water damage, so when the phone started to fail, I contacted Apple Customer Services as I thought that it was an issue that could bet resolved though some sort of reset. I tried all of the rest procedures, including a complete erase and re-install, which was when the phone completely shut down. I took it to an Apple Store, when the tech guy opened it up and showed me that it was severely water damaged ( the water damage indicators had been triggered ). I then remembered about the phone fal
  9. Hi Guys, I accidentally dropped my iPhone 6 down the toilet about 2 months ago. The damn thing was in my top pocket and slipped out when i bent down to pick something up. Nightmare, as the toilet had bleach in it. I fished the phone out, gave it a very quick rinse, because of the bleach and towel dried it, then stuck it in some rice, as I've heard of people doing this. I called Protect your bubble to start the claim. I left it in there for a day then tried the phone. it was all over the place to start but then began to work properly and continued to do so for the next couple of
  10. I took out a credit card with Lloyds back in 1994. I've been self employed since 1989, so was self employed throughout holding this card and policy. I've been told that PPI policy's don't offer the same benefits as they do for employed people. Is this the case, because Lloyds have rejected my claim, saying that their PPI policy carried the same benefits for both. I've asked for proof, but they haven't provided me with any. Does anyone know if this is true please? Many thanks E5D
  11. Thank you for the reply. What good will that do, as they've already acknowledged that my card from 1994 had a ppi policy bundled with it
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