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Found 10 results

  1. I'm sure I can hear em outside. Just turned out the light. Bah humbug. Lol..
  2. I took out a vehicle based membership for my son last year for his birthday AA changed this membership to a personal one and when son wanted to claim he was forced to take out new membership AA refuses to acknowledge they are at fault I am taking them to Financial Ombudsman - and have requested copy of transcript of phone call i have all original docs to prove vehicle based membership Be very careful with them...poor customer service, they only want your hard earned cash. I will peruse through small claims court Very poor service and complaints handling - -dreadful
  3. Dear all, I have just recieved a claim from Northampton County Court from Bryan Carter solicitors. The claimant is Pheonix Recoveries. It is relating to a £9k loan which I took out from Lloyds TSB. I had an arrangement to pay Bryan Carter 100 pounds per month but due to financial issues I couldnt keep up with the payments. 1 Day after recieving the claim form I recieved a letter from Bryan Carter saying that they have now issued litigation proceedings. I havent contacted Bryan Carter yet or filled anything in on the claim form. I am just looking for some advice
  4. I have watched this a few times, and still can't work out how it's done.http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ai4tPe80S6Q?rel=0
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22025035 it looks like osborne is hoping to capitalise on the nation's repulsion of the philpotts as another way of turning people against those on benefits has he so little shame that he would attempt to use 6 children's tragic deaths as a vehicle to attack benefit cklaimants
  6. I think Barclays may be up to their old tricks, or should I say a new trick, which may be pocketing them a lot of fees. Background: I have 2 Barclays account, one with a small o/d of £200 + Reserve of £300, one with a massive mortgage-linked o/draft. Because the household income & outgoings fluctuates, never twice the same date or amounts, I check my current account every morning, without fail. If the money coming out takes me into the Reserve, I immediately transfer some money from the mortgage account to put me back under so I don't incur the dreaded £22 Reserve fee. Bear in mi
  7. For the last couple of weeks I have been receiving calls from 01865 525980 to my mobile phone. This is a local number to me, but as they've called during work hours so I haven't picked up, and they haven't left any messages, however having googled the number it appears it is Aktiv Kapital. Is this a new trick from AK, calling alleged debtors from a local number in the hope they'll answer the phone, or have they genuinely moved from Bromley to Oxford - their website suggests not!
  8. Many of us are aware of DCAs using multiple numbers to try and get through to us on the phone, but I've just discovered that Muck Hall must be getting desperate to reach me considering they've been trying unsuccessfully for some time! I don't know if anybody else has had this happen to them, but they've called me today (unsuccessfully again unfortunately for them) using a number on my own area code. Most of the attempts to reach me have been to one of my VoIP numbers, but my router has the facility to block ranges of numbers so I took advantage of that several months ago just a
  9. You get a phone call and a very nice female voice starts speaking. Hallo - I have something very important to tell you - hallo - hallo, this seems to be a very bad line - Hallo - I have to tell you ..... The message cuts off. You have a caller number on your screen and so you call it back - BUT ... it's a premium rate phone number!! Geddit? Don't be curious Don't call back
  10. Hi, i'm writing this on behalf of my mother. We've been hounded by Cabot for years, phone calls in the hundreds, possibly more. We've always ignored their calls and correspondence, far from being imtimidated we actually found them to be rather amusing. After god knows how long the phone calls finally stopped and figured they'd finally got the message....until today. We recieved a very interesting letter addressed to the whole family name, not just my mother, sending their condolences on my mothers death!!!! I can't scan the letter so i've typed it out word for word below: De
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