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  1. Hi again, sorry I had not seen the last reply to this thread until now. Update of the situation: the break clause was arranged in the end, on Friday I signed a new contract as starting from yesterday. Foxtons assured the place is ready and gave me the key at 12 noon. I went to the flat, and it was not even nearly ready. I had my movers on their way and it was a total mess. Spoke with the landlord and he said he hasn't given the permission to let the place that day. Can I now back off the deal? The reason I would want to is that I discovered the flat above me has an absolutely horrend
  2. Ok, looks like this may turn out to be many things. Hopefully something positive. However I will raise a massive h*** if any of Foxtons' actions should be clearly unfair. I was under the impression you can't use a PO box in contracts, since it must be the registered address, but don't know how that applies to lettings.
  3. Thanks for replying. The first adress was a PO box address with the same company name. I purchased a Land registry record of the property and got the company details, they match the new contract address. I hope Foxtons would just add the break clause for me to be signed, otherwise I would try the deed of surrender, maybe try talking humanely with the landlord. Or is this is generally a bad idea?
  4. I'm a newby with renting in London through estate agents, and didn't realize how careful I should be... After agreeing on a 2 year rent period/1 year break clause over the phone with various people I signed for the Assured Shorthold tenancy with Foxtons. The flat was not ready on the agreed date, so they had to create a new contract, which I haven’t signed. Now I notice there was never a mention of any break clause in the contract, and after being warned of Foxtons want to read all very carefully now (I know, should have been earlier). Also the landlord's details (address) ha
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