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  1. Hello CAG Readers I was looking for friendly advice on what I can do or how to go about my situation. on march 21st 2017 my mum changed provider to TalkTalk, who guaranteed a strong and stable Broadband and phone line Since day 1 we have had a broken package. We were members for 6 months and since having it we had issues with everything. For starters the internet would constantly disconnect for no reason, turning itself off when the phones rang or when it rained (living in the uk meant practically everyday) , not reconnecting for potentially hours. The home phones would cut out mid call, one of the 4 phones never worked since Day 1 and we kept getting phone overuse charges despite having 24/7 international on our packages. The Biggest pain was the inability (Or hatred towards the consumer) of the staff, They lied to us several times, promising engineers, call backs and a new phone set but none ever showed up, I even had to take time off work because engineers were to arrive but the following day when I phoned to complain about the lack of engineers, they stated no engineers were ever planned, the women on the phone didn't know what to do so she went to see a manager, said they were busy and id get one of their infamous call-backs that id come to experience all too much . we must have called every week asking for help but they never even tried to remedy our situation. It reached boiling point after we went 6 out of 12 months without a working package and no support from staff, despite paying them for these services every month , we demanded to speak to a manager After explaining our situation, She said that we were allowed to leave without fear of a exit fee even thought we were only 6/12 months into the contract. Finally some progress... Since then We have moved to virgin (really good so far) and all was well until yesterday TalkTalk Sent us a exit bill for £300+ plus Late fees and extra Bills for House phone calls. I'm under the impression this is fraudulent as my mother agreed to void the contract with no exit fees which was consented by a TalkTalk agent, however the company have went back on this agreement. if possible any advice would be appreciated and if anyone had any similar situation I would not recommend TalkTalk Based on the service I have received however I hope we were an anomaly and not the norm for TalkTalk customers
  2. Hi, I will make this as brief as possible although it is very long and complex. Basically, I became depressed due to family circumstances and my partner went to the childrens' headteacher who because of my depression, made a referral to social services claiming my children were at risk. In this referral he stated I was autistic. Not true. Shortly after this, there was an incident of graffiti. The head phoned SS to inform them I had been seen wandering the village early on, looking angry and ripping up paper. Not true. SS included the false statement in a report. New headteacher begins almost immediately after, leaving me not time to question original head. New head had been a teacher at school for 6 years. I asked him to find out about this lies. He claimed nobody knew anything about it. perpetrator had been caught at this point. Sent a legal letter intending to sue for defamation and slander regarding above. Councils' solicitor (PJ) wrote back stating one was dissemination of information and stating there was 'some truth' in other statement. Left it at that hopeful lies would stop. Head took this letter personally and made life difficult. Using SS to prop him up as we had an awful social worker involved who was happy to get any info. and school would provide it, true or not. Never spoke about kids, just me! I ended up swearing at him in office. Calls police and banned. Other parents swore and nothing was done. He did me a colour coded reward chart and I was banned further if I didn't do exactly what was said which was dropping children off in office. If I said he was being silly, banned again. If I took them to gate only, banned again, if a friend took them in (bearing in mind I was in middle of mental health crisis which he knew of) banned again. Went on for nearly 2 months. Started staring and following me and kids. Went to police for advice and this behavior stopped. Eventually went to governors who, despite a lengthy email, said he had followed correct procedures. At this point SS had after a year of hell, left us alone. I was feeling better and wanted to make this head suffer. I experienced sexual abuse and other severe abuse in my childhood and this man had a profound impact. After governors ignoring me I called him a [edited] on fb and was cautioned and was banned for 12 months. Lots of little lies told to SS throughout all this. He always used the dissemination of information argument when challenged. Upon returning to school my children were ignored as was my husband and I. My autistic child had melt downs and wouldn't go in without me. The staff completely ignored her. Made life difficult and said if I was late, they would call SS (knowing the impact they had on me previously). I phoned SS and they reassured me nothing would happen. Relayed this info. to school. When I was late I phoned and apologised. Head phoned SS and police stating I was slurring my words and had been seen staggering down the road. I hadn't even left to collect them at this point. Kids taken to grandparents in police car. Spoke to 101 (in my 'unfit' state) and they wouldn't tell me anything. Grandparents phoned to say kids were on their way there and I drove 15 miles to collect them. Police did not investigate and after speaking with grandparents, SS were happy I was not unfit and took no further action. Very shortly after, I was threatened with an injunction should I contact the school. I had phoned them more frequently to ask about my 2 children who are both autistic but messages were always ignored. Told to email someone at council which I did 3 times but no response so had no choice but to contact school. Then an injunction was applied and an interim one granted. Stated a lot of lies and that head had been threatened via phone by my father. This father was never seen before. Said I would fight it then a warrant for my arrest was issued stating that although interim injunction had been granted, my father had again threatened him. As a result of this threat, he had an alarm installed (zoopla shows alarm there when he bought house) and he had CCTV installed. My partner sought out his address as I wasn't allowed 50 metres and sat nav wouldn't recognise it and saw no cctv. I said will they drop everything if I move girls school. Said yes. However, despite knowing all half term I was moving, I get a letter from PJ on the last day telling me that they want me to sign an undertaking with same terms as injunction. I should seek legal advice and give them an answer by monday (case was on tuesday). This left me no time to fight it. When I challenged the unfair terms PJ stated he would go for the warrant, despite my kids being in new school. After speaking with a solicitor friend, she set out some new terms. One was that I be able to walk my dog on the footpath which crosses the school car park and goes around the school. Mostly hidden by bushes. PJ sent a new order but didn't include map and lines showing where I could go. They said I could but only at weekends. Really made life difficult for me. Shortly after moving school, realised it was a mistake and sought to one child back. PJ then tells me I have been entering the car park. I said I can at weekends. He proceeds to tell me he didn't mean the car park which is also the public footpath. I had explained the difficulty I had in walking three girls elsewhere. It seemed he kept this as an insurance policy. I saw the map in court but as I said, he had not sent it via email, knowing I had legal advice. He then informed me they had installed CCTV (no signs) and says I was captured crossing the car park in the week. I explained I was not sure if that was the school, property and pointed out an email I had sent earlier requesting this info. Not done on purpose. He acted in a very underhand manner and it is clear from my email he knew what I meant when I said footpath purposely didn't send the map. He kept saying I could use it at such a time and it wouldn't be relied on. I have since moved from the village but I am angry how they have acted and lied. Given that I can prove some lies and that his statement to police differs to that given to judge, what can I do. If I ask for the undertaking to be quashed, they will agree (knowing I have moved) and it may never reach court. How do I get this to a judge and make them answerable to the lies? I know they will accuse me of contempt (which I deny) but that still doesn't take away the lies. I have also read the judge is corrupt and considering his attitude, fear this. I have been police but they aid it is a civil matter. I am sorry it is so long. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36845617 This Supreme court ruling will affect how Insurers deal with claims where Policyholders have been found to have told lies. " Lying on an insurance claim should not necessarily invalidate it, the Supreme Court has said, in a judgement likely to affect all household policies.It said collateral lies - which are untrue, but do not affect the validity of the claim - can be acceptable. The judges voted by four to one to change one of the important principles behind current insurance law. The insurance industry called it a "blow for honest customers", and warned that the price of policies could rise. The precise case involved a Dutch cargo ship, which ran into difficulty after its engine room was flooded. The owners deliberately lied, by saying the crew couldn't investigate an alarm, because the ship was rolling in heavy seas. In fact the accident was caused by bad weather, so the lie was irrelevant, the court ruled. The judge in the original court case said the lie amounted to a "fraudulent device", which invalidated the claim. The Court of Appeal upheld that judgement, but the Supreme Court has now overturned it."
  4. At the end of my previous mobile phone contract I decided to change provider and move to Vodafone. It was one of the worst customer experiences of my life. Coincidentally, at that time, I became unemployed and having registered my old number with many recruitment agencies and former colleagues/employers I desperately needed my original number to be available for them to contact me on if/when any suitable roles came up. I was told by Vodafone that the transfer of my number would be straight forward and there would be no problems. It would all be sorted within 24 hours. Unfortunately I trusted them to make this happen. It eventually took around 3 weeks for my number to function correctly. I made many attempts to get this sorted with a variety of Vodafone call centre personnel who 'sincerely promise' that my number would work within 24 hours. I made each one give me a timescale for it being resolved before ending the conversation. Each one lied just like the one before (I have copies of the calls/chat conversations). I called into 2 separate (local) Vodafone shops on more than one occasion to try to resolve the problem. I was in absolute desperation due to the employment situation. My original number could be used to make calls but I couldn't receive ANY. My mobile number was in limbo. I couldn't return to my original provider and I couldn't receive any calls through Vodafone. The manager in one of the branches really tried to help. He understood the situation and to appease me (he had limited power to resolve the issue) gave me a free 30 day sim card on a new Vodafone number. The manager of another branch also tried really hard to resolve this but he told me it was a known issue with Vodafone. He had 3 more customers coming in THAT day with the same problem. Apparently the problem was due to the network and systems being inadequate to deal with the transfers. He also mentioned that I wasn't likely to improve quickly. I've now been contacted by a debt recovery agency who are asking me to contact them about this, no doubt wanting me to pay for a Vodafone bill. The day my number was completely ported into Vodafone and working correctly I IMMEDIATELY requested a PAC number to leave Vodafone and return to my original provider. I did this and was fully operational with 24 hours. I also cancelled my DD with Vodafone so I've not made any payments to them for the 'service' I received. Also worth noting is that during my sorry dealings with this company I noticed that they don't seem to like to put things in writing. During the on-line 'chats' to resolve the problem they requested to contact me by my landline phone to discuss the problem. I refused this offer so that I could maintain a written account of what did happen. I have since received more calls from Vodafone and each time I refuse to talk with them. Even though they have my email and home address details they have never communicated the so-called debt issue with me. They are now using a debt recovery agent (who do have my email address!!). As yet, I have not responded to their request. Any advise on what to do next would greatly be appreciated.
  5. Hello, can someone advise me please? i ordered a phone from vodafone online at the end of august, it was faulty, so sent it back within their 14 day returns policy. Had an e-mail on the 9th of sept to say they had received it it perfect condition, and were starting the refund process. Did a live chat next day, the advisor said 7 days for a refund, but normally get it in 2-3. phoned them after seven days, and told it's 7 WORKING days, so you will definitely have your refund in 2-3 days. Left it 5 days, was told "they shouldn't have told you 7 days, it takes upto 14, but you've already waited 11 days so it will be in the next 2-3 days. That didn't happen, so i e-mailed a complaint to customer services, who promised a reply in 48 hours. No. i filled in an online complaints form, a few days later a person phones saying he's from customer relations, and they haven't given you a refund because they havent got your bank details. He says go into store and give them there, they know nothing about it. Live chat said "don't worry, we will phone you between 8-9 to sort this. No call. 2 days later, live chat said, no really, we will call you back between 8-9, NO. Live chat then say, "we can't call you back, we don't have the ability to do that, and they can't find the advisor who told me that. I phoned 191 a couple of days back, and spoke to really helpful Kay, who agreed that this has been going on too long and it's disgraceful, and I'm processing it now, and the refund team will call you in 15 mins, then I will call you in 30 mins to make sure its been resolved. Did she? my a**s. If they just said from the start we want to keep your money as long as possible in the hope you might just give up, i would understand. But the lies......... please help. Thanks.
  6. I'm not sure who or which this company is at the minute, until I go down to the car and look at the sign on the drivers door, however I do know that rossers work in my area so it could be them. I live in a block of fourteen flats, secure gated entry to the communal car park, and secure intercom entry to the block, at 08:15 the intercom buzzer went off, and expecting a delivery I answered to be met with ''Can you let me in I need to deliver a letter to flat 8?'' Me:''Why don't you buzz flat 8?'' There's no answer.... (in the background I can hear a 2nd make prompting the 1st 'it's the postman, it's the postman') Me: ''Well I can't let you in then'' OK.... Grabbed my video camera, and raced out my front door (in my budgie smugglers!) opened the communal front window and could see a white van parked up on the side of road, then a neighbour pulled out of the car park so the gates were now open, and seizing the opportunity one of them stood in the way of the sensors to stop them from closing whilst the other ran back to the van to grab a wheel clamp. I filmed him clamp flat 8's car, and when he went back to the van I switched to the front of the building to film him there, it was at this point the second (the liar) of the two, saw me filming them from the top window, and they were still trying to gain access, it went a bit like; ''What are you doing?'' ''You filming me?'' (waves) ''Why are you filming? This going on youtube?'' The whole time I didn't say a word. Switch to the rear of the building to film them filling out the paperwork, to be met with the same bloke determined to get me to speak; ''What are you doing? Why are you filming me? Just doing my job'' (oh please!) ''Do you film the gas man doing his job?'' (We're all electric so if there was a gas man on the property I'd definitely be filming him yes!) The classic knee jerk ''You can't film me I haven't give you my permission'' Me "I don't need it" ''You filming the paperwork, you can't film that it's data protection'' I just smiled and continued. Now to upload the footage to YT, seeing as he was so keen to be a star on there. Turns out it was Marstons, after speaking to my neighbour whose car it was, four unpaid parking tickets.
  7. We took out a tv from Dial a TV in May and made a few monthly payments. My DD got cancelled due to some financial problems we had at the time, they wrote me 3 letters up until August and then I heard nothing. Around 10 days ago there was a knock on my door. It was Dial a TV coming to take the TV away. I advised them that he couldn't take it there and then and that I wanted him to provide me with a court order etc. He said that he would have to go back to the office and report it as stolen to the police and that he would return with the police to take the TV. The next week he returned but I wasn't in (my neighbour told me) and he just said he would put a card through the door. There was nothing there. I then went to my mother in laws and she passed me a letter which had been sent to her. It basically states that I have left the premises with a TV and they need to trace me!!!!! It also mentions that they will be contacting the police and that I will receive a criminal conviction under the 1968 theft act!!! I am annoyed as I have not moved and they know that - I just asked them to come back with court documents! Surely they cannot send letters to relatives like that????? What should I say to them???
  8. Hi, After over a year of trying I have finally received a calculation from Barclays for my Mastercard which I took out in 1996. After the involvement of the Ombudsman they offered to settle out of good will with no admission. The offer letter I received stated that they are admitting that I was missold. The letter is a little cryptic in that it states that they are "not required to retain statement information for more than 6 years" and that the value of payments prior to 2005 would be calculated assuming that the payments reduced at a steady rate to 0 going back to 1996. They say that they are happy to recalculate should additional information be provided. Who in their right mind keeps statements going back to 1996 ???? Well, my wife has been going on at me for years to clear out my paperwork. I am so glad I did not listen. I have found statements going back to 1996. Putting these into the calculator makes quite a different picture. I do have a couple of questions though. What interest rate should I use when calculating compound interest. Do you think Barclays really do dispose of records from before 2005. Many thanks for all the great advice that I have received and I cannot thank the Ombudsman enough for their professional and considerate service.
  9. just quick advice needed, took out agreement in 2006 with welcome.ammount was for £12691.68 ,thats inclusive of interest.in june 2009 i VT'ed the car after paying over half,welcome accepted,collected the car.now getting letters for the outstanding balance of £3985.98.The car went back in perfect condition inside and out,and running except for flat battery as it was stood for a while as they took ages to collect.I have been advised ro just go get my free 30 mins with a solicitor and maybe pay to get a well worded letter done to send to them. just want advice if this 50% thing is correct.. also i paid over 50 even with all there dodgy charges added on. Oh and they have listed a default on my file,is this illegal to do if i am in the right??... I was also told rhey are trying this with a lot of people on the hope they get some to make payments. Any advice welcome (no pun intended)
  10. Hello, This week a BAYV rep called at my home to speak with friends who are visiting me for a short time. The BAYV rep spoke with my friend and then spoke with myself. The BAYV rep said he would get the police to let him in the house if I did not let him in. The BAYV rep freely discussed my friends personal business with myself as well as letting other people outside hear. There was even slander - the slander was that I am a criminal and that I had just assaulted the BAYV rep! I just laughed at the BAYV rep when he said this and again said to him that I am asking him to leave and adding that everything is on CCTV, so, if he would like to make a complaint of assault then I would have the CCTV to show that this was just a lie, made up by himself. When the BAYV rep finally decided to leave, I called one of my German Shepherds outside to underline the fact in bold that the BAYV rep would not enter my house. BAYV will not confirm that they will stop their visits. What is the next step I can take? I do not mind taking this to Court etc, injunction? Any help appreciated, thanks! Since reading this site today, I have learnt that other people have been accused of assault by BAYV! I have sent emails to BAYV requesting that they stop their visits. They have replied to my emails saying that they can not confirm that they will stop the visits to my house as they need to speak to their customer. They have also stated that this is their final response.
  11. Hi, I have been with Orange for more than 10 years and every upgrade we always have a bit of a haggle, as annoying as that is I have accepted it. This time they have really annoyed me and now they have not responded to my complaint - after 8 days! here's the story: I have upgraded from an iPhone 4s to a 5s. When negotiating the deal with the chap (whose name and extension have gone in my complaint) I told him I don't pay for phones and what could he do. He set out a deal which was acceptable (not as good as the deal I had agreed with the person I spoke to the day before of which there was apparently no record!). When I queried what size 5s he was giving me he said 16gb. I said I wasn't sure that would be big enough as I think my old one is bigger, he says he has checked the system and my old phone if a 16gb - OK, go ahead I say. my pics and music will fit on so that fine. I create a back up of my 4s and then go to upload to the new 5s. There is not enough space to put stuff on. I end up having to delete loads of photos and can still only fit a fraction of my music on it! Something seemed wrong so I had another look at my old phone, dug out the box etc and determined it is a 32gb!! hence twice the size of the one I have been missold! I have called orange and was advise to email my complaint to XXX @ orange (last Tuesday). I got a read receipt on Wednesday last week but have not heard anything since. I am sat here with a 4s I want to get wiped and sold, but I can't do that until I know I have everything transferred to a new phone and back up copy! Today I have forward my original complaint to the email address they list in the Code of practice so will see how they respond! Am I within my rights to cancel the whole contract and take my business somewhere else?. I can't stand being lied to and ignored. Not after 13 years of paying on time! Cheers
  12. I am writing this to try and seek some advice for my friend as she has asked for my help and since you guys have been such a massive help to me in the past - you are my first port of call for advice. Today she received a call while she was at work - she works 200 miles from her home address and her husband was also at work. the call was from a bailiff stating that they were outside her property for a repayment of an unpaid debt (starting at £250) - in her sons name. She has not spoken with her son for 3 years and he hasn't lived with her for the same, in fact, he lives some 400 miles away. The bailiff said that they were at her front door with a police officer and a locksmith and they had a distress warrant to gain entry to her property to remove goods to the value of over £2000. The only way she could stop this from happening is to pay the debt in full over the phone. She was so worried about people going into her house and taking her things that she just gave them her debit card details for them to take the payment (bad move I know but she must have been very threatened to have done that). I have since advised her to call police to confirm if they have log at her address - she called police who confirm police have NOT attended her address. She is now left feeling like she has been conned and lied to by this bailiff who has scared her into making a rather large payment for fear of them entering her house. I am totally out of my depth with this. What can she do in relation to this? Her bank, NatWest cant stop the payment as she gave my card details over the phone but she feels like she has been mislead in the way in which she has been forced to make the payment. Is there any way of firstly getting her money back? and secondly, stopping all the mail for her son coming to her address (she keeps returning mail - 'no longer at this address' but it makes no difference') and stop these companies using her address? Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
  13. Both my wife and I took an online flash deal (limited time) on 2 smart phone upgrades on O2 but through The Carphone Warehouse, for £17/month each with no upfront cost. When phones arrived on Friday, they charged us each £99 upfront (taken from our accounts). When asked, they said we were "not awarded" the deal even though we entered into the agreement within their timescale. They were happy though to "award" us a higher cost deal and take money that we have not agreed to. At no point did they made it clear to us that they were changing the agreement. Nor did they make it clear in the advertising that we somehow have to compete for the offer and may be charged a higher amount. When our bank details were asked, it was clearly stated that this was for verification purposes only and that no money would be taken from our accounts. We are each out of pocket and could not accept the phones on those terms. The very helpful assistant in the shop where we were supposed to pick up the phones (they were actually there) tried to sort this with retail and customer service as she could clearly see that a mistake has been made. Even she was astounded at what she was quite bluntly told on the phone. No idea how long we will have to wait for the money to be refunded. I want to emphasise: At no point did we give permission for the deal to be changed or money to be taken from our accounts other than the £17/month agreed. My advice is stay as far away from this terrible company as you can.
  14. I will not go into the full complaint as it is way too long, so I will try to give the brief details: -Reserved a house from Keepmoat end of May 2013 - plan we were shown showed windows to the side of the property, 4 in total as well as at the front and back. -We chose to go with their "EasyKey" scheme. The scheme means they market your property. Keepmoat delayed putting our house on the market by 3 weeks because of the incompetence of one of their staff -Towards end of August we can see our plot - before then we could not get close enough to see as the road was blocked off, the house was missing 4 windows, this meant the bathroom was now internal! -We complained - their response was to become aggressive and blame us for their mis-selling -We eventually spoke to a manager higher up who offered to refund the kitchen upgrade we paid for (£550) and to install a solar tube in the bathroom -Mid September the buyer for our house pulled out - Keepmoat gave us two days to find another buyer - we later found out that under the Consumer Code for Home Builders they can not do this but at the time we did not know so we accepted a really low offer on our house so we could keep the chain going -About 6 weeks later we are told that we were never offered the solar tube, they were just looking into the possibility of doing it. They could not install one but we could have LED lights instead . We were not happy but we really wanted to move so carried on with the sale. -Roll on 17th October - we were told that we had until the 25th to complete (the house hadn't even been signed off) then they extended it to the 31st. We could not complete because our buyer's solicitor could not complete by then (they needed another 3 weeks ironically). Even though Keepmoat had caused a 3 week delay under the EasyKey there was no flexibility, we had to the 31st to complete or they would re-market. -Keepmoat sold the house to someone else even though they still had our reservation fee - again something they can not do under the Code for Home Builders We created a website which included the recordings of the aggressive and patronising sales staff, emails and photos. Keepmoat agreed to pay our out of pocket expenses because they had not refunded us the reservation fee which they had to under the Consumer Code. However, they refused to acknowledged the rest of our complaint. They also threatened to take us to court if we did not take our site down and advised that their staff might contact the police. We have asked Keepmoat for their version of events as they accused us of libel and what crime we have committed. We are still waiting for a response. I have contacted the NHBC as Keepmoat completely ignored the Consumer Code of Home Builders. The NHBC have said because we didn't buy a house from Keepmoat we can not claim without paying to go through the adjudication process. The code covers the pre-sales service but it turns out only if you buy the house. I do not want to pay as Keepmoat have already offered to cover our costs so their seems little point. I hoped there might be away to stop Keepmoat doing what they did to us to another customer. I hoped that the NHBC would might be able to help with that. This thread is more of a warning to others rather than a request for help but do you think trading standards would be interested? I believe Trading Standards can enforce the property Mis-descriptions Act (which still applied at the time) and Consumer Protection Regulations 2008, but I'm feeling a little deflated. It seems that house builders can do what they like with no comeback.
  15. This is a long story, but I wanted to tell it in case anyone else finds themselves relying on so-called experts. I got behind with the mortgage owing to health problems and back in May, having arrears of some £1,500, my lender, GE Money, wrote suggesting that I apply for the mortgage rescue scheme. I had never heard of it, but I rang the lender and asked them to notify the council as a fast track. The next day a letter arrived from the council giving an appointment. This was the sole bit that was fast track. I visited the housing officer person at the council offices and the man explained the scheme to me, which I thought would be a good idea. He told me that it was unlikely a judge would order a repossession with only £1500 arrears and that the council could do nothing until a repossession was sought. He also said I should ask my lender to provide a letter confirming that they had tried every other option. So I wrote and asked them for such a letter and got no reply. I wrote again a couple of months later, which letter was also ignored. I later learned that the person dealing with it had left and nobody had bothered. I also believed that the arrears needed to be more, that a repossession needed to be sought. GE stopped writing when I missed payments, as they had previously done. Eventually the repossession proceedings were applied for, I passed the information on to the council who said I should have applied to them before (I did, back in May) and why wasn't I on the housing register. Since I have a fair bit of equity in the house, I saw no reason to be on the housing register but the council man said I had to be in order to apply for the scheme. He also told me I would only get 90% of the outstanding mortgage, not 90% of the value. Both these claims are false. He then contacted GE Money and wrote to me stating that they would adjourn the proceedings provided I got the form of authority back to him. I took it back the same day, but the hearing went ahead anyway and they acquired a possession order. The council man said he would need to do a home visit, I gave him one day when I definitely could not be here, and that is the day he chose to make the appointment. I phoned to cancel it, asked for him to ring back. Instead I got a letter asking me to phone him at a specific date and time. I did and he was not there. I did not like this man, neither did I trust that he knew what he was doing and decided to sell the house and rent privately. I sent GE money all the details and they agreed to wait until the house was sold and said I could pay what I could. Then they went for an eviction order. I have had to drop £30,000 off the price of the house, it is sold to a first time buyer, and we are awaiting one search in order to exchange contracts before the eviction date, but GE money will not delay even though they have confirmation from my Solicitor. They want confirmation of exchange and a completion date. Since my disabled son has moved into supported housing I have been able to cut down on a lot of expense, and can just about afford the repayments now, though not the arrears. But since the house is sold anyway they will get these very soon. I phoned to suggest this proposal last week and was met with a very ignorant and rude young oik who refused to listen, and told me they would only accept exchange of contracts or the full arrears of £6,000. I have complained about him and my complaint has been upheld by GE Money. Now it seems that if contracts are not exchanged very soon, I am going to have to go to court and ask for a stay of execution. Also I yesterday received a letter from GE Money informing me that they are sending a field agent to advise me on paying off my arrears. A little late in the day, I think. Sorry for the long rant, but just wanted everyone to know how easy it is to trust that people are doing what they say, and end up in a mess. I am a 65 year old widow with a pension. Thank you for reading.
  16. Hi everyone, i have signed up to this forum because i am at the end of my mental state and needed some advise and from what i have read on here this is a great community with excellent help for those that need it and that person is me ! We purchased Coverplan on our laptop and have been paying the direct debit for months, we were rusing out of the house for a business meeting and "smash" the laptop went down the stairs and was in a very bad way, this was aweful because i had all our images on there and the thing wouldnt turn on and was in a mess. So, i called Knowhow who told me the unit would be being picked up and that they estimated i would get the unit back within 7 working days, if they could not fix the unit by the 42 day which was April 19th i would be entitled to a write off. Well after Knowhow ringing me almost everday to report the unit was waiting on several parts the 42nd day arrived on the 19th of April and i telephones them to ask when i would be getting the write of confirmed. I was talking to a Richard who assused me the unit would take 3 days to be written of and on my notes he had argued with another rep that said i was not under a 42 day policy when it states that i am when you ring them up and give them my details !? This went on for almost a week and after speaking to a Mrs Catherine Crapper who is a manager she also assured me it would be written of, then out of the blue a phone call with a gentleman asking for my email address so he could send the voucher code to go and get my new laptop and this is were it went horrible ! I was contacted last week by a guy from Knowhow that started the conversation with the following "Mr ******* im calling to tell you that there is no way i writing this laptop of so you have no chance sir" .................I was gobsmacked and amazed as he followed that by saying "we have unlimited time to repair your laptop" i asked what would happen if i was still waiting at Christ,as and he said "Thats your problem sir" Can someone help me here ? Its been over 50 days and its still not fixed and we have been told they do not know of they can get the parts to fix it ! I need my laptop for business and i am currently grounded when it comes to using a laptop because of them. The worst customer service call centre i have ever delt with in my entire life ! Regards David
  17. This is absolute car crash TV. Reminds me of Pink Floyds the Wall when Bob goes a bit perculear
  18. no one believes a word he says because he can't help but mislead is there anything this man hasn't been truthful about?! he can rant and and rave all he likes but at the end of the day no one is having any of it..he's just one big fake end off! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2291288/Welfare-minister-rages-bishops-Theres-moral-trapping-people-benefits-says-Iain-Duncan-Smith.html
  19. Don't fall for it, this new wonder drug to make you slim - garcinia cambogia - look it up and see the false claims. Go by what 'real' medical people tell you, there is no wonder drug to make you lose weight.
  20. Hi there, I have had to deal with Newlyn for council tax and paid them but the last payment directly to the council. Newlyn asked £249 fees so I asked them to break down their fees, and they dared sending a letter with total and absolute LIES. They have only posted 1 letter in person and they pretend: -2 visits -1 Levy -1attendance for removal !!! They LIE. They have never come more than once at the begining with the first letter and since I paid all the time. I am chocked that High courts work with people and companies who LIE. Can anyone help me in choosing the words to answer back. How can I confronte their LIES. Many thanks. xx
  21. I went in to Brighthouse today to pay my account up to date and also to remove the OSC on my two items. We have a tendency to go into arrears every now and then and end up paying late fees, but we always end up paying. we were told by the assistant manager (the manager was not present) that we couldn't stop OSC as it was contractural and it was also optional for them as it gave them different repossession options. We gave her a letter (made up from the template on here) stating we were giving seven day's notice and asked her for a receipt for it but she refused. We asked her to write us a note stating she'd received the letter but she refused. She asked us why we wanted to cancel the OSC and I said because it costs too much and we could get a manufacturer's extended warranty for a lot less. She said that this would invalidate our agreement as the items remain property of BH and have to be repaired by them. She also told us that we could not cancel the policy purely on the basis of affordability. They then said that because we are often in arrears, we couldn't stop the OSC policy, but the manager would assess it and decide. I picked up their OSC leaflet and read the paragraph on the back about our right to cancel, but this didn't make any difference. I know that most of this is spurious rubbish, but what about the point regarding manufacturer's extended warranties? BTW, the links on the fact sheet to the DLC, OSC and general terms and conditions don't work. Thanks.
  22. Just been nosing around as you do on your day off....lol, and found this on CREDIT TODAY. These people think they really are something. Winners of Utilities & Telecoms Awards 2012 announced 20 September 2012 http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14364/online-news/winners-of-utilities-telecoms-awards-2012-announced- Perhaps CREDIT TODAY is some kind of secret sect like the moonies and they just keep on having these made up proclaimed important award ceremonies to keep their followers happy.
  23. I've two things to run against RBS if deemed rational. No.1 They've written saying that I had made one or more withdrawals or payments from an account that I requested to be frozen so I could clear an overdraft. This has been proved to be patently untrue and I am tempted to have a go at the on grounds of harrasssment. Is that a starter? No.2 I've noticed that they have changed the name of our joint account (the one I'm paying off the overdraft) from me and my wife to my disabled son and my wife. Not only has this not been either requested or agreed but my son is the one person in the house with an impeccable credit record. Does the fact that they have 'lumbered' him, on paper, with a large overdraft, without consultation,smack of libel?
  24. A Sale of Goods Act rejection of a horsebox (claim value circa £20k) because of multiple defects discovered very soon after delivery. The Defendant's first defence was struck out by the Deputy District Judge, he was given a second chance to file a defence and now a solicitor has submitted a complicated document with several fundamental 'lies' to make it appear as if we bought the vehicle in the course of our business rather than, as was the case, as private individuals/consumers to pursue our leisure interest in horses. How do we best tackle this? Can we complain about integrity/honesty of the brief the solicitor has been given. The correct facts are readily available in documents from our own files and those of public authorities.
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