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Found 11 results

  1. In the same mill familiar to all- Vehicle Control Services Limited. Did all the online stuff - rejected surprise surprise. Letter from bwlegal threatening commencement of legal proceedings in the form of County Court Claim Form. bwlegal called my on the 'phone today - I am shaking! How do they get my number?? They asked me to confirm who I was which I did They then asked me to go through some security questions. I declined. I said that I will wait for any court summons and defend myself to the hilt. I said I regard this call as intimidatory. I said they and their customer are charlatans and that their actions are unreasonable and that I will rely on the reasonableness of the court to see through this I instructed them clearly and concisely that they MUST not ever call me again and that any correspondence hereon in MUST be in writing. Specifics are vehicle stopped on red lines for 30 ish seconds on side road to apparent parking location, finding it not the parking location booked, consult satnav, turnaround and drive off. No parking, no picking up, no dropping off, engine always on, brake lights always on, always in gear, no obstruction, no unsafe practice. Can't recall which of us was driving Problem is, how can we stop these crooks? If it gets too problematic, they'll just give up and move on to the next, less challenging victim. Politicians, police, JLA - are you out there? What are going to do about it? Us little people can't.
  2. Hello, This week a BAYV rep called at my home to speak with friends who are visiting me for a short time. The BAYV rep spoke with my friend and then spoke with myself. The BAYV rep said he would get the police to let him in the house if I did not let him in. The BAYV rep freely discussed my friends personal business with myself as well as letting other people outside hear. There was even slander - the slander was that I am a criminal and that I had just assaulted the BAYV rep! I just laughed at the BAYV rep when he said this and again said to him that I am asking him to leave and adding that everything is on CCTV, so, if he would like to make a complaint of assault then I would have the CCTV to show that this was just a lie, made up by himself. When the BAYV rep finally decided to leave, I called one of my German Shepherds outside to underline the fact in bold that the BAYV rep would not enter my house. BAYV will not confirm that they will stop their visits. What is the next step I can take? I do not mind taking this to Court etc, injunction? Any help appreciated, thanks! Since reading this site today, I have learnt that other people have been accused of assault by BAYV! I have sent emails to BAYV requesting that they stop their visits. They have replied to my emails saying that they can not confirm that they will stop the visits to my house as they need to speak to their customer. They have also stated that this is their final response.
  3. Hi all, I have made an injunction under Section 3 of the Protection from Harassment Act, against a tenant that harass and intimidate me since several months but the County Court has now ordered me to make a Claim Form and Particulars of claim. Also I would like to know : - if the right form to file is the Claim Form N208 and that the my witness statement could be consider as Particulars of claim or if there is a specific document I equally have to file for this purpose (Particulars of claim). - Should I make the claim 'for damages for Breach Of Quiet Enjoyment of Property under Section 3(1) of the Protection from Harassment Act' or just 'for damages for Harassment under Section 3(1) of the Protection from Harassment Act'? - the tenant (we live together in the same sharing house) was destroying my postal mails and I sent emails (and fax of this email with confirmation of receipt) to the landlord regarding this matter but the landlord replied to these emails by talking to something else (never respond to the fax sent) and never denied my sayings regarding the destruction of my emails : Will this be enough as proof for my claim? Thanks in advance for your help,
  4. Hi Can anyone please advise me. I am being harrassed by 3 debt collecting agencies over some debts which are from around 1997. Basically I ended up with financial problems in the 90s after a divorce. I have paid most of them off, but apparently there are 3 outstanding from around this time. Anyhow, I started to receive some letters from Mackenzie Hall which I ignored because the debt is so old, and I know about the limitations act. They then passed it on to Wescot, and now Scotcall. I am currently receiving text messages and phone calls from Wescot and Scotcall every other day now, and really do not know what to do. They have somehow managed to get hold of my mobile number which does not even belong to me, or in my name. How they have found this number is beyond me. I have never been taken to court for these debts or had a CCJ taken out against me, so how can they keep bothering me for debts that are so old. I want to send them a letter regarding the limitations act, but my partner forbids me to contact them. I really am very worried and do not know what to do. The other thing that is worrying me, is that I believe that one of them has visited my home, as someone has tried to break into our property 3 times over the last month, and we don't understand why, or if it could be these people. One thing is for sure, they are not going to give up. If anything, the texts and phone calls are gaining momentum, and I have also had to close my facebook account due to people viewing my profile from the area of where the debt collectors come from. Any advice would be truly helpful. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi everyone, i had a loan with cfo some time ago and they took full payment for this loan aswell as taking additional money from my account forcing me to change banks. I have proof that they have had payment from me but im still receiving calls and texts. so today i received a text saying the following. "as you have failed to arrange a payment with CFO, all your numbers have been uploaded to be called continuously" Are they allowed to do this. I would class this as intimidation.
  6. I am due to start my hearing, in a few days. I was assaulted by my employers and have had months of intimidation and have found out my witnesses are being threatened too. The police are investigating. I think I now have definitive proof of ex employer's lies, plus proof of extreme criminal intimidation. My question is... do I tell the ET this now? Do I wait until I'm in Court next week? And also, what is likely to happen? What penalties can my ex employer face? Also, last night, I was phoned by their solicitor, saying, basically, if I continued, not only would I have to pay costs, but they'll get to see all my medical records. I actually felt like that was another threat. In what circumstances can they have complete access to medical records? (This is separate post from a previous question I asked months ago and would like it kept separate please.)
  7. I was awakened at 7am this morning by my 9 year old son saying that someone is trying to break down the front door. I ran downstairs and heard someone bashing the door, not knocking, hitting it as hard as they could. I opened the door and it was two people showing me id cards like they were some sort of law enforcement. It turned out the were two bailiffs from Task Enforcement. One of the bailiffs put his foot in my door. I asked him to remove his foot and he said he would not. I asked him again and he still refused to do it. I asked them the reason they were at my house, as I have no reason to have them here. They said they had come to seize goods due to an unpaid congestion charge relating to a vehicle. I explained that the vehicle was not mine and the company name that it was registered under was nothing to do with me. I recognised the name of the company as a friend of mine and I told them that it was him and that he must of used my address without telling me to register his car. They did not believe me and I walked away to get my drivers licence to prove who I was. I said to the to please wait outside the door and I will go get it, when I came back, they had walked into my house and refused to leave. I asked them to leave but they would not. I will add that I have a 9 year old son and a 16 year old son, and a 4 year old daughter with leukemia. The childrens mother had passed away from leukemia and I am a single father. Their intimidating behavior and unwillingness to listen to reason and acknowledge that this had nothing to do with me was scaring my children and my 9 year old son was shaking with fear and crying. I asked them once again to leave the property as I did not invite them in, and they refused. I then called the friend whom I believed had done this, and he answered his phone, I told him they were here and the reason, and he spoke to them on the phone, he confirmed that it was his vehicle, he knew about the fine, he offered to pay and that he was the one responsible and that he had not told me he had registered his car at my address. he also explained that he was declared bankrupt in September last year. They still refused to leave, they refused to talk to him anymore, they said that if I did not pay them £781.34 they will start removing goods from my property. I explained that none of the goods in my house are my friends and that the car was not mine and they acknowledged that but still insisted on making me pay. I called the police and they eventually arrived but they were no help at all. I explained the whole thing to them, they even spoke to my friend on the phone again and they still said that they can do nothing and that the bailiffs can take goods. The female police officer had to console my 9 year son who was so afraid by the two intimidating bailiffs. While we were waiting for the police to arrive, one of the bailiffs picked up my sons baseball bat that we have in a box near the door, as he plays baseball, and the bailiff was swinging it around. I asked him to put it down. Through the entire episode, the two bailiffs were talking loudly, very unreasonable and acting as if they had all the power in the world. I explained my family situation and what my children had been through, but they did not care at all. One of the bailiffs was incredibly intimidating and I have since found his name all over the internet attached to similar situations. I eventually had to call a friend of mine to come and pay the £781.34 for me so that I could get them out of my house, as my children had now missed school as they were too afraid to leave the house and I could not drop my 9 year old son off at school and subsequently was physically sick and too unwell to go to school. After all my children had been through in their lives they did not need this. When they eventually left, I called the DVLA to have my address removed from the registration of the vehicle and they are doing it and sending me a confirmation letter. There was a lot more that happened with these two bailiffs, but I wont make this a long thread, the basic message is, what action can I take against this company and the situation. This had NOTHING to do with me and I proved it, but the still took £781.34 which we do not have due to me not working full time due to my daughters illness and regular visits to the hospital for chemotherapy. Thank you for reading and would welcome any advice. Thank you
  8. On 23rd August 2012 I received a letter out of the blue, text of which I have copied below. It is an attempt to extort money from me by intimidation and actually expresses an intent to steal property from my house. I received no contact such as normal demands for a payment before this letter. I believe many people will be scared into paying this company because of their tactics and I think it unlikely that any part of any payment, thus obtained, would find its way to the council. It has a ring of authenticity about it because it does refer to a possible genuine magistrates order from 15 years ago! I did attend a magistrates court around that time. It was not really a proper hearing because my name was never mentioned in court and I was not given any opportunity to provide a defence. I talked to someone from the council about arranging payment after the event and have no idea if it was paid or not as I have no records going back that far. The Limitations Act 1980 makes to illegal for anyone to pursue this debt because there has been no contact in over 6 years. No judge would therefore give an order to permit a bailiff to take property. -- start of text of first letter -- newlyn plc, letter heading and footer REMOVAL NOTICE MAGISTRATES' LIABILITY ORDER DATED Sept 17, 1997 ARREARS OF: Council Tax Standard & DUE TO London Borough of Hounslow TOTAL OUTSTANDING: £ (amount between £500 and £600 was written in pen) I have today attended your premises with the intention of levying and removing your goods and chattels to the auction value of £ (nothing written) I will be reattending and goods may be removed even in your absence. If you wish to avoid this distressing course of action TELEPHONE IMMEDIATELY WE WILL RETURN 25AUG (written by hand) -- end of letter -- Nobody came on 25th Aug. I took the first letter to the police, they took a copy but the officer did not show much interest. I believe others will be scared into paying. That is the reason I have posted this here. I am also curious to know how large this problem is ? I believe that it will become a much larger [problem].
  9. Hello, Am hoping that some of you may be able to give me some advice on behalf of my husband, will try to keep it brief and to the point:- My husband has worked for the same large retailer as me for the last two years as a delivery driver, has never been late, never been off sick/absent , and has never been in trouble of any kind (customer complaints etc) Recently, following a weeks annual leave, he returned to find that his locker had been emptied of all personal effects, payslips, cash, etc. and that somebody else's personal items were in there. He went to see HR to find out what was going on and, having been made to wait a day or two, finally the person responsible was in work and he went to speak to her. He was (IMO) understandably a bit upset and was confronted with that she thought it was available (never consulted the file to see which locker was issued to who etc. and if they'd left) she'd chucked his stuff and said that there was a total of 14p which she'd put in the charity box but "she'd give it to him if he was that upset about it" he reckons there was a few quid in there, but that's not the issue. Anyway, last week he was told to attend an investigatory meeting today at 9am, seemingly this lady has raised a grievance against him saying that he intimidated her, was between her and the door, and kept his hand on the door. She also has a witness (a crony of hers) who walked in halfway who backs her up saying that his 'body language' was threatening. He says he starting talking to her in the corridor, she walked past him into the office mid conversation and he naturally (conversation not over) followed her. It's a long narrow office, walkway only large enough for one person at a time so, obviously having followed her in, he would be between her and the door without any engineering at all. She never once said she wanted to get past, said 'excuse me' or intimated in anyway that she wished to leave the office and that he was blocking her way. He didn't swear at her, no finger jabbing, fist waving, invasion of her space, nothing and, as he says, if he was holding the door closed then how did her friend get through it halfway through the conversation? Their whole complaint is that his body language was threatening. He's called a while ago to say that following two hours in an investigation meeting, they have decided that 'due to the seriousness of the allegation' it is going to a disciplinary. I am really upset about this as I'm currently on Maternity leave and I can't believe that he's having his reputation wrecked basically. He's a good man who served in the Armed Forces for 7 years and left with an exemplary record only to have someone sling mud for nothing more than not liking how he was standing. He has not been suspended and (I think) for his own sake if nothing else, he should have been. If any of you could give us some advice it would be appreciated.
  10. I am a pensioner who has now received two threatening letters from an organisation called control account plc regarding a so-called parking ticket picked up in the car park of my local Morrisons. It was originally about £30 but has now risen to £95 which I cannot afford. I parked, went across to the Job Centre to do some business, returned to shop at Morrisons and found the ticket on my windscreen when it was time to leave. What can I do? I REALLY cannot afford this.
  11. Hi there, Don't know if anyone can help. I had a really distressing situation today and wondered if anyone could shed any light as to what the bailiffs can/can't do and if he behaved correctly. Bailiff called, I answered the door to "I have a warrant in my possession and i have come to collect goods from your home to the amount owed." I had remembered I owed a parking fine and was really angry with myself for not sorting it out. The bailiff then demanded I pay him £412. I was astounded! I asked him how I owed £412. He read off of a felt tipped sheet. I asked for a piece of paper with the breakdown of the charges, he refused. I then said I was closing the door to make a phone call to a solicitor for advice. He put his foot on the frame of the door and told me I wasn't allowed to that. I told him he wasn't coming into my property. He said that he had a warrant and could. My refusal was a 'breach of the peace' and he could phone the police to help him. I told him to call the police then. He made a phone call, giving my address (I guess to the police or someone else). I told him I was willing to pay in instalments. He refused. I mentioned that he had never visited my premises before for this so how were the charges broken down? He then said "Actually it's £311.00 you owe." I can take the full amount now or take your goods, I have a warrant. He then told me that if the police were called, I would be taken away and that my home would be empty for him to take what he pleased. He by now had two feet on my door frame. I asked him if could move back onto my porch. He refused. I told him that his manner was intimidating (I'm a single parent and was on my own), could he please move his feet out of my door frame. He refused. I made a telephone call to a solicitor (by now I was in tears and very distressed). The bailiff said that I would be charged £90 for him to wait while I called the solicitor. I told the solicitor that a bailiff with a warrant was at my door. She told me that as I had opened the door to him that he was at liberty to enter. I ignored what was said by the solicitor and didn't share this information with the bailiff. I asked him again to remove his feet from my door frame, he refused. I asked again for a piece of paper with a breakdown of costs. He refused. In the end, the police didn't arrive and he has given me 7 days to find £311. He said he could just take stuff from my house. He handed me a piece of paper "NOTICE OF SEIZURE OF GOODS AND INVENTORY". On this is the initial amount owed for the fine £112 and £199 bailiff charges. There is no explanation of the charges. This is the first time he has ever visited my address. I have signed nothing. He is coming back in 7 days to demand £311. I have looked on here and have not had any WALKING POSSESSION ORDER or done or levy of distress or anything. He is acting lawfully? Is is behaviour acceptable? Is he telling the truth? I'm in pieces over this! Many thanks : )
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