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Found 3 results

  1. At the end of my previous mobile phone contract I decided to change provider and move to Vodafone. It was one of the worst customer experiences of my life. Coincidentally, at that time, I became unemployed and having registered my old number with many recruitment agencies and former colleagues/employers I desperately needed my original number to be available for them to contact me on if/when any suitable roles came up. I was told by Vodafone that the transfer of my number would be straight forward and there would be no problems. It would all be sorted within 24 hours. Unfortunately I trusted them to make this happen. It eventually took around 3 weeks for my number to function correctly. I made many attempts to get this sorted with a variety of Vodafone call centre personnel who 'sincerely promise' that my number would work within 24 hours. I made each one give me a timescale for it being resolved before ending the conversation. Each one lied just like the one before (I have copies of the calls/chat conversations). I called into 2 separate (local) Vodafone shops on more than one occasion to try to resolve the problem. I was in absolute desperation due to the employment situation. My original number could be used to make calls but I couldn't receive ANY. My mobile number was in limbo. I couldn't return to my original provider and I couldn't receive any calls through Vodafone. The manager in one of the branches really tried to help. He understood the situation and to appease me (he had limited power to resolve the issue) gave me a free 30 day sim card on a new Vodafone number. The manager of another branch also tried really hard to resolve this but he told me it was a known issue with Vodafone. He had 3 more customers coming in THAT day with the same problem. Apparently the problem was due to the network and systems being inadequate to deal with the transfers. He also mentioned that I wasn't likely to improve quickly. I've now been contacted by a debt recovery agency who are asking me to contact them about this, no doubt wanting me to pay for a Vodafone bill. The day my number was completely ported into Vodafone and working correctly I IMMEDIATELY requested a PAC number to leave Vodafone and return to my original provider. I did this and was fully operational with 24 hours. I also cancelled my DD with Vodafone so I've not made any payments to them for the 'service' I received. Also worth noting is that during my sorry dealings with this company I noticed that they don't seem to like to put things in writing. During the on-line 'chats' to resolve the problem they requested to contact me by my landline phone to discuss the problem. I refused this offer so that I could maintain a written account of what did happen. I have since received more calls from Vodafone and each time I refuse to talk with them. Even though they have my email and home address details they have never communicated the so-called debt issue with me. They are now using a debt recovery agent (who do have my email address!!). As yet, I have not responded to their request. Any advise on what to do next would greatly be appreciated.
  2. So when are we gonna see a bunch of CAG chatrooms?
  3. Hi, got into a pickle with a few PD loan companies, Thought i would share how helpful TXTLOAN are over live chat when setting up a replayment plan. chat Hi, a customer representative will be with you shortly. Please specify the nature of your query. ME: HI, my partner is/was in her first year as a student nurse, she has completed all the exams and passed all but one. She has redone the exam three times and failed which has now resulted in her being kicked off the course. ME: This obviously is a big problem as the NHS paid her a Bursary every month which has bean ceased ME: I wondering if i can make an arrangement to come to some sort of payment plan with your company, i dont want to default on payments but i cannot possibly make the payment which is due by the 09/07/2012. I understand that this was not in the agreement but I do not have the funds to make payment when this amount becomes due TXTLOAN: Hello. Sorry to hear about it. ME: i know, life has more downs than ups lately ME: but anyway TXTLOAN: Yes, we can of course set up a repayment plan suitable for you. ME: thanks for your help, what time period can you offer me please TXTLOAN: You are welcome. Dates and amount of repayment is up to you. ME: ok, what will be the total debt i have to pay back as i assume there will be charges then i know what i am working with? TXTLOAN: Since you are reporting financial difficulties we will freeze the interest and you would have to repay standard 351£. ME: I would like to propose 70.20 @ 5 months = 351.00 TXTLOAN: Possible. But what date should we charge you on? ME: I get paid on the 20th of evey month ME: Do you accept bank transfers? TXTLOAN: Yes, we can accept them. I can as well send you our banking details. ME: what a help you have been, many many thanks, a big weight off my mind TXTLOAN: In this case we would need to set up the repayment date to be 23rd to give some time for the transfer to go through and be confirmed. TXTLOAN: You are welcome. ME: excellent thanks TXTLOAN: I will send you the email with all the details you may need. ME: If i do get any extra monies from anywhere i will send via the bank transfer early, ME: thanks TXTLOAN and TXTLOAN for understanding TXTLOAN: Sure, we will check the transfers daily. TXTLOAN: You are welcome once more. We always care about our clients and are going to resolve any emerging issues together with you. ME: thansk you , i await your email TXTLOAN: It will be there in 10-15 minutes. You are going for the bank transfer option then? ME: Yes please then if iget paid on a Sunday the money will transfer on the Monday TXTLOAN: I will give you 3 days time frame - it will cover any issues with weekends. ME: thanks TXTLOAN, TXTLOAN: You are welcome once more. Sending you the email in a second. ME: Excellent TXTLOAN: Done. Please review it and confirm that it is a suitable option for you. ME: i will check my email ME: do i need to wait for the email and confirm in this live chat or via the email? TXTLOAN: Doesn't matter. Choose what is more convenient for you. ME: ok, i will await the email as it hasn't arrived yet, once again thanks for your help TXTLOAN: You are welcome once more. Take care! So the upshot being, they froze charges etc and all I pay back is the amount borred plus the initial interest. Regards
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